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Welcome to the project of human translation.

We introduce to you the human translation of the Telepathic Message in its Alpha or initial phase. This message was written in Spanish.

The Planetary Community must grade these translations. So to achieve proposals with better translations.


This is not mine, it is for the world, this is published in all the languages.

What is of God is Universal; all that is of God is not exclusive of anyone.


Praise for joy to the LORD, all the earth. Psalms 100.

For the Creator of the Universe will be in direct communication with all; through the Telepathic Scripture.

Celestial Science

The Revelation long awaited for centuries.

THE REVELATION SHALL BE EXTENDED THROUGHOUT THE EARTH; it shall be translated to all the languages of the world; and there shall not be a translator who will not participate in it; since for each translated letter, it is a point of light that they attain.-


Celestial Science

ALPHA AND OMEGA, is the Author of the colossal Telepathic Scripture; He has written 4000 scrolls in Spanish; up to the year 1978 in Chile and Peru.

The Celestial Science is the same Telepathic Scripture; and its symbol is the Lamb of God.

Is announced in the book of Apocalypse, as the Scroll and the Lamb (chapter 5).

This Celestial Science explains the origin of everything and announces What is to Come.-

All the Revelation of the Lamb of God, shall be made in scrolls of cardboard and thin paper; so that the Scripture given to world be fulfilled; the scrolls figure in one of the visions of the Scriptures; and its knowledge has no end.-

Behold the Revelation of the Seals; and it means that only one Emissary of the Father can write the Scrolls of the Lamb of God.- 

The New Revelation is the confirmation of the Sacred Scriptures.

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-

El Autor de la Doctrina, Luis Soto Romero, autoriza la publicación de los Rollos del Cordero de Dios. Lo puede escuchar, con un click en la foto del Autor.