Yes little Son; I know you are intrigued by this Revelation; the researchers and studious of the truth are too; this is one of the few revelations with a material content; the seven envelopes; the seven seals; mean infinite laws; among them is one that says: Every spirit is trialed in the word of God; the material examples with which your divine Father expresses Himself, has that intention; As the unique Father of the infinite universe, can I not trial my creations? If the terrestrial parents trial their children’s intentions, how can the Creator of parents not do it? The answer to the content of the divine sealed envelopes, has got infinite revelations; they are not secrets of the divine Father; the divine Creator does not have any secrets; He has got laws; laws that regulate the thinking expansive universe; the philosophy of secret is not a tree planted by the divine Father; and it shall be pulled out from its roots; every secret becomes nothing before the divine Father; Am I not everywhere, by any chance? Am I not then in the mind of the one who creates the secret? Every secret is a relative of another tree, which the divine Father Jehovah did not plant; I am referring, little son, to the damned occult sciences; which is pride turned into science; woe betide those who cultivate what the divine Father did not plant! Darkness is theirs; the worlds of philosophies which are not from my divine light come out of them; just as a humble makes his own heaven, likewise a proud one makes his own hell; it is the ideas that count; the future worlds and their heavens are born from them; every Revelation comes out of the divine Father; every expression that comes out of the Creator, cannot be considered with the human calculation; when the divine Father addresses the world, He does it to many others at the same time; He is one and He is infinite at the same time; every revelation comes out of the celestial times first; which are the normal times in the Kingdom of Heavens; then it is expressed in infinite planetary times; starting from the most humble; starting from the times and spaces which reign in the microscopic molecules; every humble is first in knowing the Lord’s news; do not forget that the divine Father has created a living universe; where the oldest is the minor; where the most microscopic has got the true glory, within the microscopic; that is why no human creature knows the content of the divine sealed envelopes; now they shall know it.-

Yes little Son; this celestial drawing teaches that the divine seven envelopes which the Holy Scriptures talk about, is a release of the divine Father’s thinking; a Father can express himself in many ways, above all if that Father, is the divine Creator; was it not taught on this planet that the Father is infinite in everything? Therefore, try not to make a mystery of this; it is true that my divine intention was to create curiosity in the minds of my children; I did it because it is written that every spirit is trialed; and he/she is, in such a manner that no spirit realizes it; but be sure terrestrial children, that even your sighs are judged in the Kingdom of Heavens; your seconds lived; your infinite ideas; one by one; every feeling lived throughout the existence; nothing absolutely nothing remains without being judged; even your microscopic pores and cells are judged; for they are very little and humble; and the human creature knows that every humble is great in the Kingdom of Heavens; what is microscopic acquires microscopic proportions there; and it turns into a living life; for it belongs to a living universe of a living God; and the pores accuse every spirit who scandalized with the body of flesh; the spirit is not alone in life; he/she has never been; everything is a divine covenant in the universe; eternal covenants; one who is not loving with his/her own impulses, does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; every scandal violates every morality; even the internal morality of every spirit; nothing causes more dread to the scandalous spirit than being accused by these humble children; who lovingly accompanied the spirit to try a determined form of life on a determined planet; to accompany her/him in her/his own perfection; this not being remembered by the spirit during life, constitutes the supreme spiritual trial; a divine trial that impacts in an abysmal way on its own destiny; from the spirit’s own attitudes that he/she had in life, depends his/her other future existence; it was written to the world that one has to be born again to see the Kingdom of God; only by being born in infinite forms of life, can one understand the greatness of the creator; the divine power of the Lord, is not reduced to one sole world; for many dwellings has the divine Father got; which are scattered in an infinite that gets expanded more and more; the divine power is not subject to the human species; in the sense that it were the only living creation; and the colossal worlds of the space, what are they? Were they not born eternities before the little planetary dust called Earth was born? And which is almost unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens? The seven letters and the seven seals that no human being could open, symbolize that every power that came out of every free will, is nothing in comparison to the divine cause for which the divine letters and the divine seals emanated; this is equivalent to casting the first stone, without knowing one’s own origin; it means that the greatest ignorance, plays with something that it does not know; the interest of knowing the content of the divine envelopes, is proper of the psychology of some little flesh monkeys; the content of the divine envelopes, are in the new Revelation; which is the divine Final and Moral Judgment; of a generation that was warned about it, many centuries ago; the Telepathic Scripture has no limits; it is what the first chosen ones did not understand; in spite of the fact that they knew it; a weeping and gnashing of teeth awaits them; the divine points missed by this selfish attitude, is abysmal; if these creatures that the world shall know are in the dock, is because they wanted it so; they had already done the same in other worlds with other Scriptures; they are the false prophets; who make others call them christians on Earth; and they do not have the slightest idea of my divine Word; they have never investigated it; they shall be accused of being hypocrites in the Kingdom of Heavens; and the false prophets are millions and millions! Who besides being hypocritical and false with themselves, they are blinds leading other blinds; which means that they transmit their own ignorance to their own children; they transmit the error; they transmit a way of being that shall be cursed by their own children; for according to the beliefs that one had in life, so shall be the attained eternity; and the form of living that those who adore gold have, does not foretell anything good; on the contrary, no rich, being this a nation or a creature, enters the Kingdom of Heavens; and they drag their children along with them, poor parents of the Earth! How you shall curse having been born! How you shall curse your own parents! How you shall curse the comforts of life! Knowing that the Kingdom of Heavens closes before you! How you shall curse gold! How you shall curse the science of good! How you shall envy the poor and humble! And do not be surprised; was it not written then that every humble and exploited is exalted and every big and rich despised? The divine morality of the divine Commandments, do not mandate to become rich; nor they mandate to become Kings; they mandate to be humble above everything; the way of living reverberates in the laws of the living universe; the laws have never been conditioned to the spirits interests; on the contrary, the world was ordered to respect the law; the law of the divine Creator; the eternal one; the infinite; not the law of Caesar; the temporary law; the one that has exploited my children, from generation to generation; that is why the divine Father Jehovah leaves the so-called revolutionaries to the free will; as long as they do not trespass the morality of their own consciences; for if this happens, they are cut off as my children of light; and they transform themselves into living demons; as it has already happened on Earth; all the wars that the world has undergone, have not come out of the flock; they have not come out of the peoples; it has come out of those who make others call them leaders; leaders of their own errors; nobody should have initiated any war on Earth; all the spirits that have come out of the Kingdom of Heavens, have promised not to kill in the trials of life; the imperfect spirits do not always fulfill it; if in my dwelling all those who kill are punished in the name of an earthly nation, more punished are those who are the cause of the fall of others; all war provoker and every arms manufacturer, shall curse having come to life; they shall curse the violation of my divine Commandments; are they not taught, thou shalt not kill? Is this not being taught to them, even before being born? The same teaching received the spirit in the Kingdom of Heavens; what is up above is the same as down below; the same morality that the divine Commandments teach on Earth, is the same in the Kingdom of Heavens; the earthly humanity shall be judged by it; every human philosophy that does not contain this morality, shall be pulled out from its roots in the human knowledge; the seven envelopes with their seals also symbolize every human spirit’s intellectuality; the envelopes have scriptures in their interior; they are written in the Kingdom of Heavens; and represent the divine psychology of the Most Holy Trinity; the divine symbols are infinite; for the humanities are also infinite; just as the envelope is known on Earth, it is also unknown in other worlds; where the scriptures are unknown; in the Kingdom of Heavens, every mandate, every prophesy, every revelation is explained by scriptures; whose vehicle is the own mind of fire; one writes through the eyes there; the microscopic brightness that the human eyes have, is transformed in the eternity, into living fire; a divine fire that writes a living intellectuality; which is another fire; which assimilates itself to the spirit’s fire; this occurs when the spirit is born to life again; the knowledge acquired in each existence, nullifies the passion and the flesh as well; and the creature becomes bright; it was written: Weak is the flesh; for it is nullified by the living knowledge; nothing resists knowledge; it matures in such a degree that the spirit is irresistibly forced to take another body of flesh, in divine covenant; this body of flesh, is taken from the own calorie of the spirit; which is like a microscopic living sun; here lies the Alpha and Omega of the origin of the human genre; my divine word has only explained moral consequences, which the first chosen couple provoked; for there were couples like Adam and Eve in such a degree, as the mind can imagine; all the other couples lived their own dimension; they had their own stories; their own final judgments; their own destinies; and man did not show up yet; man is the last form of life, in the divine plan; as far as the planet is concerned; man in his condition of man shall never be unique; nor the first one; the Earth shall come to her end, and the planet shall be remembered in the worlds of eternity, as a flock of little monkeys of flesh; one of the infinite forms of life that there are in the universe; therefore, being the first is just an illusion; the first is the last one before the infinite; only the Father is eternally the first; and He shall be so forever and ever; the fall of colossal worlds, is almost always because of supremacy rivalry; those worlds try to dominate each other; the possession of the infinite exists for them; universes against universes; and they are worlds of such size, that it would fill the human microbe with dread; for that is the comparison; they are the worlds of the Macrocosm; if man visited one of these worlds, the own existence would not be enough, to cover it; even if he travelled faster than the light; and I shall tell you Son that those worlds, are at the same time microbes in comparison to others; when wars breakout among worlds and suns, complete universes in their respective evolutions pass by; for each world and each sun live their own time; enclosed in their own dimension; there is an eternity in this, which is different to the other eternities; but all coming out of the same cause; the Father; Who for many of these colossal worlds, is unknown; for the own evolution, brings along with it its own laws of its own pride; everything is subject to the everything in the everything; a living everything that is stagnant; while the times that were formed in divine covenants in the Kingdom of Heavens last: Every agreement is a consequence of the spirit’s advancement; the more knowledge attained by a spirit, the more advanced shall her/his future be; the philosophy of that world shall contain more wisdom; it shall be closer to being a paradise; and further away from being a hell; that world will have a higher hierarchy in the concert of the worlds; there are worlds that rival in marvelous knowledge; one microscopic part of that knowledge would be enough to transform the Earth’s knowledge; but it is written that every knowledge must be attained with effort; it must be gained with the sweat of one’s face; that is how those colossal worlds attained it; which in a given instant are great in the Kingdom of Heavens; everything that the human creature sees, he/she sees it suspended in a space; and this space is infinite; having in itself, all the creations that the mind can imagine; but this space is not the only one; the spaces are so to say, one within the other; one subject to another; the eternal number of the dimensions, shall never be known; for the simple reason that each living creature contributes to expand it more; for all are creators of ideas; all are creators of seeds of future worlds; not only of the Earth; but of all the living universe; that is why all the divine Father’s creation, is infinitely expansive; the ideas travel through space, at an incredible speed; and they only stop when they are attracted by the silver ships; which the terrestrial humanity has given the name of flying saucers; and which in very old Holy Scriptures, were denominated as Balls of fire; they are the same ones which destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah; cities of scandal of the old world, whose creatures saw them; being filled with dread; the silver ships are angels of justice; they are known in the Kingdom of Heavens as angels of light; for not even darkness can resist them; this divine solar hierarchy of the angels of light, is one of the most renowned; among the colossal worlds, it is them who impose order; when these worlds get into chaos and destruction; the divine hierarchy of the angels of light, divinely fuses the spirit and matter; they order the molecules with their own mind; all the divine covenants of divine cherubs, of infinite categories and specialities, become lovingly subordinate; they recognize in an angel of light, the creative supremacy; they see in them their own future destinies; they see the awaited happiness in their own laws; nothing stops them; they feel the loving attraction in a living and irresistible magnetism; they feel the same as the living molecules of the waters felt; which the divine Moses ordered to be opened; it is written That every abuse of power corrupts; the angels of light, are not an exception in this; for they have got a free will; they also get tempted; they become tyrants in the remote galaxies; that is what happened to the angel Lucifer; he was an angel of light; one of the infinite that exist; who was tempted; he wanted to be more than the Father; he called out for rebellion; and his followers were legions; legions of silver ships; which had an abysmal destructive power; satan still fights to conquer the universe of the light; but, it is written that nobody can against the divine creator; worlds continue being born, suns, galaxies and cosmos of the light; the universe continues getting expanded; and the so-called satan who thought of himself as being unique, becomes microscopic; and ends up disappearing from the universal concert; the so-called satan has not been the only one in arrogance; before him, there had been infinite demons; who other planets earths got to know; and they had such a power, that the satan of the Earth becomes less than an amateur; the demon is so microscopic, that in great part of the Kingdom of Heavens he is totally unknown; nobody gives him any importance; he passed by in the eternal glory with no brilliance at all; and the story of the facts …is repeated once more; and it is repeated in an infinite number; what is up above is the same as down below; in respect of the divine justice; the Earth is totally surrounded by dimensions; inhabited by creatures teeming with life; where events occur; just as it happens in the lives of the terrestrial little monkeys; those dimensions also have their divine scriptures; for the inheritance is the same for everyone; they also know the seven envelopes with their seals; and they also suppose what they should suppose; they also search for the truth; they are interested about them; they know that in time and space a First-born Son of a solar hierarchy shall come; Brilliant like a Sun of Wisdom; the divine Father Jehovah’s older Son shall come; they know that a moral judgment shall come; which shall be the fall of a world and its customs; it shall be the execution of every act that implies violation of the morality of the divine Commandments; they know what is the divine justice; for what is most important to them, are not the things and illusions which their world offers them; what is most important to them, is the spiritual progress; the spirit and his/her destiny; the spirit and eternity; through his/her own Creator’s word; in other words, they worry about things that are worthy; for everything that the eyes see passes away; only the attitude with which the spirit nurtured him/herself remains; only what the conscience did remains; nothing else; every glory of the planets disappear before the spirit’s eternal journey; who has already gone through the same infinite times; he/she has already been born again in other planetary dwellings; it is not the first time that he/she goes through a dimension; it just that by going back in the same ones, he/she arrives to the state of microbe; for one has to be very little and humble, to become as great as a sun of wisdom in the Kingdom of Heavens; one who has never been humble shall never enter the Kingdom of Heavens; he/she only remains in darkness; he/she lets him/herself be influenced and he/she influences on others, with philosophies that are not from the Kingdom of Heavens; that is why each world has its own Commandments; its own divine Scriptures; the so-called trees that I have not planted, are that; philosophies that each one adopted in life; that is the salt of life; with that salt, the spirit shall built his/her own destiny; from his/her ideas his/her future world shall sprout; which is equivalent to say that each one is judged according to his/her deeds; the materiality of the universe has got that principle; the most humble; the one that a microscopic and invisible idea represents; and there is no other one; it was written: One has to be very little and humble, to be great in the kingdom of heavens; behold the origin of every creation; behold the Alpha and Omega of every life system; up above as well as down below; behold the sole and supreme philosophy; behold the continuity of every eternity; behold the triumph of what is divine above all the philosophies of Earth; behold the divine principle of every verb; behold the destiny that awaits the terrestrial humanity; an inseparable destiny of their own ideas; behold the divine meaning: Each one makes his/her own heaven; there is no heaven that has not previously and formerly been a humble idea; every idea is born from a thinking being; the thinking being’s body perishes, but his/her ideas travel to the infinite space; and in one little point in space they get united to the spirit from which they came out of; the generated joins the generator; and it is so immense the number of ideas created by the spirit, that the own spirit sees her/himself microscopic before the greatness of the ideas; this is because every humble and microscopic, becomes big in the Kingdom of Heavens; in other words, the ideas grow and get expanded; acquiring colossal forms and proportions; which frightens the own spirit; when the spirit does not have his/her conscious very clean; when he/she has violated the law of God; it does not occur so with the spirit that has fulfilled the divine Commandments; his/her own ideas recognize her/him and praise him/her; for as the spirit advances, it makes its own ideas advance too; one reverberates on the other; this is how the spirit makes his own destiny advance or go backwards; it is the deeds and the intention in those deeds that count; it is the microscopic ideas, the ones that put the spirit in harmony with its own infinite; the ideas open the way for the spirit in its journey to the celestial world; they guide it to the corresponding heaven; according to its deeds; in the return journey, after having tried certain type of life, the spirit looks for the little point from which it came out; it searches by a more detached spiritual instinct; it is not enclosed in a body of flesh anymore; nothing ties it up anymore; nothing material limits it; it advances remembering its galactic past; what he/she never accomplished on Earth; the oblivion of the past is over for it; which was necessary on Earth; for without that oblivion, the spirit would not have lived a quiet present; he/she would be constantly stricken by his/her own conscience; remembering things that occurred in other lives that the spirit had in other worlds; all his/her previous births would disturb him/her and would take more of his/her time; which would be detrimental to his/her own progress, in the present made present; for every spirit has lived many presents; which it experienced them in other worlds; every spirit has lived other times; whose units are not the centuries; which the Earth is ruled by; an instant in the future shall arrive, in which the Earth’s time shall also come to an end; that is called Consummation of the Centuries; for the material times are also living creatures; who also progress; one time replaces the other time; and this another; and so forth up to what the mind can imagine; that is why it is said that time is relative; it lasts until its divine covenants last; its divine cherubs of time, also have their time; time in time; two living creatures belonging to the living universe; the living universe is also relative in all its forms; only the salt of the spirit is eternal; it is preexistent to everything; the relativity of things was enunciated on Earth; but this relativity had much of being demonic; there was a principle of force; the salt that emanated from it, produced living ideas that shall never enter the Kingdom of Heavens; from that microscopic theory, came out the greatest force that the human evolution has known; but those who still improve that diabolical force, shall have a weeping and gnashing of teeth; for they do not take my divine word into account at all; they have never asked themselves if what they have discovered is or is not of the Creator’s liking; were they not taught by any chance that the divine Father is first? Do they not know that my divine word is love and not force? They know it; but it is much easier for them to remain silent; How shall these demons of force curse the time of silence! For each second gone by and used in the study of the improvement of one of these damned bombs, shall be one heaven less for these wretched beings; many shall defend themselves by saying that their efforts are for the humanity’s well being; granted; but the atomic energy also carries in itself the germ of destruction; and therefore, there is a violation of my divine Commandments; do the wise men of the world not know that there is a Commandment that says: Thou shalt not kill? It is a thousand times more preferable not to know the laws of the atomic disintegration, than violating even in a microscopic proportion my divine law; for from this damned science not a single atom on top of atom shall remain; no trace at all shall remain on this planet, of any laboratory or factory; for every tree that was not planted by the divine Father Jehovah, shall be pulled out From its roots; every science that did not take the divine free will of the Creator into account, shall pass into the dust of oblivion; my divine Free Will is in the divine Commandments; they are the highest moral power that the human evolution can know; they came out of the same free wills from which all the worlds came out; all the spirits; all the suns; all the heavens; all the universes; and all what the mind can imagine; the divine mandates do not exclude the other living worlds; they also have the inheritance; nobody is less before Me; all are my children; worlds and creatures; all came out and shall come out of one same cause; there is no exception in my divine creation; there is the divine justice; a living justice; made to its Creator’s image and likeness; nobody is out of my divine justice; one carries it in him/herself; one carries it in his/her microscopic pores and cells; one carries it in her/his mind; in one’s conscience; in one’s blood; in one’s sighs; in one’s hair; in everything one is and feels; that is why it was taught to the world that the Creator is everywhere; even in those which the human mind ignores; when the spirit comes back from life, all his/her being becomes living; all of them understand each other; all the human organs of the human body are reproduced in the Kingdom of Heavens; what God destroys, He creates it back again; that is how every disabled being is born again; the same law that gives the blow of life, is the same one that takes life away; and it is the same that resurrects life; every life goes back to the place where it was created; where it will go out again with a new destiny; according to its deeds; the essence of every life is the essence taken from the own universe; what is up above is the same as down below; the divine expansion of the thinking universe, makes it so; each creature with his/her world lives a determined dimension; which has no end; which is infinitely getting expanded; a world can come to an end or an infinite of them as it occurs every instant; but the dimension which they belonged to, continues immutable; without taking into consideration other infinite dimensions; whose number shall never be able to be calculated by any science; every world has a heaven; therefore there are heavens as there are worlds; one should not confuse this with the Kingdom of Heavens; the Kingdom of Heavens is the maximum expression of the Macrocosm; Christ the Solar First-born Son mentioned it when he said: Where I am from, you cannot go; what he wanted to say in other worlds was that the little human flesh monkeys would be filled with dread by seeing such colossal creations; the human creature would simply not be seen by anybody; nobody would pay any attention to him/her; the terrestrial creature would undergo the most terrible complex of inferiority; a complex that would make them go crazy; and all of them would return to Earth deeply disturbed; if they can resist the emotional shock; leaving out the laws of magnetism of the celestial purity; which destroys every strange microbe, in the most absolute silence; there the creature sees him/herself being transported, without knowing how; for velocity becomes matter there; the human spirit would wake up in another dimension; in an unknown world; which can cause him death; these laws take place in the remote galaxies; they take place in life systems that are abysmally before the creation of the Earth; they are gigantic universes; which were primitively very little and humble; to become great in their own dimension; they were little monkeys of flesh; they were microscopic; they lived in worlds dust; and they were born in different worlds, in such a quantity that not even them can calculate it; they were born again to be able to understand their Creator better; it is written that one has to be born again to see the Kingdom of God; a divine Kingdom that has no limits; which even if one is born again in all the eternities, it will not ever be reached; and at the same time, one is enjoying the glory of glimpsing the divine presence of the Father; this means that God is everywhere; this in the infinite worlds that have constituted themselves into paradises, the divine Father shows Himself in infinite forms; for some and according to their evolutions, He will be fire, water, rock, wind, noise, lightning, earth tremors, atmosphere, sun, signs in the celestial bodies; signs in the heavens; Telepathic Scriptures; Revolutionary Doctrines, etc.- The list in how the Creator appears in the worlds, is infinite; nothing has limits in the Divine Father; and His divine preference is to cause surprise in His children; that is why no divine event has a date; only speculations; although it is not an absolute rule; in more advanced worlds; in angelical worlds, their creatures have infinite knowledge; those divine sciences calculate in a marvelous way, a visit of the divine Father; and even so, the divine free will of the divine Creator is impenetrable; it is the only thing that nobody can penetrate; woe betide those who by casting the first stone of their proud doctrines, deviate the way of a free will! Woe betide the false prophets! Woe betide the philosophical trees that the divine Creator did not plant! Woe betide the rocks of the human selfishness! Woe betide the prostitutes who having illustration, have not hesitated in trading with my free will; made into Scripture! They shall be the first ones in feeling the weeping and gnashing of teeth.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-