Yes little son; so it is; just as your divine mind thinks so; the Celestial Sciences are about to be published; very soon you shall see yourself surrounded by your honorable Dalai-Lamas; the world of knowledge shall be shaken; they do not imagine that the Lamb of God is on Earth; the same philosophy that emanates from the Celestial Sciences, is the divine Doctrine of the divine Lamb; for it is destined to living creatures; it is the same divine comforter announced by the First-born Solar Son; which in the Most Holy Trinity are the same thing; they are proper laws of the Holy Trinity; whose divine free will is the most sublime and divine loving communism; the divine justice works by means of common love for everybody; therefore, the philosophy of communism is in the laws of creation; it has always been there; and the children who struggle for a similar philosophy on Earth, are very advanced spirits; they recognize that only one unitarian knowledge is the most fair; the greatest thing about this philosophy is that they fulfill the divine law of work; which your divine Father Jehovah expressed in other terms: Thou shalt earn thy bread on the sweat of thy face; what I meant was: It will cost you a lot to earn your daily living; for your world shall be invaded by the demons of ambition; who make the progress of the worlds a damned business; if the Earth did not have this damned exploitative demons, it would certainly be like a paradise; even more; the Earth would not have had the need of a Final Judgment; for the divine points of the philosophy of work would have overcome the own spiritual destiny; above all craftwork; but, since the moment these demons invented the damned money, without consulting my divine Scriptures, it became the worst yoke that humanity has ever known; for my flock was divided in rich and poor; within an obliged exploitation; and perpetuating injustice; the divine moment in which the world shall get rid of this yoke has arrived; which makes the generations of the planet only shed tears; and the bitterer tears are still to come; when millions and millions of creatures see that because of money they changed their own feelings; they became proud, false, interest-driven, and even criminals; and when they see that each second of time of their own lives has been closing their entrance to the Kingdom of Heavens; for no points has money given them; on the contrary, because of money they will have to confront the divine judgment; within a crying and gnashing of teeth; envying the own dead beings; and they shall see that because of having known money, they will not be able to be resurrected in flesh; in the year 2001; for it was written: It is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a rich to enter the Kingdom of Heavens.-

Alpha and Omega

Yes little son; this celestial drawing shows that every human virtue is of infinite colors; the divine essence of each virtue is to have a solar calorie; which gives a certain magnetic power; and within the own virtue, this magnetic power acquires infinite degrees; constituting itself in the divine hierarchy of the respective philosophy; each virtue is a living philosophy; for it has been generated by a living spirit; the virtues as a whole, constitute a thinking life; this thinking life came out of another older thinking life; in the case of the human spirits, they were created by the suns Alpha and Omega; of the galaxy Trino; when the spirits are born, infinite intelligences are set in divine motion; among them the marvelous silver ships; which you the terrestrial beings call flying saucers; the crew of these solar ships know that the Earth beings call them like that; they are used to it; in each world that they visit, their creatures call them names; according to the evolution of those worlds; so it is the destiny of the creatures that belong to the own infinity; the earthly child also belongs to the infinity; except that he is just starting; he is still of flesh; he is mortal; he is just getting ready for the eternal life; and by advancing more and more, every creature gets further away of every kind of darkness; which is nothing else but the own ignorance of one’s imperfection; life in the Kingdom of Heavens is the eternal life; where every imperfect spirit shall arrive in a given instant; as long as he has not violated the laws of the Holy Scriptures; in his respective world; one who violates even a microscopic part of the divine law, that one does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; he continues for all eternity in perishable worlds; paying debts; which are his own works; until he feels in himself the flame of repentance; which means that he becomes humble; in whichever world he is in; the celestial point is a measurement of divine justice; it corresponds to a second of action of the incarnated spirit; and it corresponds to a Heaven in eternity; which means to infinite worlds that are within a Heaven; the divine award has no limit at all; for Creation itself has not any; every award to every spirit is called divine Addition; which corresponds to a determined number of celestial points; the silver ships on their way through the Earth, as they are going to the colossal worlds, see on their universal television screens which creature shines more than another; for the one who shines the most is the one that has more knowledge, more experience; even the experience of suffering, which is the most valuable one; for it has a very high score; after humility; and they are identifying who is going to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; and they see with infinite pity that there is nobody on Earth with enough points; for almost everybody has scandalized with their body of flesh; they have exposed the microscopic living pores to the contemplation and malice of the world; and they see how the human creatures eat their own brothers of flesh; and they exploit one another; they have lost hope of taking some terrestrial child to the Kingdom of Heavens; they only examine the future; and their hopes are renewed in the children; as long as they do not get infected by their own parents’ materialistic philosophy; of those parents of mundane life; who have never cared for the laws of the Creator of life above everything else; they are afraid that these blind parents, turn their children into blinds leading their own children; the silver ships were the ones that led the Earth through the spaces; when this was a microscopic electric sparklet; which came out of the suns Alpha and Omega, which means the beginning and the end of a creation; this is, a materialized humanity that coming out of the divine dimension, penetrated the material dimension; their starting point was the sun Alpha; and germinating in the sun Omega; which means that the first philosophies of the Earth are philosophies of trials; in which force predominates; but the force is judged; and it is replaced by the creative intelligence Omega; which symbolizes the Most Holy Solar Mother Omega; The only Mother of the Universe; who has been known by infinite Names; not only on Earth but in all the Thinking Expansive Universe; the reign of the women in the world starts with her; this is not a preference on the Divinity’s part; this is a justice; whose cause comes from an imperfection proper of the imperfection Alpha; or period of the force; man should have never used force to impose his will; man as well as woman are equal in rights before God; nobody is less in His divine Creation; the galactic origin of the flock gives them equal rights; only the demon sows the individual predominance; the so-called war of the sexes is a demoniac philosophy; and its author shall be damned by the divine First-born Son; only satan divides; in the celestial drawing one can see the suns Alpha and Omega, starting the reincarnation of a virtue; the divine reincarnations are divine covenants; of divine cherubs of all the imaginable virtues; at the beginning all of them are pure fire; solar fire; they are fire that get materialized in the own suns; they are seen as very beautiful gems; of all the imaginable colors; for each virtue has a color; with infinite hues; the divine process of a reincarnation has never been seen by human eyes; and there is no-one who has not experienced it; otherwise one would not be in the human life; being reincarnation the same law, there is no reincarnation that is the same as another; for the individuality of each spirit, starts in a different angle on the solar corona; which means that the free will emerges first; which taking possession and sensation, it gets reflected in its own infinity; from that solar instant, a divine cherub of solar vibration has been born; the angle position provides covenants of time; and the sensation provides covenants of feelings; therefore, there is no time without feelings; neither feelings without time; whether it is in the suns or in the worlds; in a human reincarnation 318 virtues participate; these correspond to a galactic hierarchy that corresponds to a triceptation of a straight angle of 90º; within the solar corona; which means that each virtue has its own Trinity; the angle indicates a microscopic dimension; a future God’s dwelling; and all this, enclosed in a microscopic sparklet; at the beginning the sparklet surrounds in a continuous movement the solar corona; and in a given instant, it is impelled into the infinity; being followed by microscopic silver ships; which take care and protect it from the dangers of darkness; which are lying in wait; just as on the Earth; evil is lying on the wait for the human intelligences; the human evil is a microscopic darkness; in comparison to the darkness proper of the colossal galaxies; every darkness has the same beginning; pride; what is up above is the same as down below; the difference is in the relative position that one occupies in space; the human virtues are born free; they are born independent from the spirit; the spirit, before being so, was a free will; lacking of virtues; a free will has the form of a triangle; this is valid for the free wills of the worlds of flesh; for the angular form disappears as the spirit attains more magnetism; all the imaginable forms of life are at its disposition; but it has to overcome darkness; that is, it has to gain the right to become great in the Kingdom of Heavens, on the sweat of its face; with a proper merit; the free will is the innocence, characteristic of each creature; this innocence starts to have responsibility when it requests covenants with the other virtues; every covenant is verified in the Kingdom of Heavens; and every covenant is a divine reincarnation; it is to come out of an eternal universe in order to try new forms of life in matter; which, at the same time, is also formed by divine covenants of infinite virtues; the inert matter and the living spirit are the same thing in their own cause; both are feelings; both fulfill the laws of magnetism; both attract each other in a mutual need; both recognize each other in the Kingdom of Heavens; where everything that exists and shall exist is controlled; each living individuality’s destiny is there; the wonder of the wonders is there; the divine solar television; what explains the origin of everything that existed, exists and shall exist; for the solar television is also expansive; like the Thinking Expansive Universe; with each idea that emerges from each mind an own television is born; a television that has the same living colors of nature; which a creature belongs to; even the microbes have their own television; nobody is less in my Creation; everybody has the same inheritance; inheritance is born from the own children; according to their works; this divine law has a teaching for those parents who are blind in spirit; who insure all that is material for the child; without giving him the spiritual opportunity of achieving by her own merit his own progress; these parents shall be damned by their own children; for they shall blame them for not being able to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the divine score of gaining the Heavens, is not sufficient for that purpose; second by second of a relentless life is judged in the divine solar scales; as second by second of sacrifice or suffering in humble silence, is awarded in the Kingdom of Heavens; the Earth in its totality is judged; do not forget the human creature that for the Creator of life everything is living: Molecules, waters, rocks, microbes and even the own body that goes rotten; nothing is impossible to the Eternal Father, from here the divine truth that every so-called fantasy is a reality emerges; the infinite of my creation makes everything exist; and in infinite degrees; if someone says: Nothingness exists, even without understanding it, that nothingness exists in such quantity that not even the own creature that expressed it can imagine it; but, nothingness also has its philosophy, and it teaches Nothing! Nothing to arrive to nothingness; it is the philosophy of the lazy ones; of the easy-attitude ones; of those who having everything, have nothing; for when leaving this world Earth, they do not take a single cent with them; they do not take a single celestial point with them; they go naked before the divine Father Jehovah; Poor easy-attitude spirits! How strongly they curse money! And not only money; but also their own parents, who they were to have in the existence they have just left; but everything is not lost; the doors of repentance are open for every culprit; but the spirit must pay all his sins in other worlds; an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; never has any sinner creature stopped from paying his own debts; Behold, the reason why there are creatures on the Earth who undergo suffering; among an infinite variety of sufferings; they are debts of the past; facts and acts done in other worlds; the terrestrial people think that they suffer because of Adam and Eve’s sin; this is interpreted in two ways: Adam and Eve started a world that they took to the category of world in expiation; do not forget: they initiated it; they are not responsible of the guilt and violations of their children; each one renders account of their own acts to the divine Father; Adam and Eve have already answered and paid their own spiritual debt; the other explanation, not less unbelievable, is the remorse that Adam and Eve have provoked in all the generations; let each mind make its own conclusions and analyze them with their own conscience; for just as Adam and Eve had a mandate, which they were not careful of fulfilling, so does each human creature have it; the supreme Mandate of all the centuries says: Thou shalt adore thy Lord and Creator, above everything else; above every wealth; above every pleasure; above every philosophy; above yourself; this has not been fulfilled by any human spirit; the human race has lived the world of illusion; the demon of money, invaded the planet Earth; and the human race coexisted with the science of good; a product of money; a product of pride; a damned philosophy that does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; and along with it all those who took pleasure in it; so shall speak the generations of the future; in the year 2001; after the resurrection of every flesh; only the children shall be the first ones; the Millennium of Peace shall be born from them; for a child is cleaner in mind; the demon of money has not corrupted him yet; he does not feel its influence yet; he is better prepared to receive a mandate of trust from the divine Father; the so-called adults have been already trialed in their philosophies; besides letting themselves being tempted by money, the immense majority has forgotten the supreme Mandate; this forgetfulness that almost everybody carries on by inheritance shall cost the terrestrial humanity a terrible crying and gnashing of teeth; for this forgetfulness closes on them the entrance to the Kingdom of Heavens; just as it has been closed to infinite spirits; who have tried the human life; they have let themselves be influenced by money, in the epoch that they were to live; every corrupting inheritance does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; it is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a rich into the Kingdom of Heavens; the corruption in my children that is lived on the planets, starts when they know money; money that is not formed by any covenant of the Kingdom of Heavens; the mind that created money is not from my light; my Holy Scriptures do not teach to exploit their own brothers; money is a product of the demon; for a proud mind created it; from that instant sin emerged in the world; the world started to know what in a damned way has been called a private property; highest pride of every spirit, in its trial with matter; no private property is taken by the spirit when it departs from Earth; only one illusion of what she believed was hers remains; this illusion is also judged in the Kingdom of Heavens; and it is the major illusion; for it stops the spirit from entering the Kingdom of Heavens; money was initiated on Earth, with the damned pharaonic gods; they taught the first people of the Earth, the adoration of gold; they dazzled the first terrestrial beings with their damned luxury; the people of Israel grew up near them; and the desire of imitating them was born in their own selves; what is wrong about this imitation is that it got spread all over the world; it was from father to son; and it still is on Earth; the time has been fulfilled; the laws of the divine Father, are also living creatures; they sprout in the children who they should sprout in; and when this happens, is when a new Revelation is coming to the world; for the first time the human knowledge shall know how the divine Father Jehovah communicates with His children; who have the divine mission of giving a new Knowledge to the human creature; the means used by the divine Father are infinite; but always subordinated to the own evolution; the Celestial Science is received by my divine son by divine telepathy; this telepathy is a sprout; it is in the flesh itself; a living flesh; a living telepathy; it constitutes one sole thing; my son sees the infinite solar television; the only one that shows the laws that rule in the Kingdom of Heavens; all what has been said shall be properly confirmed by the honorable Dalai-Lamas of the remote Tibet; these children have by my divine Grace very uncommon spiritual powers; they shall announce the world the appearance of the Lamb of God; for it is written that the humble are first; the honorable Dalai-Lamas; are creatures who have preferred to be isolated from a world that shall be judged; they do right; for they have not gotten corrupted with gold; they have not violated my divine law; that is why the divine Father Jehovah name them first in the News that are coming; I cannot use my children who for a moment of pleasure have forgotten Me; who have not given any importance to my divine Commandments; only them open the Kingdom of Heavens to you.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-