Yes son; I shall dictate to you the Origin of the Flying Saucers; which in the Scriptures of the divine Father Jehovah appear as the Signs in Heavens and as the Balls of Fire; lets transport ourselves little son to the suns Alpha and Omega of the galaxy Trino; Alpha and Omega divine Father Jehovah? That is right son; I think I have read that term in your divine Gospel, divine Father; So it is son; the First-born Solar Son said so: I am the Alpha and Omega; What did he want to mean divine Father Jehovah? He meant: I am from your place of origin; I am from where you started and where you shall arrive; I am the Beginning and the End of every destiny; Then the galactic term of Alpha and Omega is from the own Kingdom of Heavens? So it is son; It is the Macrocosm called Kingdom of Heavens; an infinite place where everything is gigantic; where the limit in anything imaginable is not known; What divine scenes I can see Father Jehovah! What an enormous hustle and bustle! I do not see human beings; I shall tell you little son that here in the Kingdom of Heavens, no one is more important but the Father; this was announced to your planet Earth in the divine parable that says: From dust you are and to dust you shall return; it means that the Earth belongs to the universe of the microscopic planets or microbe planets; this is because the creation of Father Jehovah has got no limits either in the size of His creatures or in the size of the planets; I see that you are amazed little son; Yes divine Father Jehovah; what immense suns of colors! And they get transformed into human forms and other forms which I do not know! So it is son; they are their own reincarnations which they had in other universes; What a Revelation divine Father Jehovah! As you know Eternal Father, on my planet Earth, this, what I am seeing, is called into question, millions believe and millions do not believe; I shall tell you little son that those who did not believe shall not have any more existences; for when they denied, they turned themselves against all the elements, which constitute future existences; such elements shall also deny them, when they request again new forms of life; Why do you think that it was taught in your world that God is infinite? I am starting to understand divine Father Jehovah; your infinity means that You can give life in an unlimited number; So it is son; and I shall tell you that the infinite existences that the Creator offers his children was also announced to them, in the divine Gospel; the parable that says: Every spirit is born again means that they had and shall have many existences; one is born again in order to know a new life; I verily say unto you son that those who believed in just one existence, shall remain in just one; and those who believed in infinite existences shall remain with the infinity; each one receives according to how he thought in the trials of life; you just had to believe in order to receive; Can you see those yellow suns? I see them divine Father Jehovah; They are little son the Solar Family, of the suns Alpha and Omega; The place where my planet Earth came out of! So it is son; How great! What a so beautiful divine Woman I can see divine Father Jehovah! Who is she? She is the divine Solar Mother Omega; for I shall tell you my son that the suns have also got sexes; just as the creatures on the remote planets have it; what is up above is the same as down below; Who would imagine it divine Father Jehovah! If the people of my world saw this sublime truth! Ah! If they saw it little son, the greatest Revolution of all times would take place in your world; this Revolution would be so great that the strange life system which came out of the laws of gold, would disappear; for a new life system based on eternal laws would be born; I can read in your mind son, a volcano of questions; you can ask them so that those of your world get illustrated; Thank you divine Father Jehovah; it is written that you are our divine Creator, and our Light in every knowledge; What time does here in the Macrocosm, called the Kingdom of Heavens exist? Here there is the celestial time; and I shall tell you son, that one second of celestial time is equivalent to one century of terrestrial time; How amazing divine Father Jehovah! Now I understand many mysteries of the Earth! So it is son; it is because of this law of the times that it is said that just a few instants ago that the divine Father created the Earth; the same law is fulfilled with the times of the other planetary dwellings; Does this mean divine Father Jehovah that the time is relative in an infinite degree? So it is little son; the times of the planets are subordinated to the times of the place where they came out of; every time is living before God; What does living mean divine Father Jehovah? It means that matter as well as the spirit express themselves before their Creator; matter has got the same rights that the spirit has; no one is less before God; neither matter in its laws of matter nor the spirit in its laws of spirit; What a light to your divine Word divine Father Jehovah! Is it for this law that You taught us that we are all equal in your divine presence? So it is son; when your divine Father Jehovah expressed that law to your world, the divine Father covered the infinity; He covered matter and spirit; the trials of life that your humanity requested, should have considered it that way; and not to be limited only to what is of the planet; trials are trials; the true faith should not have put any limits to itself; it should have not let itself be influenced by what is ephemeral and limited of a planet; those who thought that way in their trials of life, fell in their trials; Were you not taught that what is of God is infinite? So it is divine Father Jehovah; I see that the strange laws of gold deluded the world of trials; I shall tell you little son that such strange illusion had to be overcome too; one should not have let himself be surprised by what is ephemeral, in any of its imaginable forms; What shall happen to those who did not oppose mental resistance to the strange illusion of gold, divine Father Jehovah? They shall have to pay little son, second by second of the time that the strange illusion lasted; Second by second! So it is son; and this is because every human spirit requested a trial of life with a judgment above everything; this request includes everything microscopic, of matter as well as of the spirit; it includes the ideas generated in life, beginning from the age of twelve; for innocence has got no judgment; it includes the second, the molecule, the cell, what is visible and what is invisible; what is felt and not seen; and what is seen and touched; I shall tell you little son that one requested and promised the Father above everything; the Creator does not impose anything, for He is infinite; the living God obliges no one; to oblige is a synonym of imperfection and it is a complex; and the Creator does not have such complex; So I can see by your divine grace, divine Father Jehovah; I see that the divine Solar Mother Omega smiles at me; She has recognized you as a first son, who comes from a remote and microscopic dust-planet; I can feel that She reads my mind; Here in the Kingdom of Heavens everyone reads each other’s mind as the most natural thing of the infinity; nothing is hidden here little son; and those who practiced occultism in their trials of life, shall not enter the Kingdom again; I shall tell you little son that occultism is of darkness; it is not of the laws of the light; here as you can see, no sinner of any world can enter; for at every instant he is exposed to be read in the mind; and being a sinner he is thrown out of the Kingdom; Divine Father Jehovah, I can see infinite shining little points, which come out of the divine womb of the Solar Mother Omega; what is that? They are future planets earths; for I shall tell you son that as in here there is time of Macrocosm, the divine Solar Mother Omega still continues creating planets and creatures; your world shall get older and disappear, and the divine Solar Mother Omega shall continue creating; I see and read in your mind little son that you wonder what kind of relationship is there between the divine Father Jehovah and the divine Solar Mother Omega; So it is divine Father Jehovah; I shall tell you son that both of us have got the same power of creation; we are egalitarian in the eternal Verb; Eternal Verb divine Father? What does Eternal Verb mean? Eternal Verb little son means the power that one has in creating in a colossal way, in the most microscopic unit of time; the Mother and the Father are peerless in the Universe; every child of every world is born with their respective creative verb; for no one is disinherited from the divine inheritance of Father Jehovah; the hierarchy which corresponds to them in their respective degree of verb, is according to the thinking science of each creature of the Cosmos; on your planet, the human verb was diminished; Why divine Father Jehovah? Because every human creature was influenced by a strange self-interested and selfish psychology, which came out of the laws of gold; for I shall tell you son that the odd life system called capitalism was not requested by anybody in the Kingdom of Heavens; not even the so-called rich requested it; for nothing unfair is requested to God; this strange and unknown life system, which in its odd laws included inequality, is not written in the Kingdom of Heavens; everything that is not written in the Kingdom is called strange to the Kingdom; and those who lived strange laws to the Kingdom of Heavens, shall not enter the Kingdom again; What an immense Revelation for my planet Earth, divine Father Jehovah! So it is son; and I shall tell you little son that this Revelation shall provoke a weeping and gnashing of teeth on your planet Earth; it is the beginning of the Final Judgment to and odd life system which nobody requested in the Kingdom of Heavens; I have read it divine Father Jehovah, in your divine Gospel; I never imagined that it would be the judgment to the own life system; It is strange to me son; Was it not written that everything imagined and everything created would be judged? So it is divine Father Jehovah; Let us get closer son to the suns Alpha and Omega; I see that you have an infinite interest is witnessing the Construction of the Flying Saucers; I tell you in advance son that the construction of these celestial vessels, have got no limits whatsoever; the suns and worlds in which these vessels are created are infinite; according to the science of the creative verb of their creatures is the power and hierarchy that corresponds to them in the infinite Universe; the greater the power in their creative verbs, the greater is the mandate which one has over the planetary natures; What an immense laboratory this is! I see that it has no end divine Father Jehovah; So it is little son; the laboratories and factories of the Kingdom of Heavens, go from sun to sun; enormous silvery vessels are created here; So I can see divine Father Jehovah; I am mute of amazement and emotion; how beautiful these vessels are! They are of a beauty that paralyzes the heart! So it is son; I see that everybody here wear light blue overalls; and I see colored halos around their bodies; So it is little son; I shall tell you that the light blue overall symbolizes the eternal philosophy of work; everybody shall dress in the same way on your planet Earth son; the colored halos are their own heavens, where they fulfilled infinite reincarnations; on the Earth where you are, all have also got colored halos around their bodies of flesh; they are the same colors which you have been seeing since you were a child; the human creature has got 318 colors around their bodies; each color represents a virtue in the own human thinking; Which means divine Father Jehovah that every thinking virtue has got a color? So it little son; the color is in what is material and in what is spiritual; for the creature is flesh and it is mind; and the flesh and the mind influence each other continuously; what enters through the eyes remains impregnated in the everything above everything of the creature; I shall call little son three celestial engineers; Oh! How did they appear so fast? It was little son a telepathic call; it was just like I called you so many terrestrial years ago already; I remember it divine Father Jehovah; I shall never be able to forget it; Blessed be Thee Creator of the Universe; we are at your divine orders, say the celestial engineers; Yes children of the Kingdom; I want to introduce to you a First-born Son from the remote planet Earth; Planet Earth? ask the celestial engineers; we do not know any planet Earth, divine Father Jehovah; I knew it little children; the Earth is a dust planet; it belongs to the galaxy Trino; it is a world of the flesh; it has got as a companion a dwarf sun of a pale-yellow color; How interesting divine Father Jehovah; the unknown worlds are always fascinating; That is how I read it in your celestial minds children; Introduce yourself First Son of the Earth; So be it divine Father Jehovah; may thy divine will be done on me; brethren of the Kingdom, I am Luis Antonio by the divine grace of the divine Father Jehovah; I belong to the planet Earth; a planet of life trials; with an oblivion of their place of origin; May you be welcome terrestrial brethren; we are space engineers; we shall introduce ourselves, I am engineer Peace; and I engineer Dulcineo; and I am engineer Celestial; we are very interested to know about your world; everything that interests our Eternal Creator is important to us; Likewise to me celestial brethren; We shall ask the divine Father Jehovah to show us your planet Earth, through the divine solar television; I see that you are amazed little son; So it is divine Father Jehovah; what is the divine solar television? The divine solar television is this; Oh! The Earth! The solar system that surrounds her! What a gigantic and beautiful color television! So it is little son; this divine television comes out of the own elements of the universe; and it has no end; it shall never have any; I shall tell you son that this divine television was also announced on your planet Earth; in my divine Gospel which was given to the world of trials says: The book of life; What a fascinating Revelation divine Father Jehovah! So it is First Son; the solar television is one of the wonders of the Universe; on the planets of trials, as your Earth is, this television is born from the own elements of nature; everything that one did during life, is registered on this solar television; the flying saucers also have the solar television; they, their crew, are known as the Solar Parents; older children of the Cosmos, subordinated to the divine Trinity in Father Jehovah; for just as there are human parents on Earth, there are also Solar Parents out of the Earth; what is up above is the same as down below; and I shall tell you son that every Solar Parent was also a human creature, in worlds so old that they are no longer in space; they were also creatures of flesh; for the humble beginning is for everyone; he who was not humble and microscopic does not become great in the Kingdom of Heavens; this means that no planet is unique in the creation; before the birth of every planet, there were infinite others; getting to know who was first is the eternal search of all those who belong to the Thinking Expansive Universe; Little children I shall leave you for a celestial instant; may the divine celestial engineers instruct the Terrestrial son; I shall be in other suns; May thy divine will come true, Father Jehovah; I see that when the Solar Parents greet the Eternal, they do so by levitating; Terrestrial son, you may ask whatever you like; instructing you are divine orders; Eternal thanks divine Solar Parents; Why do you levitate? I can see that here in the Kingdom of Heavens one does not know the hand shaking as a way of greeting; So it is terrestrial brethren; many customs are born on the remote planets; here in the Kingdom, as you can see, one does not shake hands; this son is because by reading everyone each other’s’ minds, another living psychology is born in the eternity of the Kingdom; I can see that when you levitate, you put your left hand on your heart; what does it mean? The Celestial Greeting son; it represents the respect to the everything above everything, of oneself; putting your hand on your heart means to greet all the virtues of our thinking equally; in the Celestial Greeting, the own individuality stops being important; for the celestial psychology teaches that the individuality keeps being transformed as the thinking spirit continues knowing successive and eternal existences; the celestial thinking does not stop at any instant, in itself; We see son that you are absorbed by thinking in the proud beings of your planet Earth; So it is celestial brethren; I have always wondered where the proud beings got such strange influence; We shall tell you son; pride belongs to darkness; which are other regions of the Universe, which no child of the universes of the light would dare to penetrate; the proud spirits of your world, lived in darkness; they lived many existences there; they still have some of the influence of darkness left; what happens son is that as the spirit requests magnetizations of lives, the strange influences of darkness get weaker; the proud beings of your world are to live more yet; this happens to every imperfection, which hinders the spirit’s evolution; that is why it is necessary to be born again; the spirit who does not request the divine Father Jehovah to know some form of life again, stops from its progress and ends up getting bored; What a divine and simple logic! But celestial brethren, who created darkness? Or where did evil come from? Evil son, emerges from the own children; it is a consequence of the free will of the spirit; it so happens that when the children have lived a lot, they succeed in attaining great creative sciences; and having great powers, they become proud and arrogant; in such degree that they defy the own Creator of everything; it is what happened to Lucifer; better known in your world as satan; you ought to know terrestrial son that every mental idea that the mind generates, does not die physically speaking; the mental ideas whether they are good or evil, germinate in space, and from each microscopic and invisible idea, a microscopic planet is born; which means that all the children of the Universe have got the creative inheritance of the divine Father Jehovah; the divine Father creates in a colossal way, and His children in a microscopic way; every planet was a mental idea; and every planet is born from what is invisible to what is visible when their first mental idea germinates; which means that every world passes through infinite sizes; so it is that your planet Earth had a size similar to a pin’s head; it was, so to say, a little ball, a little ping-pong ball, a football, a beach ball until it got to the present terrestrial globe; How fascinating and what a great simplicity to explain what is colossal! So it is terrestrial son; with the greatest simplicity and with the most elemental that the mind can imagine, the Creator of everything explains what is the most difficult and what is impossible to explain, in the microscopic sciences of His children; Now I understand celestial brethren, why on my planet Earth, the wise men have not been able to find the origin of the planet; They did not take what is microscopic into account! They did not think about the inside! They were not egalitarian in their mental search with matter nor with the spirit! So it is terrestrial son; What an immense colorful Fire I can see! It is the divine Father Jehovah! How colossal! The gigantic suns appear smaller than a pin’s head before His divine presence! So it is son; the divine Father is unique; His divine forms have got no known limits; Let us get closer, says the celestial engineer Dulcineo; who is of a greater galactic hierarchy among the three; Praised be Thee divine Eternal Father! And I the terrestrial son, say likewise; I bow and put my left hand on my heart; and I feel in that supreme instant, something like a sweet electrical discharge, which goes through all my body; and I feel that a sweet dream takes over me; but I do not fall asleep; From remote galaxies, children I have been listening to you; tell me terrestrial son, the last part that you were talking about with the celestial engineers, Does it not recall you anything? My divine Father Jehovah, do You mean the origin of the planets? That is right son; I think divine Father … I will make you recall First Son; in the divine Gospel which the world of trials requested, one parable announced what you were talking about; it is the divine parable that says: One has to be humble in order to become great in the Kingdom of Heavens; So it is divine Father Jehovah; And whatever humbler and more microscopic than a mental idea? How exact divine father Jehovah! Your mental ideas son, represent what is most microscopic, which your matter has; the ideas that you generate at every instant when you are thinking, are so little that they only let themselves be felt but not seen; How impressive divine Father Jehovah! And no one denies their ideas, even if they do not see them! So it is little son; and I shall tell you son that this law of what is humble and microscopic shatters those who requested the trials of materialism; Because they believe in their ideas! What fun divine Father Jehovah! Fun and sad son; for all the ideas which were generated by those who proclaimed themselves as being materialistic, during the trials of life, do not carry the seal of the Creator of everything; their future and microscopic planets shall have to struggle an eternity for the divine Father to visit them; Does this mean divine Father Jehovah that those future planets belong to darkness? Properly speaking no; but during the development and expansion of them, tremendous dramas shall occur among their creatures; such future planets shall not precisely be paradise planets; I shall tell you son that when one generates an idea, what one is creating is a magnetic wave eternally expansive; and as this wave grows, its microscopic magnetism also grows, and invades the entire future nature of the future emerging planet; the thinking creatures of that planet, shall also receive the influence of the magnetism of the idea in development; which means that the thinking philosophy of the daily living of those creatures, shall be to negate the Creator of everything his own divine rights; How tremendous divine Father Jehovah! So it is son; just as it happened to Adam and Eve in their microscopic earthly paradise; Microscopic divine Father Jehovah? So it is little son; when the paradise of Adam and eve was born, your planet Earth had the size of a little ping-pong ball; Unprecedented divine Father Jehovah! What is unprecedented becomes a reality son; for nothing is impossible for the Creator of everything; Why do you think that it was taught to the world of trials that God is infinite? I am starting to understand divine Father Jehovah; since I was a child and started to see you everywhere, I have been understanding it; Divine Father Jehovah , what I have been seeing daily and since I was a child, will the world of trials get to know? Everything shall be known son; and everything shall be known in Rolls, just as We do it daily; humanity requested to know the Rolls of the lamb of God, in their life trials; they requested the light of knowledge; they requested to know what they did not know; what this world knows already, the Revelation dos not repeat; So be it divine Father Jehovah; may thy divine and loving will be done in your children; I shall tell you in advance son that the Telepathic Scripture which your divine Father Jehovah dictates to you daily, shall revolutionize the world; So I can see since I was a child divine Father; the solar television which is inside my mind, makes me see the future of this world; So it is son; everything you see becomes real; Yes, I have been confirming it divine Father, since I was a child; I see something which makes me feel very sad; I can see the weeping and gnashing of teeth of all those who did not believe in me when I told them your divine News; they even mocked at me; I know son; they forgot that every spirit is trialed in life; Why did it have to happen that way, divine Father Jehovah? Ah son! What a question! I shall tell you son; those who denied you and mocked at you, were influenced by a strange form of faith, which in their own form of psychology included many beliefs, being there one God only; when the spirits request reincarnations, in order to know forms of life, no one denies what the divine Father Jehovah shall send, as time passes by, to the remote planets which were chosen by them; Divine Father, where did such strange negation come from? It, little son, came out of the strange religious influence, which divided the world of faith in many beliefs, being there one God only; Just as You told me divine Father Jehovah since I was a child! So it was little son; Let us see what else do you remember of those childhood days, when your divine Father Jehovah, in virtue of his divine free will of Father Creator decided to communicate with you; I remember divine Father Jehovah that the strange selfishness of negating what You send to the worlds, is written in the divine Planetary Gospels; in our divine Gospel, you warned the so-called religious beings about their future mental division, in every spiritual belief; Mention it son; The divine warning-parable that says: Only satan divides and he divides himself; So it is little son; satan the power of evil, divided my angels, in very remote times in the Kingdom of Heavens; the religious spirits divided my terrestrial children in many beliefs, being there one God only; this strange mental confusion about the divine Father was requested by no one in the Kingdom of Heavens; for no thinking philosophy that divides my children on the remote planets, no one exists in the Kingdom of Heavens; the religious beings who emerged during the trials of life, pay second by second, instant by instant, their strange and disconcerting work; because of them no human spirit who in their innocence got to know the magnetism of division, no one enters the Kingdom of Heavens again; nor has any of them entered; one enters the Kingdom of Heavens with the same innocence with which one came out of it; in this world the so-called religious beings, forgot that the divine Final Judgment is the same for everyone; even more son; the judgment shall start with them; the biblical term that says: And He shall judge everyone above everything, means that every religious being and all those who taught forms of faith, in the trials of life are within the Final Judgment; if everyone is judged by their work, the forms of life which everyone gave themselves in the trials of life, are within the work too; What a divine clarity of expression have you got divine Father Jehovah! Not for nothing little son I am the Light of every knowledge; Divine Father Jehovah, can I see on the divine solar television the end of this strange form of faith, which divided everyone? Yes little son, here it is; Oh! What a colossal color television! It goes through the clouds of the Earth! What do you see son? I see that every religious being cries; I see others cursing their own ideas; I see that the world despises them; They do not forgive them the tremendous spiritual tragedy of not being able to enter the Kingdom of Heavens again! Now I understand divine Father Jehovah, the meaning of the divine parable of your divine Gospel that says: And there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth; What else do you see little son? I see human seas that destroy the material temples; what terrible scenes divine Father Jehovah! Many commit suicide! Worse for them little son; for the divine Commandment says: Thou shalt not kill, and certainly Thou shalt not kill thyself either; Oh! What a handsome Man! He shines like a sun! And he makes nature tremble! It is Christ! So it is little son; your terrestrial instruction does not say it to you; it is your divine Father Jehovah who tells you, by means of the intuition and the conscience; Infinite thanks divine Father Jehovah; it is written that you are everywhere; You express yourself from what is invisible and from every nothingness; So it is son; What human seas divine Father Jehovah surround the First-born Son! Never has something like this been seen! And you are the first in seeing it little son, after the Father; I have just understood a sublime true divine Father Jehovah: The First-born Son is also a Solar Parent; Yes little son so it is; what you have just seen should also be known by the world of trials; my divine Gospel says so: And he shall arrive shining like a sun of wisdom; my Son is a Solar First-born Son; He is of the Solar Trinity in the divine Father Jehovah; your humanity belongs to the Human Trinity in the divine Father Jehovah; each one in their own galactic hierarchy; and no one is disinherited; Divine Father, the flying saucers are over the Earth! How big they are! So it is little son; when a Solar First-born Son requests an incarnation of Glory on a determined planet, the Powers of the Kingdom of Heavens act with Him; What do you see now son? I see that inside the flying saucers their crews are watching on color televisions, the same scenes that occur on the planet Earth; Yes son; what is up above is the same as down below; What else can you see? I see telepathic communication between the First-born Son Christ and the crews of the flying saucers! Yes son; it has always been like that; every emissary of the Father’s Kingdom has always communicated telepathically with the Kingdom of Heavens; the cause is within each prophet, who requested the divine Father Jehovah a reincarnation as such; that is how your world received the Holy Scriptures of all the epochs; during their lives as prophets, they had the living telepathy at every instant, in their respective degrees; What does it mean divine Father Jehovah? It means that every power requested to God is proportional to the divine verb attained by each one; for you to understand this, I shall explain to you the following: Between my Solar First-born Son Christ and the other prophets which the world got to know, there is an abyss of difference; my First-born Son belongs to the Macrocosm; an infinite place in the Universe where everything is gigantic; where there are no limits; the prophets such as Buddha, Allah, Mahomet, etc., belong to the Microcosm; that is why they shall not judge the world, where they left a teaching; the world shall be judged by the First-born Son as it was written.-


Scroll Nº 3319 



What regards to my First-born Son is planetary; it covers the entire world; even before man appeared on Earth; what regards to the prophets is hemispheric; their influence covered certain hemispheres and certain peoples: This comes to an end with the end of the world of trials; the world of the mortal flesh; with the arrival of my First-born Son to the world again, the Reign of the Eternal Flesh is initiated in this world; a fascinating era of the space journeys; that world shall receive an instantaneous magnetization of eternal life; and with bodies of flesh, not perishable, they shall get to any point of the Universe; Divine Father Jehovah who knows everything, even before the events take place, what is the Resurrection of every flesh? I shall explain it to you son; although in future Rolls I shall tell you with more infinite depth; the Resurrection of every flesh is a divine process, in which the everything above everything participates; which means elements and spirits; the process is mental; microscopic solar cords come out of the First-born Son’s pores of flesh, whose extremes are united to each molecule of the elements of nature; just as a mother in order to give birth to a child has to wait several months, in the Resurrection of the Flesh, a similar process takes place; it is just that the Resurrection is instantaneous; the elderly people shall be resurrected into twelve-year-old children; this is for those who believed in such law; those who did not believe, shall not be resurrected; without faith nor belief, nothing is received; one had to believe in the trials of life, in order to deserve the awards of the future; those who did not believe in their own eternity, shall not have eternity; the eternity and the own elements speak and express themselves before God; just as a spirit talks and expresses itself; for no one is less before God, neither matter nor the spirit; matter in its laws of matter and the spirit in its laws of spirit; What a marvelous law of equality, divine Father Jehovah! Such is the Father in every creation; that is why it was written for your world of trials: All are equal in rights before God; these rights are not only for the human creature; for this humanity is not the only one; no one is unique; only the Father is so; what is expressed by the Father is not measured by one sole world; it is necessary to be born infinitely again, in order to be understanding infinite principles of God, also in an infinite way; and all His divine principles are in every instant of eternity, assimilated into one; being the Creator infinite in principles, He divides no one in His concepts; it is the creatures who divide themselves, when they request trials of life, with an inclusion of the oblivion of their own past; it is what happened to your planet Earth; the so-called religious fell in their trials of life; they interpreted what is of God by dividing and confusing; the so-called religious did not have the mental ability of maintaining the world of trials united, in one sole psychology of the Gospel of Father Jehovah; their intelligences were not enough for more; the so-called religious shall be considered the most backward in the human evolution by the generations of the future; for I shall tell you son, that the really advanced spirits do not divide, they unify; and it is more likely for the workers of the world who divided no one with their philosophy of work to enter the Kingdom of Heavens, than for the religious beings who divided many; every division speaks before the Father, in their laws of division; and every division created in beliefs, forms of faith or strange life systems are considered in the Kingdom of Heavens as a microscopic imitation of satan; everything imaginable speaks before God, in their respective living laws; that is why it was written: the Living Universe of God; What an immense Revolution shall this bring to the World, divine Father Jehovah! So it is son; so immense shall it be that the strange life system, which came out of the odd laws of gold, shall disappear forever; I shall tell you little son that this strange life system has a short time left; it will not be able to get to the year 2000; Finally divine Father Jehovah! Finally the reign of the complex-ridden to gold is coming to an end! So it is son; and with it the history of satan comes to an end; Are you surprised son? So it is divine Father Jehovah; I shall explain it to you son; satan or the beast, are the same thing; satan took the form of a strange life system, which in its strange laws included inequality; satan always deceives and deludes and makes the mental fruit to be the opposite to what was taught by the divine Father; Those were the characteristics of the strange world created by the complex-ridden to gold! So it is son; and I shall tell you son that this strange complex of having more than others, in the trials of life, is paid second by second, instant by instant, molecule by molecule; for everything microscopically created claims for its justice to the Eternal, in its respective law of being microscopic; this strange complex which made millions and millions of my children undergo suffering, is one of the most expensive ones which came out of the human spirit; for each second of this strange complex, the guilty ones will have to live again one existence out of the Kingdom of Heavens; and in each of these existences they shall have to live as being exploited; just as they did to millions of my children, on a remote planet called Earth; the creators and sustainers of the strange life system, which came out of the odd laws of gold, shall have to calculate the number of seconds, which their lives contain, beginning from the age of twelve; the innocence of a child has no judgment; What a most perfect judgment, divine Father Jehovah! So it is little son; let us see son … I shall project to a dimension of a Construction of a Flying Saucer on the solar television; So be it divine Father Jehovah; What colossal worlds I can see divine Father! What constructions! There are many suspending in space! So it is son; what you see are worlds which have overcome their own planetary gravity; their sciences materialize the light and gravity; What heavens of colors! We shall remain here son; let us enter; Pardon? Let us get into the solar television; So be it divine Father Jehovah; nothing in your infinite Glory is impossible to You; What a transportation of dimension! I find myself right in the place of work! I shall eventually explain that to you little son, what the Dimensional Transportations are; what travelling through worlds and suns mean; What do you see first son? They are building an enormous Flying Saucer! So it is son; Let us get closer and be ready to draw son; the world of trials requested the celestial drawings when they requested the beginning of the divine Final Judgment; So be it divine Father Jehovah; may the world who requested a form of life as a trial, be amazed of your infinite creative Grace.-

And I saw that from the eyes of the Solar Parents, magnetic fluids of every color came out; and I saw the birth of solar molecules; Yes son; what you see is the construction of a Flying Saucer, in the sun Alpha; But divine Father Jehovah, of this gigantic sun I can see another one coming out! Ah! What you have just seen, is the sun Omega coming out; it is a solar law, proper of the suns of the Macrocosm; which are known in the Universe as First-born Suns; what you have just seen is also expressed on your remote planet Earth; my divine Word in the Gospel says: And you shall make one sole flesh; which means one sole matrimony; for what is up above even if it is gigantic, is the same as down below; How amazing divine Father Jehovah! So it is son; every Revelation which the planets of trials request, includes all the sensations of the own thinking, which requested to be trialed in a determined form of life; among the many sensations which the human spirit requested, is amazement; you are the first to be amazed; in everything whether these are known or unknown, there is always a first one; things start out by someone; and after a phenomenon gets extended, investigators always emerge, trying to find the first one; and I prophesied to you son, that this was going to happen to you; Just as you told me, divine Father Jehovah, when I was still a seven-year-old boy! So it was son; The divine Solar Mother Omega is entering the Sun Alpha again! What a sublime spectacle, divine Father Jehovah! If humanity saw this! If your humanity saw it little son, no one would live divided again, in their own faith; the trials of life consisted in not having been divided; many people in your world will say that it was impossible for all to have had one sole belief, in one sole God only; they are right, but the request of trials always remains, which each one requested for themselves; the sensation of living on the remote planet was not known by anyone; one requests to know what one does not know; the impossibility of one sole belief could not have emerged in your world, for they did not interpret Me loyally; they excluded Me from the own life system; and I shall tell you little son that in every world of trials, even if they forget the Creator, even in one molecule, regarding the divine Planetary Gospel, its creatures do not enter the Kingdom of Heavens again; for the own molecule would ask the Creator for justice, in its laws of molecule; How infinitely fair You are, divine Father Jehovah! The Father’s justice is in everything imaginable; So I can see Eternal Father; I see son that you are fascinated, watching the molecules how they get materialized into silvery metal; I shall explain this divine Solar Process to you son; which as you can see, has nothing similar to the science of the Earth; So I can see divine Father Jehovah; How primitive the science of the Earth turns out to be before the Solar Science! As I can see here, everyone talks to matter; which does not occur on my planet Earth; what is the reason for this, divine Father Jehovah? It is son because all the elements of the Earth’s nature requested the Creator the oblivion of the past; just as the human spirit requested it; in the planetary trials of life, matter and spirit are included; the own trial is so in its respective laws; this happened son at the precise instant in which Adam and Eve got to know the magnetism of disobedience; what took place in that microscopic Paradise I shall let you know in future Rolls; I shall tell you son the following in advance: The microscopic Paradise of Adam and Eve was inside a molecule; this happened when the Earth had the size of a little ping-pong ball; I see son that you are remembering something; So it is divine Father Jehovah; as You know, this reminds me of your divine parable that says: From dust you are and to dust you shall return; It is son what I have just explained to you; whatever more dust than a molecule! So it is divine Father Jehovah; this parable son, is also a recall to your humanity, that they belong to the microcosm; and your world is so microscopic that one could say that no one knows it in the Kingdom of Heavens; Thus I confirmed it divine Father Jehovah; everyone tried to know in what consisted the Earth; So it is son; your planet Earth is known by the divine Father Jehovah, the divine Solar Mother Omega, and certain Solar Parents, who were prophets on the Earth; and I shall tell you little son that the unknown worlds form an entire infinity; and the known worlds another infinity; nothing imaginable has got any limits in the Father; I shall tell you son that even the creation of the paradise, your planet Earth, lived the Era of the Open Heavens; which as its name says so, the living laws of God could be seen from Earth; all those very remote creatures, saw a fabulous traffic of worlds and vessels daily; celestial beings went in and out of the Earth; What a divine and immense Revelation, divine Father Jehovah! I see little son that you have got to understand one more cause; So it is divine Father; now I understand the origin of so many legends and so much fantasy, which came from the first ages of the Earth, correspond to the Era of the Open Heavens; So it is Son; And what else does this cause teach you son? It teaches me divine Father Jehovah that every fantasy and every legend were a reality; So it is and so shall it be son; you have not forgotten that the Universe comes out of the microscopic mental ideas, which everyone generates daily and at every instant; How can I forget divine Father Jehovah? If that constitutes our own work, and our destiny in the future? So it is son; your world shall be shuddered when they get to know that the origin of the own eternity was inside oneself; for I shall extend over all the Earth’s surface, the Knowledge Alpha and Omega, which explains the origin of everything; May divine Father Jehovah thy divine and loving will be done; which was evangelically taught to us that You are first and above everything; above our own selves; So it is son; as you can see, each solar parent creates molecules with their own geometry; for I shall tell you that the solar verb expresses itself in every materialization, according to its own evolution; the different geometries which the Solar Parents have, come from their respective galaxies or kingdoms; which all together form the Kingdom of Heavens; each Kingdom of the Kingdom of Heavens constitutes virtues expressed in living philosophies; which form material universes at the same time, in eternal expansion; at every instant, by colossal planets, microscopic planets start to emerge; which are no more than ideas generated by very remote creatures of other worlds; the infinite group of ideas which come from infinite creatures, from infinite planets, is called the Salt of Life or Galactic Seed; I shall show it to you by solar television: Oh! What a television! What I see look like sapphires or diamonds! They are the human ideas son; Yes, they are alive! It looks as though their colors talked to the mind! So it is in effect son; the colors of every human idea, are because the eyes caught color scenes; and everything that enters through the eyes remains magnetically impregnated in the idea; Now I understand divine Father Jehovah, why it is said: The salt of life; for the ideas shine physically; So it is son; in another opportunity I shall explain to you the meaning of the colors of the mental human idea; I see little son that you are thinking of the color dreams; I will eventually explain to you the origin and the meaning of the dreams; I can tell you in advance little son that the dreams as well as the ideas, have got free will of dream; it is because of this that the dreams are not repeated in the beings; he who dreams, requested to dream; for he did not know the sensation of the dream, on the remote planet Earth; the dreams are living; and every dream and every vision, turn into reality as time passes by; if it does not take place in the existence of the present which one is living, it takes place in another existence, or in another world; the dream and the mental idea, are as expansive as the own Universe.-

Written by: ALPHA AND OMEGA.-

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