A Divine Cherub is a living magnetic line; its exterior is passivity; known as an inert matter; each cherub is magnetic in its own thinking philosophy; the first cherub with which the Earth was born was the First-born Solar Son; that is why in the Kingdom of Heavens he is known as the First-born Son; for from Him came out all the other magnetic cherubs; and the divine First-born Son sowed a seed called Christianity; to make a world made by his own solar fluids advance; for the Holy Trinity in each cherub is infinite; what the Father creates and expresses the Son also creates and expresses; what is of the Father is also of the Son; when the divine Father Jehovah said: Let there be light and there was light, infinite suns got into infinite explosions; from the most colossal to the most microscopic; being man the most microscopic one; for having him brilliant ideas in life, he does not see his own brightness; for every emanated idea in his own mind, shines around his physical body; from the spiritual it becomes matter; the divine creation of the divine Father was solar; His older children were the ones who expanded their brilliant ideas; by getting into divine solar loving conversation; among those colossal suns were the suns Alpha and Omega; with their own philosophies; having each solar luminary its own living philosophy; they are still creating; they are still producing solar sparklets; they continue adding new future planets; they are still expanding the infinite Thinking Expansive Universe; which contains all the philosophies that the mind can imagine; the divine magnetic cherub, is the first author of all the rest; in its own expansive power, it carries microscopic magnetic lines; which succeed each other as they grow more mature; this means that from the divine instant that the divine Father Jehovah said: Let there be light and there was light, the Universe has been expanding itself; being the own microscopic ideas, which are emanated from every mind, the ones that expand the Universe; which means that the own magnetism of the sparklet creates the idea; aside from creating the physical bodies; and the terrestrial natures; the solar sparklet had at the beginning an oscillatory and vibratory movement; with a lineal impulse; that is the first movement that the Earth had; when it was a microscopic sparkle in the sun Alpha yet; there the rotation and translation of the planet was born; these movements were not as a whole, but separately; it started from the first molecule; getting expanded to the others; there were movements that the Earth does not have any more; movements proper of its infancy; just like a human baby, who had to take its first and uncertain steps; and which as time passed by has been forgotten; the expansion or growth of the Earth was geometrically linear; Alpha and Omega; which means that all the lines of invisible magnetism were getting together in a rotational and linear way, in its expansion; the same growth has every flesh; the cells of the flesh get united in a circular way, and get expanded in a linear way; they pass through Omega and Alpha; they have an angular and circular form; the human spirit is the same; when a spirit gets united to a baby’s body, he does it in a circular form; and the union is made cell by cell; ending in an angular way; with an impulse of a lineal growth; this means that matter and spirit are of the same geometry; expressed in different free wills.-

Alpha and Omega

Yes little son; this drawing shows that in the first creation there were already creatures with an abysmal wisdom; the reason for that is that the divine light of creation of the divine Father Jehovah was being fulfilled since eternities ago; the Earth was not born to life yet; there had been and still are infinite planets Earths; infinite worlds of flesh; whose number shall never be calculated by the human mind; if the terrestrial child was one of the first ones, he would not be of a weak constitution; for the flesh is weak; he would be a brilliant sun; of the highest spiritual hierarchy; instead of creating microscopic things, he would create colossal worlds; he would be like the suns Alpha and Omega; Galactic Parents of the planet Earth; every thinking creature comes out of the remote suns; he is born or reincarnates infinite times; throughout his own eternity; until his own ideas start to acquire their own brightness; which goes on in an infinite increment; until he becomes a brilliant sun and continues shining in infinite categories; or solar spiritual hierarchies; going through suns of all imaginable colors; exceeding every human calculation; but that does not mean that the creature has arrived to the maximum knowledge; he shall never accomplish that; for the Thinking Expansive Universe never stops into any limit; therefore, in the Kingdom of Heavens nobody is greater than the Father; without Him there would not be any spirit; in the celestial drawing one can see a silver ship; a ship surrounded by gases; they are the same gases that surrounded the primitive sparklet; they were divine covenants of divine cherubs of the solar gases; without them the Earth would not have any calorie; it would not have metals; nor would it have any manifestation of fire; it would be a cold planet; nevertheless, that would not stop the existence of thinking beings; it is the case of the Moon; the Moon had gases of another temperature; it had in its beginning a calorific activity; then it started to get cold as it got expanded; and it has creatures in other dimensions; the human eye cannot see them; they can see the human being, but they cannot communicate with them; for they also have to fulfill Holy Scriptures; they know that there is a little time left; for they will become visible in the year 2001; on the Day of the Resurrection of every Flesh; that blessed day shall be a day of shame for the Earth; an arrogant humanity; who believe of themselves as being unique in the infinite universes; but being unknown even among the microscopic worlds; without taking into account the colossal worlds which are not of flesh; whose sizes would fill with dread the human genre; therefore terrestrial children, be humble in spirit; so humble as your physical world is; which when its material end comes, nobody will know in the rest of the Universe, that there was a microscopic world of flesh called Earth; they only know that they are little dusts that succeed each other in eternity; just as man knows that the ants exist and they live side by side with them; amidst the greatest indifference; the drawing shows what is it that happened in the moment of creation; for no human eye has seen what is explained here; only a Solar First-born Son can describe what has come out of Him; it so happened that the suns Alpha and Omega got into unprecedented explosions; they were and are, as they are still creating, explosions of pure fire; so pure that they resemble explosions of milk; of a blinding brightness; these explosions come from the inside to the outside; which means that from the very moment in which they are produced they bring the magnetic influence of the first boost; a lineal and at the same time circular boost; this movement reverberates on the solar corona; producing microscopic sparkles; a product of the very high temperature; this sparklets have all the germs of an entire planet in a state of innocence; it is a microscopic calorie that already starts to grow older in a microscopic degree; the calorific Fall starts; which still goes on Earth; this calorific fall starts by a minimal unit; getting expanded in every direction; having a swinging in a waving form; an example of it is a spinning top in movement; in which its colors get combined and intertwined; this proves that the sparklet had its own rotation in a state of innocence; which means that it did not try any philosophy yet; it did not grow mature yet to the material life; the sparklet moved around under the magnetic influence of the solar corona; it took little hops in an angular way; this is, it moved forward in a linear way and it rose at the same time; describing a 90º-degree straight angle Angle Alpha and Omega ; this movement was in a velocity of a state of innocence; and the initial rotation was its complement, in maturity; which means materiality; a materiality of an angelical philosophy; for it had the influence of the magnetism of the solar milk; the solar world of the divine Lamb of God; the divine food of the divine little Lamb, in the Kingdom of Heavens, is milk; the same milk that a baby drinks when it comes to life; when it comes to the call of a loving philosophy; every milk of every female is the same milk of the sun Omega; a divine place; where there are seas of milk; and where the divine Solar Mothers live; preparing the future births of the spirits who are getting ready for the trials of life; it is written in the Kingdom of Heavens that every spirit is trialed; in the sun Omega, the future babies of the galaxy Trino are prepared; the ones that shall be called men of the world; Yes, little son, I see that your mate is amazed; it is written that the children are the first ones to know the divine Revelation; the divine drawing also explains the first origins that the sparklet had; the sparklet in its own advance by the solar corona, initiated a continuous movement; an spiral of three turns; they are three times that are equivalent to three celestial seconds; whose equivalence in terrestrial time is three centuries; then comes a semi-oblique movement; it’s half a celestial second; which means half a time; then comes the waving movement; which was 33 celestial seconds; this means that the Earth has continued moving; it has never ceased doing it; nor shall it ever cease; all the movements created by the human intelligence in their own creations, have come out from these divine solar movements; they are their own expansions; which are translated into microscopic covenants of divine cherubs in each act of the human destiny; every covenant of the human destiny lies in its own physical electricity; for every act emanated by every spirit becomes a living electricity; everything is there; as a future that turned into present; as a seed that is developing its own determinations; every destiny is written in the own creature; nothing more and nothing less; according to the divine spiritual trial; every determination in life, is a determination that was promised to be fulfilled, in the remote suns; every physical punishment is a debt of the spiritual past; just as every award or any terrestrial glory is a pending award, which corresponded to another existence; each act of the spirit brings along a divine justice; each existence prepares the next one; there is no end in the perfection of the spirit; everything is initiated in the solar dwelling; it is written that the divine Father Jehovah is everywhere; He is also in the remote suns; the suns that are colossal in size to the human spirit, turn out to be many other microscopic sparklets to the divine Father Jehovah; so it is that in order to trace them, He uses infinite powers of amplification; which being born from the invisible, they get materialized into the visible; for the creation of the divine Father is not reduced to materiality, what the human eyes are accustomed to perceive; everything turns into a living dimension; everything is penetrable in an infinite degree; everything has its own universe; which coming out of the same cause has expanded in its own dimensions; keeping its own free will; the own human intelligence fulfills this universal law; it gets expanded in other microscopic thinking sparklets; carrying in its own self the philosophical influence of its father-creature; for every thinking spirit, has in miniature, what the Father has in an infinite degree; so it is that every spirit does not see the Father through eternities; for he is busy in its own perfections; in his own promises; which are being fulfilled successively in each existence; when the temporary cover of flesh is left, the spirit is guided by his divine Guardian Angel; who generally is a divine Solar Father; who has requested the divine Father to guide the spirit in the planetary life; the Guardian Angel surrounds every spirit with his own fluids; he penetrates through all the molecules of the human flesh; he gets in and out of the human body; as anyone getting in and out of his own home; the solar fluids have the property of becoming microscopic; keeping in a geometric proportion the space and time, they do not become visible; except when the spirit has a mission to carry out; a spiritual mission; a Doctrine to make it known to the world; one more contribution to the human knowledge; just as you, divine son, see your divine Guardian Angel Saint Louis; he knew since eternities before, of your divine mission; and waited; waited for your divine telepathic appearance to get expanded through your present existence; every telepathic appearance has its divine Revelation; everything has a cause; all my children with no exception have the telepathic seed; if it does not appear in them on this planet, it appears in another dwelling; therefore, one who laughs at a fellow being who writes by living telepathy, he laughs at himself; for sooner or later, it shall appear in him too; for everything becomes materialized in the expansive eternity.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-