Yes little son; this celestial drawing represents how the Flag of the future will be; the divine parable that says: The Earth shall pass, but my Words shall not pass; it means that the materialism with its flags and philosophies, shall fall; and from the divine Father’s words, a new doctrine is born for the world; God’s living words produce God’s living doctrines; for living creatures; who came out of one own God; materialism divided my terrestrial flock; it gave them many symbols and emblems; and corrupted them; with the Doctrine of the Lamb of God the opposite occurs; it shall Unify the world; as it has never been; and it shall not use any force; for it was mandated for this dwelling to be humble above everything; above all the interests; above every mundane calculation; the Earth shall overcome her immoral customs; it is a violating world of my law which shall leave; it is the world Alpha or beginning; and a new world arrives; with the Omega science or end; the Earth shall pass with all the philosophies created on her; the philosophies of the so-called adults shall pass; for their spirits were trialed by their own accord; every act that you gave effect to in life, you requested them in the Kingdom of Heavens and it was granted; all your thinking; second by second; from the first to the last sigh; everything, absolutely everything was requested by you; what you did not request was to violate my divine laws; you promised it in the presence of your 318 virtues; which requested divine covenants with your spirit; in order to learn from you; for everything is living in the divine Father’s universe; all your thinking contains 318 reasonings; which make one sole knowledge with your spirit; just as your trinity; three different people and one sole God only; the divine symbol or Flag of the future world, contains the same elements of the universe; the color light Blue symbolizes the space; the infinity; where the human creature wants to go; the color Yellow symbolizes the spirituality; for every human spirit has a pale yellow color; with infinite hues and colors; and shines like a microscopic ruby; it is a sun in miniature; the wreath of laurels represents the Solar Trinity; the knowledge emanated from infinite suns; it represents the power and wisdom of the Lamb of God; this divine symbol was represented in the past in the form of tongues of fire; hovering over the apostles; when they received solar knowledge and wisdom; the circle Omega, is the symbol of the divine Solar Mother Omega; and it represents the government of women; over the world; to your Creator everybody is equal; everybody was created with the same rights; the difference, was created by you; the division of the flock came out of you; my divine Scriptures divide nobody; the so-called social classes, were created by you; the monopoly of everything that exists, was created by you; the division of my flock between rich and poor, came out of you; for these violations, do you expect me to award you? It is written that he who does it, pays for it; and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; that is the way you requested it in the Kingdom of Heavens, and it was conceded to you; the most microscopic injustice provoked by each spirit, is sufficient for those spirits not to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; that is how you requested it, and it was conceded to you; the divine law known as a Holy Scripture, was given to you because you requested it; but, I see that almost all of you have not studied Me in life; you were warned: He who searches shall find; if you never searched in life, what could you find? What merit could you have before your Creator? I verily say unto you: All those who have despised me because of a spiritual easy attitude, likewise shall he be despised in the celestial world; all becomes known; up above as well as down below; and every despised one is awarded in the Kingdom of Heavens; starting from my humble Son; who was despised and even treated as crazy; by those who requested in the Kingdom of Heavens, to be the first in recognizing the divine truth; the world shall know them; only two humble children were loyal to their own promise; it was written: Many are called but a few are chosen; this divine law is fulfilled up above as well as down below; in the Kingdom of Heavens, the divine Father calls infinite spirits, who want to be born again, on remote planets; they are called to try infinite kinds of life; of all the imaginable philosophies; everybody wants to go to the paradises; but not all can go; for they need more knowledge; they have to start by being microscopic; microbes; little grass; larva, little monkey; just as the human genre is; it was written that one has to be little and humble, to become great in the Kingdom of Heavens; this parable is the same for matter as well as for the spirit; your planet was also microscopic; it was a tiny sparklet that came out of the sun Alpha and germinated by the sun Omega; the Earth went through infinite sizes; it was the size of a pin’s head, so to speak; it was a little ping pong ball; a little football; a beach ball, etc., etc.; to arrive into the present ball of Earth; do you understand now, terrestrial children, why no mortal can calculate the age of their own world; your planet has got so many centuries as the number of molecules it has; no human creature witnessed the birth of the Earth; there were other creatures; it was written: That there is everything in the Lord’s flock; there have been so many races that you shall never be able to calculate them; the reason for that is that my universe is living; where you think nothing exists, there are creatures in a greater number than what you see in your dwelling; your senses cannot penetrate matter; for even them are trialed in their philosophies; but, microscopic creatures penetrate you and see you; they are used to doing it; they have been doing it since eternities before your microscopic planet emerged; these creatures are the divine cherubs; which control the elements of the universe; every movement in matter is produced by them; matter and the cherubs understand each other; for both are one same thing; manifested in different free wills; alternating among them, gives place to life; the divine Cherubs are mentioned in my Scriptures; but, their law is not explained; the time of doing it has arrived; for everything has its time; even time has its time; the cherubs are solar creatures as you are; cherubs and spirits intertwine each other in a living harmony; the cherub is older than the spirits of the universe; they were also spirits; the cherub is the Alpha and Omega of every material creation; the cherubs are of infinite specialties; just as you are infinite at work; what is up above is the same as down below; you get specialized; the cherubs do too; the cherubs are of a solar hierarchy; they have got a classification as there are worlds; they are infinite as the universe itself; their essence is the spiritual magnetism; which moves the material magnetism; and any form of energy; known and unknown; the silver ships that you call flying saucers, also have it; there is a loving understanding between spirit and matter in these ships; matter is governed by mental accord; these ships travel at speeds superior to your thoughts; they have infinite powers; they become little, they become big, they become invisible, they transform themselves into elements; their force is the lightning; their energy is the infinite cosmos; they form a totality with the universe; they come and go through the dimensions of space; which the terrestrial science shall never achieve; to achieve it you have to be born in other worlds again; for everything costs; it cost these creatures of prodigious perfection; they also fulfilled the divine mandate: Thou shalt earn thy bread on the sweat of thy face; they also went through imperfection; which you are just going through; what is up above is the same as down below; they were also flesh little monkeys like you; in worlds that are not in space anymore; just as it will happen to your world; for everything is relative; only knowledge is infinite; trying relative existences through all eternity; and all of them with a Final Judgment; for everything has its time; and everything has its end; it is your turn now; for you requested it so in the Kingdom of Heavens; your judgment is moral; necessary for the physical resurrection of your flesh; the awards are conceded with first-hand knowledge; so it is in your world; and so it is in the Kingdom of Heavens too; what is up above is the same as down below; he who violated my divine law, cannot receive an award; he cannot be resurrected in the year 2001; you had a free will; and only you chose your situation before the Father; the divine origin shall make you weep and gnash your teeth, for just then you will understand what the true love is; the solar love that produced your birth; if love had not existed in the Kingdom of Heavens, you would not have existed either; your earthly love is a self-interested love; a love influenced by corruption; by the illusion of life; you requested to live in a free will in order to fulfill my divine Scriptures; and you have fallen into licentiousness; you have two licentiousness; one is spiritual and the other one is moral; the spiritual licentiousness consists in not fulfilling what you promised in the Kingdom of Heavens; to be humble and not scandalous; in your world, a good parent wants the best for his children; how could the Creator of your parents not want it so? The moral licentiousness is the violation of your own human laws; which you also promised to fulfill; the human laws are a product of your intelligence; and all what is yours shall pass away; but the divine Father, takes the spiritual intention of your attitudes before this law; every intention is weighed and judged in the Kingdom of Heavens; second after second in your life time; all your intentions which are ideas, become materialized in the Kingdom of Heavens; they acquire life; they are waiting for your return; for you created them; you are their microscopic solar parents; for you have the Father’s inheritance; and as it was taught to you that every humble is first in the Kingdom of Heavens, it is them who the divine Father listens to first; and every complaint about the violation of your mandates, is heard by yourselves; matter and spirit are one same thing; which requested to live in different forms, on a remote planet; before coming to life, they made divine covenants; these divine covenants were known in the past; they were symbolized by the Ark of Covenants; represented by a rectangle of gold; such was the spirits’ request of such a remote terrestrial epoch; everything that is requested in the Kingdom of Heavens, is conceded; this law is for every human being; from the beginning to the end; including your earthly parents Adam and Eve; the same goes for all nature; up to the first children in the Kingdom; which you call animals; the word animal is of your world; you created it; not the Father; in my creation all are my children; I do not downgrade anyone; everyone has the same rights; I create everyone with love; and I give everyone my divine inheritance; everyone is pleased in their free wills; every child that you call animal, is first; they are above you in the divine Father’s preference; for they are more humble; do you know your past, by any chance? Certainly not; for you have an oblivion of it; for you requested a life of trials; which included the oblivion of your past; Were you not taught in life that every spirit is trialed? If you do not know your past, less will you know the past of others; it was taught to you that every humble is first; and whoever more humble than those who you despitefully call animals? They are spirits like you; they have free wills as you have; and in virtue of their free wills, they also requested to try a living philosophy; just as you requested to be flesh little monkeys, they also requested to be little cows, cat, mouse, lion, little frog, dog, etc., etc.; and everyone was pleased by your Eternal Father; do you think, by any chance, that it is impossible for the Creator of your lives? Do you think you are unique? I verily say unto you: Woe betides those who unfairly punished one of my humble! And woe betides those who killed! Were you not taught not to kill? This last mandate is a mandate for everybody; I am infinitely fair; so fair that the Word privilege disappears before Me; privilege is typical of ambitious beings; your world has endured them for centuries and centuries; but, it was written that every tree that was not planted by the divine Father shall be pulled out from its roots; this divine parable refers to the philosophical trees: to the doctrines invented by men; and, above all, those that in their creation did not take my Divine Commandments into account; among those trees is the materialism of your world; you did great things; I recognize that; marvelous things, for I permitted it; but, nothing shall remain of materialism; for not taking my divine Scriptures into account; you were taught that the Creator was above all the earthly things; even above oneself; you did the opposite; without thinking about the consequences, you invented what you call money; which keeps my flock divided in rich and poor; in the Kingdom of Heavens, one is neither born rich nor poor; everybody is born with the same rights; nobody is less; even more: Nobody was born ambitious; everybody was born innocent; everybody is born pure; your imperfections are requested by yourselves; to live the experience; to know it; suffering is part of knowledge; and there is no knowledge that has not been suffering; you requested everything that you feel as spirits; everything that happened and will happen to you, is linked to other existences; were you not taught that every spirit is born to life again? That the Father has many dwellings? The body is a relative dwelling of the spirit; and your planet is a dwelling of both; nobody can doubt it; for you feel everything; to be born again is to learn again; it is to know new laws again; new matters; new natures; new philosophies; just as it will happen to the future new world; a world that shall not have the trials of life; as you have it; a world where innocence shall reign; were you not taught that a new heaven will be born from the children; and there is no world that has not got a heaven; many of you ask yourselves: and what will happen to us? Nothing shall remain of you; just dust; were you not taught that you would return to dust? Your bodies are dust; and your spirits depart to other Earth worlds; to complete what you did not fulfill here; what one does not do in one existence, he does it in another one; this Revelation is for every violator of my divine Law; even if you have violated it in a microscopic way; these spirits belong to the category of saved; saved is one who must go to other worlds, in order to pay debts; he is saved because he is rescuing himself from himself; from his own violations; but, no saved one enters the Kingdom of Heavens; only the Blessed ones can enter; and they can request any existence in any world of the Universe; the Blessed one requests and it is given to him; the saved one awaits for a destiny; he submits himself; for he has no other way out; the human spirits are saved ones who came from other worlds; worlds of atonement; as the Earth is; besides it is a world of relative trials; in every world one lives what has been already lived; you must never forget that every spirit is born again; and many times he is reborn in a same world; it is a reincarnation that returns over its steps; recognized reincarnation or birth; the spirit requests many times, to recognize places that he knew in other existences; the birth and forming a nation in flesh emerge from the Word Reincarnation; therefore, reincarnate or being born are the same thing; one law can be expressed in many ways; and it is always the same law; the so-called Christians who were and still are selfish, will have to recognize this universal truth; this law is in the own Bible; they denied a truth, with a voluntary ignorance; if it was in their Bibles, why did they not know it? I shall tell you: For they are false prophets of my Word; who never made the effort of studying me; knowing many of these false ones, that he who searches shall find; a false prophet is everyone who saying before the world that he belongs to this or that doctrine, knows nothing about it; millions of millions of Christians are that way; they are Christians by mouth; not by mind or heart; I tell them: As every falseness must be paid, your punishment false prophets, consists in adding all the seconds that you have lived in falseness; from the age of twelve up; from the same instant in which you felt in your spirits, the discernment between good and evil; this divine law is the same for every violation; you should always count the seconds from the very instant in which the violation of the law starts; up to the same instant in which you feel the repentance; if you do not feel repentance, the succession of seconds of guilt continues; each second gone by, corresponds to a world less in your addition; and if the second gone by is about morality, it is a world attained in your addition; the divine addition is the award that your Eternal Father gives you; for not everything is punishment; there is everything in the Lord’s flock; many have got pending awards from other existences; as others have punishments or pending debts; punishment or award, the Father’s will is always fulfilled; who wants the best for His children; and He is everywhere; attending everybody; worlds, suns, and creatures; in such degree, as your mind can imagine; in the macro as well as in the microcosm; the divine Father is the living Work; for the Thinking Expansive and living Universe came out of Him; He is known in each planet; His divine Names are infinite; for the worlds are too; and in every instant and every thinking; the infinite continues increasing infinitely; and in every instant and in every thinking, the infinity continues increasing eternally; the longer one lives, the universe extends itself more; for the ideas that you create daily, are germs of future planets; and the children that you call animals, also think; and also produce ideas; from which future worlds are born; which shall carry the seal of their own living philosophy; what happens to the idea in space, is something that shall fascinate the world; just then you will understand the origin of the universe; and it shall be in such a degree that it will change your own thinking; for nobody will want to lose his soul; nobody will want to generate evil ideas; for evil philosophies are born from them; the future hells emerge from them; everyone will want to produce good ideas; sane ideas; of the most sublime morality; for the future paradises are born from them; this fascinating truth was among you; it was written: One has to be very little and humble to become greater in the Kingdom of Heavens; and how tinier to the degree of invisible and humble than your ideas? They are so microscopic that they only let themselves be felt but are not seen; and how bigger than a planet? This divine parable is the same for matter as well as for the spirit; for the divine Creator’s mandates, carry the seal of equality; in an unknown degree for you; this equality is represented in the Ten Commandments; where did you take the word private from? There is nothing private in nature; nor are the humbles’ rights who you exploit, negotiable; you should have never done it; for with that you condemn yourselves; the heavens close on you; you will have to be born again, passing through planets Earths again; through worlds of flesh; paying up to the last moral pain that you provoked in each spirit; and even the most microscopic harm provoked in the bodies of flesh; molecule by molecule; cell by cell; an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth; he who does it pays for it; that is how you requested it in the Kingdom of Heavens; and so was it conceded to you; everything you are going through, was requested by you; second by second; instant by instant; in every unit of time of your thought; even your sighs and their rhythm you breathe with, were requested by you in the Kingdom of Heavens; your body and your spirit, form one everything above everything; it is a microscopic universe; which matured in your mother’s womb; that is how your planet Earth was born too; being a microscopic sparklet, it came out of the divine solar body of your divine Solar Mother Omega; you have a mother; the Earth dwelling of yours, also has one; nobody is disinherited; what is up above is the same as down below; the suns are also children of the Father; every luminary is; as you are microscopic mental luminaries; you are just miniature thinkers; and going to be gigantic suns; nobody is disinherited; neither up above nor down below; in the macrocosm and in the microcosm; you mature as any fruit ripens; your spirit becomes saturated with every knowledge learnt; it becomes transformed in each existence; this transformation gives way to a new individuality in each existence; you are variable and relative in an infinite and eternal degree; your relativity is subject to your intentions; in all the instants of time; in every instant 318 living virtues participate; which accompany you since your birth; in each birth and in each world this number of virtues varies; it is relative in an infinite degree; in the unit of time of those worlds; relativity is in the spirit and matter; for no-one is disinherited; this is up above and down below; in the colossal suns and in the microscopic planets; in the macrocosm and in the microcosm; relativity is of one sole present; one sole dimension; and the next relativity emerges from it; with a new dimension and a new present; every time and its individuality are relative; and changeable in an eternal transformation; what you see in one existence, continues being observed in the other one; for one is a product of another; influence is transmitted; it goes from father to son; from the first existence to the one that follows; within its trinity; in the worlds of flesh and within its present in the dimension, the influences last to the third generation; this law has a great meaning for your justice; the parents who procreated are responsible in one third of every vice that was born in their children; and they must pay for that; for they are responsible of a spirit’s misfortune; the spirit is also guilty; but, he requested to go through that trial; he requested to be united to imperfect parents; and it was conceded to him; your humanity is full of these requests; they are requests that have been going on for eternities; before you were born into the world; and it goes back to the same suns; every imperfection goes through relative limits of evolution; which means that you become great in the universe, and perfection emerges from your past imperfections; a perfection that is also relative; for another one emerges from it; and another; and so forth until your mind can imagine; all the material universe is relative; only the Kingdom of Heavens is eternal and continuous; from there one goes out to try and know new lives on the planets; each departure that a spirit makes, is a spark; a sigh seen from the Kingdom of Heavens; a human life becomes heavy as a burden; for that is how you requested it before choosing life; you knew very well in the Kingdom of Heavens, that the more difficulty a destiny finds on the planets, the greater his glory is in the Kingdom of Heavens; for his merit is greater; there only the spiritual effort counts; the struggle against matter and her opponents, brings the spirit closer to glory; in all the imperfect worlds there are temptations; temptations that come on the spirit’s way; for every spirit is trialed; those temptations that come on your way, you requested them; and you promised to overcome them; if it did not happen that way, you succumbed; which by the way, your Father Creator put the Holy Scriptures on your way; for you also requested it that way; and it was conceded to you; every Scripture in the planetary dwellings, is like a remembrance of what was promised in the Kingdom of Heavens; nothing is out of the law; there is no imperfection in the experience lived; everything that you are going through in life, was promised by you; in any circumstance that was to be lived by you; one comes to life by celestial mandate; by a loving agreement; by a divine covenant between matter and spirit; how your life took place, is something that you all will know; for your Creator is the Light; as it was taught to you; the way you were created, is something that shall make you cry; for you do not know the sublime love; the pure one; you only now a self-interested love on your planet; a love proper of your spiritual categories; the human love is a love charged with distrust; for you are not angels; angels are not of flesh; they do not rot; they do not die; they are eternal; they create worlds of purity; they create paradises; they read every mind; they levitate; they fly at speeds superior to the light; they overcome every passion; the demon cannot do anything against them; satan wastes his time; your human life could have been more elevated; more moralistic and fairer; if the spirit-demons would not have come to the world; whose categories are known as ambitious; misers; thieves; fornicators; rich; exploiters; racketeers; deceivers; vain; false; in other words, the great materialistic beast; from which no stone shall be left upon another; this beast was already named in my Scriptures; it is written that every tree that was not planted by the Father, shall be pulled out from its roots; the materialism’s philosophy of exploitation, is one of those trees; which has to respond before the Creator, of every immorality that emerged in the world; the most microscopic violation of the living morality in each one, is an immorality; this divine law is so rigorous, that only three terrestrial beings are the Blessed ones; all the rest of the humanity, are saved; but they do not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the Blessed ones besides these three children, are all the creatures that you call animals; headed by the lamb; who requested that philosophy, with the purpose of representing the innocence of the Kingdom of Heavens on Earth; and what have you done terrestrial children with the little lambs? You have killed them and ate them; why did you not realize blind world? Did you not know that the name of the divine Lamb has been in the Scriptures for many centuries? I verily say unto you carnivore demons, that you have violated one of my Commandments; Not to kill; this counts for every bloodshed; innocent blood of my innocent children; do you think you still are prehistoric men? Those spirits ate each other; but, they were in their law; they were poorly evolved; they in their innocence requested to try a primitive life; and it was conceded to them; you human spirits, promised not to kill; nor to eat each other; you make differences between yourselves and my Blessed children; you despise them; without knowing their divine origins; what do you understand for the humble are first? Do you not realize that these children requested to try life, without expressing feelings? Do you not realize that they requested to undergo injustices in silence? Blind of love and spirit! All these children who requested to coexist with you, are waiting for you in the Kingdom; what scenes are produced when the terrestrial masters meet the celestial child; verily you came out of the Kingdom of Heavens too; but from the instant you become violators, you become divided; you start belonging to darkness; darkness is imperfection and doubt; your world Earth is already one of them; only the Final Judgment shall bring the light; every world depends on its trinity; for nobody is disinherited; even the paradises have got their divine laws; your human law got adapted to the laws of the great beast; of the so-called materialism; and it condemned you; for materialism, did not consult my Scriptures, before creating its laws; it created oblivion towards the Father, in all the generations; and if the Lamb of God did not intervene, be certain that all of you would end up being slaves; that is how it happened in the past; the damned pharaonic era, created the first slavery in the world; and it was extending it; the Lamb of God had to intervene; reincarnated in the Son Moses; Moses was my First-born Son; he was the Solar Father Christ, a sublime revelation of love and simplicity of the Universal Trinity; it is written that the Trinity is in everyone and everywhere; therefore, do not be surprised; it is a universal law; when you arrive up above, to the macrocosm, you shall also be a solar trinity; for the Father’s inheritance is in everyone; up above as well as down below; were you not taught that every spirit is born again? The trinities are also born again; and I shall be with you up to the consummation of the centuries; my divine First-born Son told you so; precisely for he has been being born as you are; he is born and dies; goes and comes; and you never noticed it; for you never searched; you never researched for the divine truth above everything; on the contrary; you dedicated your lives to the mundane illusions; you got entertained letting precious seconds go by; which if you had dedicated them to the study of the Father; you would have been among the Blessed; what do you understand for you shall adore your God and Creator above everything? It certainly does not mean forgetting the Father; it means that you should have studied me above every study; I do not demand a material adoration; I demand a spiritual effort of my children; understanding towards the brother; work and effort for the others; the only eternal monument that is remembered in the Kingdom of Heavens, is work; it is the only temple that does not become reduced to dust; all the rest do become reduced to the dust of oblivion; when your divine Father said: Thou shalt earn thy bread on the sweat of your face; He said so for the spirit and matter; He meant: Work so that you become great in morality in the Kingdom of Heavens; for man does not live on bread alone; the material bread is ephemeral; and it dies with matter; the spiritual bread is eternal; it is what the spirit learned; it is the knowledge attained by effort; it is the salt attained on the sweat of one’s face; every difficulty that was overcome is a triumph for the spirit; every comfort enjoyed on Earth, is worthless in Heavens; for every earthly comfort, was requested by you, and it was conceded to you; you enjoyed it on Earth; in what is mundane; in what is temporary; in the mortal dimension; that is why it was written: And they have already got their awards; it is your comfort; a comfort that led you to illusion; an illusion that will be as heavy as chains to you in the weeping and gnashing of teeth; you were warned in the Kingdom of Heavens, that excessive comfort spoils the spirit; for it takes him away from the divine mandate; it turns him vain; it brings him closer to being weary of life; it entertains him and he gains nothing in spiritual points; he does not make his 318 virtues advance; he stops or advances a little; their own living expansion gets stuck; their next existence accuses this delay; for he must go to the same or similar world as the one he passed through; to return to an unfair world; to get united to a flesh; to repeat what he had repeated; to come back over his steps; to repeat the lesson of a life; in other words, a backwardness as there are few; for it is about the totality of an existence; all the spirits see in the spaces, the worlds of joy and happiness; and they regret not to have been humble and good workers; they curse with all their might, the customs lived; they curse their parents, who in a great degree instilled in them such customs; and they curse every comfort lived; which is worthless in the Kingdom of Heavens; they curse the money that gave them pleasure; which are not taken into account for the eternal glory; they curse a remote planet called Earth; they curse having been born; for it would have been better for them not have requested to know the human life; they repent for having tried such philosophy; this hatred follows the spirit through many existences; it leaves in them profound marks; and from this cause the hateful spirits emerged; when they go to other worlds; when they are born again; when they request a life trial again; every individuality becomes affected when he is free; when he is not within his dwelling of flesh; for their feelings see beyond what they used to see when he was enclosed in a relative cover; taken from the own universe; born from the invisible towards the visible; for it was taught for the living universe, that one must first be very little and humble, to become great in the Kingdom of Heavens.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-