Yes little son; we shall continue with the galactic number 318; the divine number that will shudder the world; it is the number of the human life; and it is the number of its divine justice; nobody escapes from it; not even the wrongly called animals; for in my divine creation, nobody is an animal; all with no exception are my children; all have the same rights; the damned human ambition has tried to stamp on these rights, through the centuries; the creators of poor and rich, have their days numbered; the divine Father Jehovah shall shudder their hearts of stone, their beliefs that are not trees planted by my divine love; and from their roots they shall be pulled out; the Earth, with all her philosophies, shall pass into the dust of oblivion; but, my divine Words shall not pass; the number 318 is divided in this way: Three hundred are the thinking virtues of each human spirit; they are living creatures; which in the Day of the Resurrection of every Flesh shall accuse, in conscience, those who scandalized them; and on the divine Day of the Resurrection, the silver ships shall be seen; it will be the year 2001; one more planetary trial of life will have ended for humanity, and my Holy Scriptures shall be fulfilled up to the last letter; The divine Father Jehovah has always made his divine free will be fulfilled; just as the creature has fulfilled his own one; every Holy Scripture represents the divine thinking of the Creator of Life; there was an oblivion in humanity about this divine truth; the culprits of this oblivion are the own creators of rich and poor; they are responsible of the weeping and gnashing of teeth, which shall soon be experienced by every human spirit; humanity shall curse them, as they shall curse their own parents; for having transmitted them the temporary comfort that money gives; the science of good; for each terrestrial second lived by the spirit, he shall be judged; just as it was announced to the world, through centuries and centuries; the science of good has transmitted the total oblivion of the divine mandate from generation to generation; it has created an illusory philosophy in each child of the present generation; an illusory philosophy that for nurturing from it, the human spirits cannot enter the Kingdom of Heavens; for private property is unknown there; distrust is unknown; the purest communist love reigns there; with a divine philosophy of a child.-

Yes little son; this divine drawing shows that the divine silver ships are the ones that collect the ideas that each spirit creates with his own mind; the ideas get expanded through the infinity; they come out microscopically from every mind; and acquire colossal proportions in the eternity of time; going through all the dimensions; until they materialize into a planet; there are two kinds of planetary creations for the human understanding: The solar creations; or those of the divine Father Jehovah’s older children; and the microscopic creations that came out of every thinking mind; the first creation is from way before the earthly paradise; before Adam and Eve, there were eighteen earthly paradises; they were creatures who did not sin in disobedience; each paradise was created with its own time and space; and each epoch of theirs was a divine plan of perfection, for different spirits; spirits that were preparing themselves for other future lives; one has to be born again to see the Kingdom of God; the present human dimension comes from Adam and Eve; it had a glorious destiny in the Kingdom of Heavens; but, the first parents disregarded the laws of obedience; they did not have an oblivion of the past as the terrestrial child has; the laws of that very remote epoch, were very different to the present epoch; they were telepathic as all the animals of the paradise were; besides, all of them prophesied; which means that by a divine grace they had an infinite spiritual power, that animals did not exist as such; they have never existed to the divine Father; individually, He considers them children; all are equal; everyone has a galactic number; a divine spiritual hierarchy; a divine philosophy; for each form of flesh is a divine product of a divine plan of life; the so-called animals are wiser than the own men; in the Kingdom of Heavens, they are great; for in the planetary dust, they were the most despised; the ones that underwent the greatest injustices; it is written that the humble are first before the divine Father; the Celestial Science shall set up itself as the Alpha and Omega of every Truth; it is a divine Telepathic Scripture; dictated by the divine Father Jehovah; this shall be checked by the honorable Dalai-Lamas of the remote Tibet; they are humble in their day by day living; therefore, they are first before the divine Father Jehovah; it is written that after the wrongly so-called animals are the humble at heart; in the drawing it is illustrated how an idea infinitely increased emanates from a thinking being; every terrestrial idea has a circular Omega form; its colors are varied; they go up to the black going through infinite hues and white; the color white indicates absolute purity in the idea; only the babies have it; for they are innocences, still lacking of a thinking and materialized philosophy; every baby has the divine galactic number 318; but the future philosophy of trials is not included in him; which his spirit promised to fulfill in the remote suns; which means that once the creature has completed a determined life on some planet, he can make his galactic number rise; he can stagnate it or go backwards; this last case is less common; everything depends on the fulfillment of the divine Commandments that every spirit has accomplished; they are the only norm of life; everything contrary to them is a spiritual violation; it is a spiritual breach of trust; this abuse, is admitted by every spirit violator amid a weeping; when the divine time of being before the divine Father Jehovah, who gave him his being, arrives; the scenes that are seen in these spirits violators is indescribable; it cannot be explained in a simple human language; one has to be born again to the spiritual life in order to understand it; the spiritual pain covers eternity; for every spirit came out of it; each idea that took place in life, from a spirit, is weighed and observed by the spirit itself; it is weighed in the divine solar scales; and it is observed on the marvelous solar television; where the spirit sees with astonishment that this divine television with beautiful colors, shows him all the scenes that the spirit had in life; since he was born to life until he departed from it; and that is not all; the spirit sees that every microscopic thing that its body of flesh had, becomes immense and alive; they become accusers; for every spirit that has violated the divine law of love, also turns the own microscopic beings into violators, which requested to accompany its body of flesh to a temporary life trial; so it is that every scandalous spirit is filled with dread when its microscopic pores come to life; for they accuse the spirit of having exposed them to the malicious contemplation of the world; it is written that every humble one, as the microscopic pores are, are great in the Kingdom of Heavens; one who ridicules a child, he is ridiculing the divine Father; for I am also in the microscopic pore; it was written that the Lord is everywhere; this divine law shall fill millions and millions of beings with dread; from all the generations; for just a few are those who have not scandalized with their body of flesh; they shall curse, amid a weeping and gnashing of teeth, every moral inheritance received from their ignorant parents; they shall curse materialism; for that illusory philosophy is the own science of good; it gives wellbeing to the creature, but condemns him spiritually; for it makes him proud; it makes him forget the divine duties; contained in the Ten Commandments; in the celestial drawing, one can see four different positions of the idea; in the first position of an orange color, the emanated idea comes out in a linear form, with a circular tendency; its equation as a microscopic idea, is the following: A Terrestrial Idea, = a solar line, tricepted by its Most Holy Trinity; equal to a trillionth of a solar line; = a right angle of 90º in a constant lineal expansion; = an accumulation of microscopic ideas = an accumulation of microscopic lines of a tiny fire; = a sensation felt but not seen by the spirit; = an electric detachment of a bluish fire; = a future world in infinite expansion; = a divine intervention of a microscopic silver ship; = a collection of a galactic harvest; = a perpetuity of a microscopic philosophy; = a future planet of the flesh series, from the galaxy Trino; = an infant maturity of a divine solar beginning; which keeps on happening since eternities before; the second color of the idea, indicates that it is of a flesh matter; it has the influences that the spirit opted by free will; in the center of all the ideas, a circle is seen; similar to a musical note; it indicates that every idea comes along with a noise, translated as a celestial music; this music is proportional to the purity of the idea itself; everything in the Universe of the Kingdom of Heavens is a divine music; the great ones in the Kingdom of Heavens, transform themselves by free will, in divine living musical notes; and as a whole harmony, they praise the divine Creator; the four beams of light of different colors, demonstrate that each idea has its own color of heaven; existing in the Thinking Expansive Universe as many heavens of colors as there are worlds; among them is the bluish heaven of the planet Earth; which emerged as a microscopic sparklet; surrounding her and growing along with her; in a covenant of divine cherubs; which still remains as such; they only wait for the divine call or divine spiritual mandate of the divine Solar First-born Son; for they obey the Father Who eternities before, created them in the remote sun Alpha; in a divine beginning, very similar to the human ideas; the difference lies on what happens in the Kingdom of Heavens is infinite; limit is not known there; limit is only known on Earth; the beginning of every greatness is always the same; it starts from the microscopic divine geometric point; one has to be very little and humble, to become great in the Kingdom of Heavens; what is up above is the same as down below; the laws of the divine Father Jehovah are the same throughout the entire Universe; in any point where the thinking life expresses itself; the difference lies in the evolutions that are lived; being them, transitory philosophies of trials; a microscopic determination in the spirit’s eternity; the celestial drawing shows a creature in a light-blue overall and a Silver Little Lamb; it symbolizes the divine work; and its light-blue color, demonstrates that only those who have lived from this philosophy, can enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the divine mandate was very clear: Thou shalt earn thy bread on the sweat of thy face; every philosophy contrary to this shall pass into the dust of oblivion; but, the divine mandate of Father Jehovah, shall not pass; this is the only temple that never reduces itself into dust; for it is a living temple; the rest of them do reduce themselves into dust; every philosophical tree that has not been planted by the divine Father Jehovah, shall be pulled out from its roots; the so-called religions that trade with my divine law, are one of these trees; and there shall not be left one stone upon another of them; the divine Silver Little Lamb symbolizes the solar innocence of each one; not everybody shall be able to carry it; one has to be clean at heart; as clean as the divine Father ordered it; in the Ten Commandments; for the one who has it, it will give him the divine right to be resurrected in flesh and spirit; in the year 2001, in the blessed India; this divine Revelation has been awaited through many centuries by the honorable Dalai-Lamas; they shall announce the materialistic world, the appearance of the divine Lamb of God; for the commercial sect of the Vatican, doing honor to their selfishness of spiritual rock, has negated the divine truth to the world; contributing once more to their spiritual and moral backwardness; many events have taken place; all of them shall be checked; by those who search the truth, above everything.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-