Yes little son; we shall write the divine beginning of life; life is a divine plan of the divine Creator; every perfection starts by being microscopic; nobody is great in the Kingdom of Heavens, if he has not been very little; so very little as a microbe can be; all the angels of my divine Reign were very little and humble; and now they are great in the Kingdom of Heavens; they are the divine solar luminaries; they shine in living wisdom; they have enough knowledge as to produce worlds; nobody has a creative power if he has not fulfilled the divine law that says; Thou shalt earn thy bread on the sweat of thy face; this is the only divine philosophy to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; no other one can make my children become great in my divine dwelling; every well-being of every planet is a reward of the world; it lasts just as an sparkle in front of the eternity; every well-being in which all my children do not participate equally, that well-being, is not a tree planted by the divine Father Jehovah; and it shall be pulled out from its roots; it has always happened like that, in the worlds that have a life that is just a trial; everything is accepted in the universal philosophies of trial, but the abuse; less the injustice, which certain demons try to impose on others; to the divine Father Jehovah, a demon is every spirit who when creating a philosophy, does not take Him into account for anything; he does not consult the divine Scriptures; such philosophies are not trees planted by the divine Father Jehovah; and they shall be pulled out from its roots; it means that the so-called materialism, disappears from the face of the Earth; this was divinely written: The Earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass.-

Alpha and Omega

Yes little son; this divine drawing explains that everything was microscopic; this means; One has to be little and humble to become great in the Kingdom of Heavens; it means that being the sparklet that came out of the solar luminaries invisible, it was at the same time visible; it belonged to another numerical vibration; which means that what is microscopic exists when it is seen from another dimension; what is microscopic is what is gigantic; for when the creature arrives in his future world, he does not notice that his dwelling is microscopic; he is geometrically proportional to his own development; and his development is parallel to the evolutionary birth of the epoch lived; this is, every encounter of every spirit with his own planet, was a divine plan that came out of the invisible to the visible; it is in a divine agreement of divine cherubs; they are thinking gases; more microscopic than the atoms; for no instrument of augmentation from Earth can see them; every spirit feels it, but they never have seen them; they express themselves in virtues; they become living when every spirit returns to the place where they came out of temporarily; they accuse every spirit who did not live according to the divine Commandments; for every spirit is a spiritual magnet; it is a microscopic solar fire; who at the same time attracts other microscopic solar fires; the human creature was divinely warned about this; he was taught that the Lord is everywhere; in infinite forms; known and unknown; He is also in every spirit; He is in every living virtue; and it was also written that every spirit is trialed in the human philosophy he chose; the divine cherubs that accompany every spirit, do it in the form of living virtues; they are also trialed; but subordinated to their own Solar Father; which is to the spirit who they see from their own microscopic dimensions, as an immense sun; the spirit does not see itself shining like a sun; but it feels an electric current running through all its body of flesh; this electric current represents a source in microscopic expansion; which with the eternity of time shall become an immense sun of wisdom; it is written that one has to be born again in infinite worlds to see the Kingdom of God; this is, to become a divine sun of wisdom; to become one of the great ones in the Kingdom of Heavens; and even so, he only understands Him in a microscopic part; the greater one is the tiniest he is; only the Father is Great in the Kingdom of Heavens; in the celestial drawing you can see three silver ships; their divine mission is to select the microscopic worlds; called galactic seeds; or solar sparklets; this divine separation gives place, in the infinite Cosmos, to a divine an unprecedented traffic of these dazzling ships; which come from all the galaxies; they have all the forms of construction and dimension; there are so many as the mind can imagine; there are ships of such colossal sizes that the Earth would not be able to be seen inside them; these ships of such an immense appearance, belong to other life systems; for there is everything in the Lord’s flock; they do not belong to the worlds of flesh; they belong to other more evolutionary magnetisms; these creatures that come from other points of the space, were also beings of flesh, in terrestrial worlds that do not exist anymore; they were also very little and humble; they also underwent everything that the terrestrial creature undergoes now; the galactic grandeur of the Kingdom of Heavens costs sweat and effort; it is the universal law of the progress of creatures and worlds; nobody has ever stopped from fulfilling the divine parable that says: On the sweat of thy face thou shalt earn thy bread; this law, the oldest one that the Earth knows, was not only a mandate for the Earth; eternities before the Earth was born in the material life, this divine law was already in the knowledge of the creatures who are the crews of the present silver ships; and they keep on transmitting it to one another from eternity to eternity; that is why the human creature has seen them in all the epochs; they are on their way through the Earth; travelling to other galactic systems; for which one needs to be an eternal creature; the human life is not sufficient in order to arrive at the point in space where the Macrocosm is; which means a divine place; a place of the colossal worlds; the same place indicated by the First-born Son; He said: Where I am from you cannot go; He said no more; he remained silent because of his humility; he remained silent so to not to hurt the human creature spiritually; for He knew that the duration of a human life was not enough to arrive to the place where He was from; and He understood that the wisdom of the Earth did not understand anything about the laws of the infinite space; that is why it was expressed in another parable: If you do not understand the terrestrial laws, less shall you understand the celestial ones; and if He said so was for his Words to be studied by the future generations; He said so with an infinite pain; for he saw that men who had forgotten love, who teach the Holy Scriptures, would fly to the moon; for with this act they compromised themselves in an infinite degree with their own Creator; all those who made this journey possible, knew of the terrible injustices and hunger that humanity underwent and still undergoes; one gains nothing by having a great knowledge if the divine law of love has been violated; they shall not be resurrected in the year 2001; their physical bodies shall go the way of their own ideas; which lead them to the tomb; Yes little son; so it is, and so shall it be forever and ever; it is written that first is the Lord; above everything; and this divine law must be expressed in the material life, not letting my humble children undergo suffering; in the celestial drawing one can appreciate some microscopic black points of an angular and circular form; these little points are coming from the solar light; they have a black color; which indicates a magnetism in all its innocence, for they are so black that they give out a brilliant color of milk; this divine Revelation shall overwhelm the world of knowledge; for it proves that the light comes out of darkness; and the spiritual darkness are the product of the light in rebelliousness or pride; that is why every creature has in his own philosophy of trials a constant struggle; between good and evil; the origin of all this lies on the respective creative sun; it is the sun Alpha and the sun Omega; who by producing suns and planets, also improve themselves; this proves that nobody is greater in the Kingdom of Heavens, but the Father; for from Him also came out the colossal suns; for every sun was a spirit; just as the human creature is; those who are suns were spirits; and those who are spirits shall become suns; behold, the divine plan of eternity of every creature in the Thinking Expansive Universe; for the human creature to become a sun of wisdom, he needs to increase his own electric current; which circulates around his body; this is achieved by being born again; one existence is not enough, but infinite existences; it was written: Weak is the flesh; which means that the flesh is nullified by its own electric current; in the remote worlds, its beings shine in proportion to their evolutions; there are those with a total brilliance; intermediate brilliance; and a minimal brilliance; in all their intensities and spiritual shades; the flesh in these creatures is proportional to their own mental powers; making divine variations of these creatures, which go from the flesh to the living electricity; all of this is proportional to the own purity emanated from the spirit; in these evolutions the creatures fulfill other laws; so unprecedented that if the man saw them, he would say that he is dreaming; or he would call them a product of his imagination; which means fantasy; what the human creature does not know is that what he laughs about is part of his own eternity; for the inheritance of the divine Father Jehovah is the same for everyone; and his divine inheritance has no limit; sooner or later, the human creature shall be like them; for what is up above came out of the same cause as what is down below; the divine drawing shows concentric and continuing circles; of a black color; it is the Omega circle; it represents the movements that the sparklet had inside the sun; which means that every movement had its cause in the same sun, from the very instant that the sparklet emerged in the sun Alpha’s corona, it brought along noise and movement; so it is that every planet is born, grows and dies with all the laws coming from the sun; these divine Revelations were announced in a microscopic way in the Holy Scriptures; this is how the divine Father Jehovah wanted, to show the creature that everything has a cost; that one has to investigate everything; that everything is attained with effort; that everything fulfills the divine light that says: Thou shall earn thy bread or every knowledge on the sweat of thy face; that nothing, absolutely nothing is attained with wealth; even worse; wealth makes every spirit go backwards in what was promised in the remote suns; it makes the spirit live building his hopes up; it makes the spirit live a philosophy that is not eternal; for wealth is of men; it is one of the many trials that man applies on himself; it is just that in the philosophy of wealth man forgets the Commandments; he becomes selfish and evil; he loses his spiritual simplicity and sincerity as a universal spirit; he wants to have it all; and the rest not to have anything; he becomes insatiable; to the point of cheating and even killing his brothers for a handful of gold; such a disgusting doctrine does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; it is the most imperfect of the doctrines; in the spiritual progress; the doctrine of every rich is the doctrine that is cursed by every spirit; when the divine moment of rendering divine account to our own Creator arrives; this mundane philosophy does not let any virtue advance; every virtue is a living one in the Kingdom of Heavens; they accuse every spirit of not having let them advance; the virtues that accompany every spirit in the trials of life, also feel that their hopes were built up; awakening in the Kingdom of Heavens, makes these microscopic creatures go crazy in rage and resentment against the spirit who was immoral in life; behold the only divine and spiritual cause that explains all the human feelings; all the contrasts in the human character; behold the supreme psychology; the only one; the divine; the only one that can provide eternity to every spirit; the only one and sublime reality; the Earth shall pass with all its philosophies of trial; but this sublime truth shall never pass; it is the Alpha and Omega of all that lives and thinks; all the creatures of the divine Father Jehovah have come out of it; nobody is greater than the One who they owe their own being; without whom they would never know that they exist; Glorify this Son; who being humble is great before your divine Father; so great as to give him the divine telepathy; whose divine Knowledge shall Unify the world; creating the most immense dream that millions of my humble children have dreamt of: The Universal and Patriarchal Government; being the leader the one who has more knowledge; the most perfect model that any creature has arrived to in the interpretation of my divine word.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-