Yes little son; this divine Revelation is the Supreme Revelation; the divine beginning is started in the Kingdom of Heavens; there is one sole beginning for all the Universe; the divine Verb is the unique truth; the divine truth only comes out of the Father; the divine Verb is the eternal life; a divine beginning that continues taking place from eternities before the life systems emerged; matter is after the divine Verb; the spirit is matter which emerged from the own Verb; matter and spirit are living creatures; both return to the divine Verb; the divine Verb is a living fire and a living magnetism; the beginning of the divine Verb is exclusive to the divine free will of the Divine Father Jehovah; the creatures live and feel their transformations; the divine beginning of the divine Verb is conscience itself; the conscience of every spirit is also a microscopic living fire; the divine Verb turns into every matter; what is known, unknown, and will be known; matter and spirit are from the same truth; but they are manifested in different forms; one is contemplative and the other sensitive; both form covenants in their own birth; each one is born independently from the other; they are free and innocent; which means they lack of every philosophy; they do not know the material worlds and their own lives; the divine Verb is born in infinite evolutions; it is spontaneous and expansive; it does not stop from manifesting itself in a Living Universe; it continues leaving its inheritance; according to the ideas emanated by the spirits; the divine Verb constitutes its own galaxy of flesh; for there are creatures of flesh so colossal, that the human creature of flesh is less than a microbe; so tiny he is that he simply goes unnoticed; the divine Verb of the Kingdom of Heavens, is a magnetism of a colossal creative power; there one talks about infinity; about eternities; about being able to create worlds at a speed that is unknown in the human evolution; force is a creative power there; and not destructive; as in the human life system; the destructive force is proper to darkness; for darkness destroys; and the divine light builds; one tries to overcome the other; the divine intervention of the divine Verb, always places the divine Father’s will; for He is everywhere; was and will be.-

Yes little son; this celestial drawing shows that the divine law creates infinite lives; not one life; but every life gives place to another; the divine inheritance is in everyone; everyone thinks; everyone generates ideas; and therefore they generate worlds; it was written: One has to be very little and humble to become big in the Kingdom of Heavens; which means that the most microscopic thing that man has, are his ideas; and colossal material worlds are born from them; whose living creatures shall carry the characteristics that the original idea had; it was written: Each one makes his own heaven; this heaven is in him; it is in his own and invisible ideas; no creatures sees his own ideas; he only feels them; and everything that the creature has done, has first been an idea; an idea that later on transforms itself into material facts; this demonstrates that matter is born from spirituality; and that the spirit is matter at the same time; for it is also composed of molecules; the spirit cannot see the spirit when that spirit belongs to the so-called worlds of flesh; when it is just starting to know what life is; one is born very little and humble; to continue gaining spiritual power; or creative power; the spiritual power is not the same as the physical power; the first one is creative; the Earth emerged from it; the second one is destructive; it is contrary to the divine Commandments; because of it, millions and millions of men shall be judged; creating the greater crying and gnashing of teeth; along with those who scandalized the divine morality, showing their bodies to the world; the weeping and gnashing of teeth in humanity shall be due to the abandonment of the study of my divine Scriptures; which was translated into living a life with an illusory philosophy by the human creature; the time dedicated to money is a time lost; everybody wants to get rich in the least of time; and in the most comfortable way as possible; this spiritual attraction towards what is temporary, shall be the greatest moral pain of humanity; Were you not taught that you should adore God above everything? That includes the way of life too; for the mode of life of the terrestrial children makes them forget the supreme Commandment; certainly no ungrateful being shall enter the Kingdom of Heavens; And the terrestrial humanity has fallen into ungratefulness!! Starting from their leaders; No one orders every humble to be first; on the contrary, they make the laws without taking my divine Scriptures into consideration; it is written that the humble are first in the Kingdom of Heavens; if they are first in the eternal life, they should also be on Earth; Woe betide those!! Who because of ambition or selfishness have made every humble undergo suffering; it would have been better for them not to have been born; the Celestial Science by getting extended throughout the world, shall take the divine justice to everyone; it shall not become a church; that is not a tree planted by the divine Father; the so-called churches are unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens; as all the violators of my divine Word are unknown; for they have never entered the Kingdom of Heavens; the Celestial Science is a Telepathic Scripture that sprouts in one of the humble children; not a single big and powerful of the Earth shall have this divine power; in order to accomplish it, every proud one shall have to be born again; the Celestial Science is the only science that explains everything; it has no end; for the divine creation of Father Jehovah has no limits; it has never had any; nor shall it ever have it; everything has come out of the divine Father; therefore, the divine Telepathic Scripture comes out of Him; one knows a tree by its fruit; by the events that are coming, you will know if the Celestial Science is the fruit of the Creator of Light; every spirit is trialed in the human life; as many children who have already seen the Celestial Science have been trialed; they have not realized that the divine Father chose them; but they turned their backs to Him; the world shall know them; their names shall be pronounced in all the languages; here another divine prophesy is fulfilled; it was written: For many are called but a few are chosen; nobody is a prophet in his own land; the Celestial Science shall shudder the world very soon; the Honorable Dalai-Lamas shall speak to the materialistic world; they shall do it for the first time after many centuries; it was written: the Orient against the Occident; in the greatest intellectual controversy; a controversy that will last very shortly; but which shall shudder every spirit; as they have never been; and the weeping and gnashing of teeth starts; the presence of the divine Lamb of God shall provoke the greatest revolution that humanity has witnessed; just as he transformed the tyrannical world in the past, he shall transform once more a world that has forgotten that they have a pending Judgment; the Celestial Science shall have the divine glory of initiating the so-called Millennium of Peace; for which it will be necessary to pull out every philosophical tree that was not planted by the divine Father; every doctrine that did not take into account the divine morality of the divine Commandments; every doctrine that sullied the teachings of the Holy Scriptures; among them are the so-called terrestrial churches; commercial sects that dared to divide the flock for a temporary reign; they shall be accused by the Lamb of God of teaching the material adoration; the same that the old world had; but it was another evolution, which has already fulfilled its law; thou shalt not worship any image or resemblance, says my Commandment; resemblance are the temples; the ones that shall be reduced to dust; the sole and eternal temple is Work; each one’s Heavens is born from there; this temple never reduces itself into dust; for one’s own knowledge is born from the spirit’s own effort; which turns into a living brightness, around the body of flesh; every acquired knowledge with the sweat of one’s face, becomes materialized in the Kingdom of Heavens; for everything is living; everything gets transformed; even the daily deeds of every spirit; nothing is left to chance in the Living Universe; every time dedicated to one’s own pleasure is worth nothing in the Kingdom of Heavens; on the contrary, it draws the spirit away from the Kingdom of heavens; for it diminishes its own addition; which is the total number of celestial points by second of time used in life; every little point or idea, carries in itself an intention; which is measured from the most minimal, to the biggest; regarding the love to my divine Commandments; every celestial little point is weighed in the Father’s dwelling; and the divine justice makes use of the same mandate; which was given to the world many centuries ago; thou shalt worship thy God and Creator above everything else; what does this mean? This means that in each second of the human life, the intention of all the ideas, should have been dedicated to one’s own Creator; it means that each act in life should have been a praise to the Eternal Creator; every creature knows that nothing is done without the permission of the Lord; that nobody orders his own self; it’s not for nothing that the divine laws were given; which have lasted through the centuries; which are not of a human conception; everything that the human mind creates is not eternal; sooner or later it passes into oblivion; the human creature did not fulfill the divine mandate; he shall be judged according to his deeds; in what they have given to call freedom; which is licentiousness to the divine Father; for it is a freedom that took the liberty to forget the divine Father; preferring a form of life whose philosophy is an illusion; for the human life enjoyed in freedom is worthless to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; only the life which was guided in discipline and according to the divine mandate, enters the Kingdom of Heavens; behold another weeping and gnashing of teeth of a disobedient world; this disobedience corresponds to the divine parable that says: The Earth shall pass, but my Word shall not pass; it means that every disobedient tree is pulled out in the Millennium of Peace; an entire world with its customs passes into oblivion; a world that got to know a phenomenon called morality; but a morality in hypocrisy; a morality that only served Caesar; which only served money; which only served the world; and did not serve eternity; what is of the world is ephemeral; therefore the world’s morality passes into oblivion; along with the customs that that world got to know; the eternal morality only emanates from the divine Word; one who has lived it, has got the morality that allows him to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; for in my Kingdom only the divine mandates are known; the moralities of the so-called churches are not known; for they are not trees of the divine Father Jehovah; they are moralities of human conception; made according to the conveniences of the world; that is why every church is unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens; the Holy Scriptures unify the world into one sole morality; it does not divide the world; only disobedience divides the flock; for the demon divides himself; thus shall the so-called churches be seen, by the generations of the future; every church shall be called rock of the human selfishness; which provoked a backwardness of twenty centuries to the planet; in their moral and spiritual levels; and they shall be considered as the main cause of the human pain; as well as of the weeping and gnashing of teeth that the entire humanity has to confront; Blinds leading other blinds!! Which means that they took the liberty to represent the divine Father on Earth; without understanding His divine love; without knowing the future; they were proud with their own brothers; for they have persecuted them; they have scared them with the so-called excommunication; which is worthless in the Kingdom of Heavens; for nothing is more false than the morality that came out of the proud beings; they have violated the own Commandments that they have tried to teach; Do they not, by any chance, bless the arms with which my children are killed? Forgetting these violators of my law that the divine Commandment mandates Not to kill; but, no demon shall escape; they already did the same in other worlds; for disobedience is a darkness that behaves as a rock; which in the course of eternity becomes wasted; it becomes weakened; as the spirit is born in new planets; for pride does not disappear by living only one existence; one has to be born again; one has to reincarnate again, to become clean and get closer to the Father; the Celestial Science shall amaze the world; for never has any science got to displace the others; every new law, brings with itself a new Doctrine; which displaces old concepts; the human law is microscopic to be able to transform a world; one needs the divine participation; every law is also a living destiny; if it was not so, all the philosophy of the Earth in all her Epochs, would be merely mechanic; pride tends to make it mechanic; every creature has a sensibility, whose cause is not in the mechanic laws; the mechanic laws as the human evolution interprets them; for what is on Earth is not in remote worlds; there is everything in the Lord’s flock; in the celestial drawing it is intended to be explained that unknown intelligences to the human creature intervene in every creation; the main divine reason for that, is that those divine intelligent forces already existed; and the human creature did not exist yet; this demonstrates that every planet has a beginning in chronological time; there was a time that a determined planet did not exist; nobody heard anything about it, until its original sparklet emerged; the initial destiny of every planet, has got its cause in divine galactic parents; who are some other living children of the divine Father Jehovah; the divine Father has children in all the Universe; of all the spiritual hierarchies; their number is like the stars; and among this infinity, are the creatures of flesh; like the human little monkey; who is just learning to come out of his own darkness; his darkness is his imperfections; whose seed has all the powers in a latent state; powers that start developing as the creature lives in new and unknown worlds; what is up above is the same as down below; it means that everyone had the same beginning; everyone came out of the same cause; a divine cause that has not stopped; nor shall it stop from creating infinite worlds; this divine cause has the expansive force of its own seeds; what the human creatures will know about the laws of their own beginning, has never been given to the world; it shall shudder the human knowledge; for they involve the divine justice announced to the world many centuries ago; it teaches the divine Final Judgment, of a life trial; chosen by the own spirits, there in the remote suns Alpha and Omega; there, where everything is gigantic; in such a degree that it escapes the human mind; to get to know the only story of one’s own origin, is the greatest Revelation in the spiritual destinies; everyone, with no exception, will want to know their past; how their own development was; and they will want to know their future; nobody wants death; but, a great part of these enquiries, was taught to man; the divine Commandments are the Light to overcome death; a definite death does not exist; for every spirit is eternal; and every death is relative in respect to the spirit’s own evolution; it is relative in respect to what one believes and thinks about it; in infinite very advanced worlds, to die is a glory; the departure of those creatures is celebrated with an incomparable joy; for they know more of the laws of the Universe; they have lived more, they have been born and reincarnated a greater number of times; they have overcome the own skepticism; which leads to nowhere; every skeptical spirit is a backward spirit; and every credulous spirit, is an advanced spirit; every credulous being was skeptical in other worlds; and every skeptical one shall be credulous in future worlds; every wisdom starts with doubt; and ends up in reality; to many spirits it is easier not to believe, because they are easy attitude ones; they do not make the effort of deepening the laws of nature; such attitude harvests a weeping and gnashing of teeth; for when the divine moment of weighing their seconds of time lived on the divine solar scales arrives, these spirits get filled with dread; for each second of studying, of meditation, is equivalent to visiting a colossal world in the Kingdom of Heavens; if we add up all the seconds of time lived, we get into the conclusion that every spirit travels eternally through worlds, according to the interest used in each second lived in his planetary dwelling; this divine award of visiting the worlds of the Universe is called divine Addition of the divine Father Jehovah; and it has no limit at all; limit does not exist in the creation of the divine Father; the Thinking Expansive Universe exists; in which each microscopic second of time, new galactic seeds are born in an infinite degree; new solar sparklets; and which have not ceased from coming out; since the divine instant in which the divine Father Jehovah said: Let there be light and there was light; this divine term means in other words: Let there be wisdom, in my own eternal laws; for every knowledge learnt on the planets, becomes a living light; which gives the spirit the divine spiritual hierarchy; and which at the same time indicates him what future world corresponds to him to be born in; for each reincarnation is according to the spirit’s deeds; there is an intimate relationship between the feelings and the intentions that the spirit put on display in a determined world; and the future destiny; the human spirit cannot be everywhere at the same time; as the Father is; he ignores more things than he knows; the terrestrial science thinks to know everything, and it knows nothing; it does not know in divine laws yet, how its own seed was gestated; nor does it know what its future will be; the Celestial Science shall give it the light; as it has given it in infinite worlds; there is not only one knowledge; there is infinite knowledge in infinite expansion; and in those expansions skepticism emerges; but it is overwhelmed by knowledge itself; which does not stop before anything; it transforms everything; even the most skeptical ones are transformed by it; no knowledge or theory sustains the Universe; all the sciences of known and unknown worlds are eternally subordinated to the laws of the Creator; for they came out of His divine laws; this was forgotten by the damned satan; he thought that by his sole acquired knowledge, he would defeat his own Creator; Such a profound error!! Infinite centuries have passed, and the damned spirit-king cannot defeat his Creator yet; and there is no time that does not expire; nor a world that is not judged; this means that every pride fulfills the same laws of satan’s in a microscopic degree; every creature’s disobedience even the most microscopic it could be, is always in the same law; and the divine points of his own addition shall be discounted; the explanation of the divine Celestial Science, includes all the knowledge; that is why there is Science, Morality, Psychology and Divine Justice in it; for it is written that the divine Father Jehovah is in everything and in everybody; He is in Science, He is in Morality, He is in every psychology and in every Divine Justice; and the human creatures should not forget that the divine Father also has a divine Free Will; just as all the creatures of the Universe have, in a microscopic form; and all that the creatures have, the Eternal Father has it in an infinite degree; for every inheritance has come out of the divine Father; and it returns to the Father; Therefore, the divine Creator, can express Himself at any and unexpected moment to any world; and this happens and has happened in an infinite degree in all eternity; Was it not written that the divine and new Revelation would come to the world by surprise? Just as the surprise that a night burglar causes; the divine law proceeds in the worlds as one more law; like a common law; for the divinity is above everything else, above every philosophy, a universal communist law; it is the supreme attitude of every free will; which having recognized itself, it sees that the material possession is temporary; it is fairer and intelligent to share it equally; just as my divine Word teaches it; in every Holy Scripture; in the Kingdom of Heavens private property is unknown; this philosophy was chosen by the ambitious man in the terrestrial life; imposing it on himself by himself, as a trial for himself; for his spirit; in my divine dwelling the word: This is mine, is unknown; there the divine loving communism with a philosophy of a child reigns; for no other philosophy enters the Kingdom of Heavens; but that of a child’s; it is the only living philosophy that keeps its joy and innocence; all the rest have been trialed and must confront the divine Final Judgment; which is the end of a world that exploited itself; it is the fall of a world, of its morality and customs; it is not the physical end of the planet Earth; the Earth must continue as a dwelling for infinite spirits yet; who shall conform the new World; a world very similar to the one that existed before Adam and Eve; and before the arrival of the damned pharaohs; who were creatures that arrived from other galaxies; the new World shall be known in its first epochs, as the Millennium of Peace; which shall start to govern after the Resurrection of every flesh; in the year 2001; and the total consummation of the centuries is approaching too; periods of material time, which formed covenants with infinite spirits; who requested the philosophy of being trialed in their own destinies; the Earth’s polar axle shall diverge from its present deviation; as a consequence of the signals in the stars and dwellings of the Universe; for the joy of the worlds is only one; matter and spirit have a divine joy in common; and they belong to a living world; in which everybody understands each other; just as the Solar First-born Son understood the terrestrial matter; ordering the winds and resurrecting the flesh; the same divine principle shall rule for every resurrection of the flesh; for the divine laws of the divine Father, are the same in all the epochs; varying in a parallel way to the evolution of the spirits of all the planetary natures.- 

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-