Yes little son; we shall continue with the divine philosophy that my divine Commandments teach; if all humanity had led themselves by them, I assure you little son, that this humanity would not have the need of a divine judgment; the divine Commandments were given to the world so that every spirit would do their trials in life through them; there was a given instant in which every spirit did not know any life in the worlds of flesh; but they knew that sooner or later they would try a determined philosophy; not only a human philosophy; for the trials on the planets are infinite; they shall never have a limit; nor have they ever had it; the divine Lamb of God is the divine mandate of love and humility to every thinking creature; among all the wrongly called animals, only the divine little Lamb represents the only innocence; for it is alien to any act of force; its sensibility has given it a divine preference in the divine Father Jehovah’s free will; humility is in the divine Lamb; and without humility, nobody enters the Kingdom of Heavens; it is written that it is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a violator of my divine law to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; every human spirit talked to the divine little Lamb, before coming to the trials of life; all the human spirits praised it in the Kingdom of Heavens; it played with everybody in the Celestial Dwelling; for in there every son is not an animal; everybody is the son of the same Father; whichever his physical form or philosophy may be; in the Kingdom of Heavens everybody is telepathic; for everybody has attained the eternal Glory; which costs infinite sweat of faces; in infinite planets; for it is written that every spirit has to be born again to be able to enter the Kingdom of God; this means that every spirit has got a pilgrimage through the material universe; it goes through infinite planets; it tries new infinite philosophies; and all of them are one of the divine forms that the Divine Lamb of God takes; the divine solar innocence has got a form; for everybody has got the same principle; nobody is born big in the Kingdom of Heavens; for nobody has got the total eternity; but only the Father; everybody with no exception at all is divinely subordinated to the Divine Father’s love; and this divine love is living and expansive; the Father progresses and so do the children; keeping their divine spiritual hierarchies through eternity.-

Alfa y Omega, Rollo La Divina Revelación de Dios

Yes, little son; I know you cannot stop thinking about the brother jeweler from Ondania Jewelry Shop; I know all the world shall despise him; for he dared to sell the Lamb of God in five hundred escudos; he shall be remembered by all the generations as the modern Judas; there are millions of greedy people like him in your world; who do not hesitate in selling even their own eternity; well, I shall tell you, little son, that this demon of the commercial ambition shall cry tears of blood; he shall request the own Lamb of God to be resurrected in a new flesh; he shall request as millions will, to become a child again; but he will not obtain anything; not even to wear the divine little Lamb of Silver in life; a symbol of the cleanliness and purity of conscience of each one; we gave him enough time to reconsider; he is one of the millions who shall curse gold; he shall curse his own customs; he shall curse his own parents; and he shall envy the humble at heart; those who have been respectful of the divine Word; this spirit did something similar in another world; he lived with his hopes up on a philosophy which lasted as long as an ephemeral life of flesh lasts; he was fed by a philosophy that did not give him either eternity or the entrance to the Kingdom of Heavens; the same thing will take place with the so-called rich of the world; they shall curse their father and mother; in the midst of a crying and gnashing of teeth; the reason is very simple; in a divine justice, the more wellbeing a human spirit enjoyed the more severe is justice; it was taught through the divine Word that all are equal before God; therefore, the Government of the Earth should have been equal to everybody; and it did not happen that way, because of a group of demons who saw that governing was good business; these demons who did not take my divine Commandments into account is known by the world as capitalists; they are the creators of the science of good; because of these damned ones there are rich and poor in the world; because of these demons the terrestrial world shall be divinely judged; they are the culprits of the crying and gnashing of teeth of millions and millions of my humble children; but no demon violator of my divine law shall escape; you reap what you sow; an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; it is the law of the worlds of flesh; of the imperfect worlds; of the microscopic worlds; the only hope left to these damned ones is repentance; for if repentance did not exist, these demons would go crazy; the divine Father created them angels; and the pride that was emanated from the spiritual free will turns them into demons; one who forgets Me gets lost in darkness; it was written: the divine Father Jehovah is eternal light; and the more suffering a creature underwent, the greater he is in the Kingdom of Heavens; therefore, the chosen ones were chosen by themselves; they are the first ones by their deeds; it was written that it is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a violator to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; this has got many meanings; it explains how rigorous the divine justice is; it demonstrates that the so-called animals are great in the Kingdom of Heavens; for to the Creator there are no animals in his divine dwellings; there are only children; whichever their physical appearance is; the concept animal is a divine life trial for these spirits; they requested to be called animals; and they requested to know the philosophies of the animals; just as certain spirits requested to be human little monkeys; and they requested to be trialed in this philosophy; it was written that every spirit is trialed in life; not only the so-called humans; but all the living beings; for nobody is less before the divine Father Jehovah; the divine justice is so immense that the importance of being a human creature gets lost in the infinity; even more, the human life is looked upon with an abysmal indifference; with the same indifference that the human being is accustomed to; even more, the human life is almost unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens; it is only known that in those little dusts lost in space, which many call planets there is a living life; and they know that in a given instant, there shall remain no trace of what a world was; this was written: The Earth shall pass but my divine Words shall not pass; for the divine Words of: Let there be light, and the light was done; still continues producing worlds and suns; in such a quantity as the mind may imagine; the divine telepathic drawing teaches that the divine Lamb of God is of a solar origin; it has got its own living philosophy; it has got its own Holy expansive Trinity; before the planet Earth emerged to life the divine Lamb of God had already been born again on other planets; its divine reign neither has nor shall it have any limit; the Holy living Trinity multiplies and expands in its own thinking children, the divine inheritance; all of you have got a portion of electricity in your bodies; that electricity corresponds in its evolutional measurement to a microscopic part of the Holy expansive trinity; you are microscopic suns, but so microscopic that you do not shine yet; flesh still predominates on you; with its sequels of passions; in order to be able to shine one has to be born again; the spirit has to go through successive bodies of flesh; arriving to a given instant in which the spiritual brilliance overcomes the tangibility of the flesh; that is why it was written: Weak is the flesh; it means that knowledge becomes as brilliant as a sun; nullifying the flesh; and it means that every knowledge becomes a brilliant physical body; this divine process has been fulfilled by all the suns of the universe; they were little, as a creature of flesh is, to become big in the Kingdom of Heavens; they were creatures of flesh in colossal worlds that do not exist anymore; the suns altogether constitute the divine Universal Knowledge; called Holy Trinity; that is how the divine Moses shined in Glory and Majesty; solar fluids emanated from his face; his face was a divine sun; with the difference that from that brilliance came out a divine magnetic power; which was controlled by his own mind; this divine power has been one of the greatest marvels that any mind has possessed; with this mental power Moses opened the waters; he turned the river into blood; and made many divine signs of the infinite power of the divine Father Jehovah; the silver ships have a lot to do with these divine powers; they have also got sublime missions; in their own laws; as every flesh prophet has got; nobody can become a prophet if he does not have his own spiritual powers; the divine Eternal Father makes use of them to make the worlds advance; the divine means that He makes use of is the same in all epochs; one should not forget that when every spirit leaves the Earth, they pass to the Celestial World; another time passes by in there; it is not the material time of the Earth; it is the Celestial Time; in which one terrestrial century corresponds to one celestial second; therefore, each epoch that goes by on Earth, is just an instant in the Kingdom of Heavens; this example is valid when every human spirit has lived according to the divine mandate; which says: Thou shalt adore thy Lord above everything; above every wealth; above yourself; this means that according to my divine mandate, no terrestrial child can enter the Kingdom of Heavens; for everybody has made use of money; this philosophy had been warned to the world; from many centuries in advance: Thou shalt not eat from the tree of the science of material good; for it is temporary; nurture yourself from what costs; from what costs an effort, and a merit is attained afterwards; thou shalt eat bread on the sweat of thy face; which is equivalent to a life of honest work; the divine Father Jehovah did not say: Exploit thy brother; He did not say: Become rich; he did not say: Create rich and poor; He verily did not say so; what the divine Father wanted to say was: Govern thyself according to thy conscience; make every humble the first one; the other warning says: It is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a rich to the Kingdom of Heavens; the other warning: May the left be aware of the immoralities of the right; the left is the people; it is the son of man; the son of work; and the right are the corrupted ones; who believe that with money they will buy the resurrection of the flesh; Dreamers! The persistence on something invented by the human mind becomes a spiritual arrogance when that human invention does not take the supreme mandate into consideration; it has happened in other worlds; in such a degree that those worlds have been erased from space; that is why it was divinely written: Many are called to try the human philosophy; and a few are the chosen ones who shall enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the divine inheritance leads every spirit to become a brilliant sun of wisdom; nobody is less in this divine law; the Kingdom of Heavens is the maximum Glory that a microscopic little creature can aspire to; he came out of there; but to return there he must come back clean; he should not bring demonic influences; as wealth is; which teaches to own something that only lasts a chimera on Earth; not a single cent is taken by the spirit when he returns to the place where he came out of momentarily; on the contrary, he must render account of the time used on Earth; second by second; from the moment he was born to life until he was called from Heaven; greatness is never represented by wealth; every wealth is a waste of time for the spirit; everybody curses it; when they have left life; for wealth closes the Heaven’s doors on them; it was written: One cannot serve two masters; whether one serves wealth or one serves the Master; if the creature made use of wealth knowing what comes after it, that creature has already received his award; he does not have a divine addition; he cannot enter the divine Glory; he exalted himself on Earth and belittled himself in the Kingdom of Heavens; the divine philosophy of the divine Lamb of God lies on the infinite alliances of infinite cherubs; which each molecule of flesh and of spirit is composed of; the divine Lamb of God represents the only philosophy that shall remain on Earth; it is the only cause by which infinite spirits requested the trials of the human life; it is the product of a model life, which has fulfilled the divine Commandments; without having violated a single microscopic part of it; it is the proper philosophy of a child; a child’s philosophy is the closest to the angelical philosophy; they are of a cleaner heart; they are neither compromised nor corrupted in their customs; they are the only ones who the science of good has not rotten; all the other philosophies that were created by the human mind shall disappear; they shall not enter the new World; for the demon has never entered the Kingdom of Heavens; the child-spirits know this in the Kingdom of Heavens; the great spiritual guides teach them; since eternities before; unprecedented multitudes observe in wonder the colossal screens of the solar television; they see on them the universal television; the one that has no beginning, and has no end; on it one can see the worlds that have existed and will exist; one can see strange worlds; worlds in galactic wars; in other words, there one can see all the ideas of every creature that has been born, in the Thinking Expansive Universe; ideas which as the eternal time passes by, have become colossal worlds; there the child-spirits see the birth, development and agony of the worlds; they see all the divine process of how a microscopic idea, materializes itself into a planet; they see marvelous planetary stories; which many times are transmitted from world to world; from there more than some inspirational geniuses emerge; keeping in their minds a vague and divine idea of what was seen in the Kingdom of Heavens; the future doctrines come out of there; the ones that transform the customs on the planets; the ones that the prophets take to a determined world; there the first-born sons get the inspiration and study divine plans; everybody wants a mission on very remote planets; of all the galactic categories; of infinite forms of life; among them are the worlds of flesh; which the microscopic planet Earth belongs to; planets known as dust; it was there where the divine First-born solar Christ requested the Eternal Father Jehovah to come to the planet Earth to teach a new Law of Love; to teach the divine Doctrine of the divine Lamb of God; he did not come to teach the use of force; for force had already fulfilled the mandate; it had already been trialed on the planet; it had already fulfilled its own evolution in the human creature; Christ brought to the world a new Form of Living; which the damned kings of the brutal era into which the Earth arrived, did not like; these old, wicked demons saw their damned privileges in danger; that is why they intrigued and killed the First-born solar Son; it happened what is still happening on Earth: the modern rich are the same spirits from the beginning of the Earth; these demons of the excessive ambition, also kill; just as it is happening in your own country; these damned ones do not know that in the own pen is the divine justice; crying and gnashing of teeth await them; knowing by moral instruction that the humble are first before the divine Father Jehovah; they should have been the first ones to govern the world; for they are first in the Kingdom of Heavens.-