Yes children; one is born searching for the truth; it is initiated for the world of knowledge, the Revelation awaited for centuries and centuries; your Creator makes use of living Doctrines to make the worlds advance; in the past He sent you the Mosaic Law; then came the Christian Doctrine; the third one, which is being initiated, is the Doctrine of the Lamb of God; this Doctrine will also be called Celestial Science; its origin lies on the same elements of nature; the Telepathic Scripture is the means of communication which the Creator of the Universe makes use of; it has always been like that; in the past the doctrines of the prophets were received by telepathy; because everything has an origin and a cause of being; the Doctrine of the Lamb of God has no ending; because the Universe does not have it; and for the same reason it will be spread all over the Earth; it will be translated to all the languages of the world; its influence will be such that it will make the exploitative materialism fall; because a new Morality is coming to the world; the Morality pertaining to the Millennium of Peace; The Doctrines of the Eternal Father always transform the worlds; just as it happened in the past of the Earth; the New Revelation was requested by the present human spirits; and it was granted to you; every instant lived in your existences, was requested and was granted to you; the New Revelation is the continuation of the Holy Scriptures; one thing is being studious of the Scriptures, and another being religious; the first one is eternal because your spirit always searches for its own origin; the second one is the commerce of the faith; the religions are the first ones to be accused before the world; in the Doctrine of the Lamb of God; the so called religions in their human morality have divided the world of faith; they have no right to do such a thing; they have forgotten that there is just one God only; just one sole truth; only satan divides himself; the religious spirits are the same pharisees of the Roman era; they requested the Creator to be born again to mend errors from the past; and the trial was conceded to them; do not forget all religious people of the world, that every spirit is put on trial in the destiny that he chose; you spirits of the rock did the same thing in remote worlds; you divided other flocks; you left spiritual confusion in other creatures; you filled many planets with material temples; and you did it again on the Earth; that is why you will be the first ones to be judged; you by violating the law become the same anti-Christ; and every violator of the Commandments, in fact is so; you say the holy mother church; I say to you that nobody in this world is holy or saint; the real humility does not need titles which are unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens; even your microscopic planet is so; only the Father and certain prophets know the planet-dust called Earth; the cause of it is that the living Universe of Father Jehovah has no end; and whosoever thinks of being big, he is not; for you was written the word prostitute; because you trade with my divine Law; blinds leading other blinds; who transmit your errors to other blinds; when the New Doctrine spreads, your rock of spiritual selfishness will be divided; the word rock does not symbolize the eternity of anything; the Earth is relative and not eternal; you believe that your church is eternal; the events that will come will get you out of this error; only the humble at heart, have eternity achieved; not those who teach morality within immorality; when my First-Born Son said in the past of the Earth: Upon this rock I shall build my Church, he said so by seeing the Future of humanity; for the Solar Trinity is everywhere; it is also in the living times: Past, Present, and Future; and what did he see? He saw all your violations; he saw how you persecuted innocent creatures; because they did not share your ideas; he saw how you sent them to the stakes; he saw how you persecuted great studious and writers; just because they made you see the error; he saw how you crowned terrestrial kings; knowing your selfish rock, that there is only one King of kings; the divine Father; the One Who gives and takes life away; the title of King is of the celestial world; the demon is called spirit-king; the Commandments do not teach to become kings; they mandate to be humble above everything; he saw how you blessed the arms with which the Father’s children kill each other; knowing you demons, that the divine Commandment says: Thou shalt not kill; he saw the commerce of faith; and he saw every immorality in your spirits; it would have been better for you not to have requested to be born again before falling into violation again; your religions are unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens; and every morality that pretends to divide the faith of the Father’s children is unknown; the only temple known in the Kingdom is the Temple of Work; work is the oldest mandate that exists; before your microscopic planet was born, work was and is practiced in colossal worlds; the temple of work is never reduced to dust; your material temples do get reduced to dust; and with it the material adoration on this planet disappears; an adoration which should have never been taught; because of this adoration which lies in hypocrisy, you have delayed the world’s advance in twenty centuries; in their moral and spiritual plane.-

Alfa y Omega, Mensaje Telepático del Padre Eterno

Yes little son; this heavenly drawing shows that every justice comes out in the same way as the beings are reproduced; all the human spirits saw this justice in the Kingdom of Heavens; for everybody was given their own justice to be seen; everything exists in the Kingdom of Heavens; nobody comes blind to this world as far as spirituality is concerned; justice adjusts to your actions; because each one promised to make their own heaven; justice has its law in the living Commandments; which is the same rod with which you will be measured; each of your ideas has an intention; and every intention becomes physical and living in the Kingdom; the intention is judged when the spirit has committed violation with it; the human body is a product of magnetic laws; yielded from the Macrocosm, and called divine laws; whosoever denies being divine in what is microscopic which one represents, denies the Father; Who wants the best for His children; and whosoever denies the Father, denies his own eternity; because in infinite heavens they read their minds; and when those heavenly creatures read in the spirits, they do so by judging; whosoever denies the Father, the living Heavens also deny them the entrance; whatever you do down below has a repercussion up above; and wherever your spirit goes, the Law is the same; my mandates are the same up above as well as down below; what changes is the philosophy which is lived for an instant; your justice is and shall be spiritual; what is material does not remain in your salt of life; in your knowledge; the unique reality for every spirit is the eternity which it lives; it is not the ephemeral; which it felt when it had a physical body; a body of flesh which it requested; and it was conceded to him/ her; conceding a physical body is not like conceding anything; the body is living which momentarily requested such physical geometry too; and it was conceded; the inheritance is the same for everyone; matter and spirit have the same rights; both request; spiritual and material laws are merged; known in the Kingdom of Heavens, as the Ark of Covenants; for the materialization of a spirit is not done at random; it is done with responsibility; to say the opposite is to despise oneself; and whosoever despises himself, despises the Father; Who is found in him; Were you not taught that your Creator is everywhere? In what is imaginable and unimaginable? Verily you know it by mouth; but, not by your own knowledge; by your own effort; in the sweat of your face; by your own merit; he who seeks shall find; because he is awarded to the degree he used in the greatest search; because you can search for many things in your existences; and if you do not search for the Father Who gave life to you, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the ungrateful have never entered; only the humble; those who bore their own trials in life; because they were trials requested by themselves, in the Kingdom; every trial that one goes through in life at each instant, at each second, was requested; and it was granted to you; even the way and characteristics of your deaths, you did request; and within your trials you requested to fulfill the highest morality; the only one; because without it you will never enter the Kingdom of Heavens; and you requested that such morality were taught on Earth; and the divine Commandments were conceded to you; they are the Rod; for by them you shall be judged; and so shall it be up to the consummation of this planet; the human spirits could never study Me, as well; but, not living in the morality of my Commandments, that is darkness; because you would never enter where the Father is; it is so unprecedented the time you would be away from the light, that you would have to be born again to read the number; what is not in your microscopic evolution; the justice you requested starts with the most microscopic thing that your mind can conceive; so it was, because the tiniest, the humble, are first in everything; first in the Kingdom of Heavens and its divine Justice; and first before the divine Father Jehovah; and the most microscopic thing that your mind can conceive, are your ideas; the same ones that you generate daily; the same ones you requested in the Kingdom; the same ones you feel but do not see; all your ideas travel physically to the space; they have the same rights as you do; you requested to be born in the matter; they did so too; you requested to live in a time and space; your ideas, did so too; what is up above is the same as down below; the inheritance of requests are the same in everybody; gigantic beings request and microscopic beings request; the living matter requests and the living nothingness requests; and everything is granted by the Father; because He is infinite; your ideas travel in space, unprecedented distances; distances you will never calculate; only the Father knows; your ideas are known in the Kingdom, as Galactic Seed; for from them your worlds are born from your own heaven; it was written in my Free Will: Each one makes his own heaven; because all of you have in a microscopic form, the Father’s inheritance; whatsoever the Father has, the children have; just as it happens with the terrestrial parents; their hereditary characteristics are transmitted to the offspring; what is up above is the same as down below; the inheritance your Father gave you was of innocence and lacking of philosophy; because it is your free will which chooses; and all what you have been is your own merit; because everything is attained in the sweat of one’s face; with spiritual effort; there is nothing in the Father’s Creation, that does not cost; everything costs and will cost; since without each one’s spiritual merit, one cannot enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the comforts of your world are worth nothing in Heaven; every comfort already enjoyed in the world is an award already enjoyed; and it is because of this that was written: And they obtained their reward; all material enjoyment is of no merit in Heaven; and least of all when such enjoyments are the product of a philosophy which did not take the Father’s Commandments into account at all; such philosophy has its days numbered; because the Creator gives and takes away; your materialistic philosophy will be cut in its expansion; since everything has its time; because everything is relative to the Father’s Commandments; a relativity that you yourselves requested in your trials of life; the fall of your own life system is the fall of your own yoke; it will be the greatest event for the humble; the exploited and the despised; since all are equal before God; nobody was born rich nor nobody was born poor; such situation was created by the ambitious spirits; those who only live just one present; the most backward spirits in their evolution; with this ephemeral way of thinking before eternity, they have done nothing but subjugate the world; all these demons will be judged by the world itself; because nobody wants the condemnation of his soul; the Light of the Doctrine of the Lamb of God will transform the world; for thus it is written in the Kingdom of Heavens; the world Earth has done the contrary to what it was mandated; throughout the centuries my divine mandate has been telling them that the humble are the first; in all order of things; And what have you done with the heavenly Mandate? Do my humble govern the world, since they are the first in everything? Verily not; because I see that every humble is despised; they cannot be part of that immorality that you call high society; And with what right have you created such a society? Is it by any chance in my Scriptures? Verily I say unto you demons of vanity, that every philosophical tree that the Creator did not plant, will be pulled out from its roots; that is how every living evolution is; And who created you and made you kings? Do you not know that only the Father is King of kings? And the title King is not from this world; it belongs to the Heavenly World; Satan is called spirit-king; the divine Commandments teach to be humble above everything; they do no teach to make oneself king; I verily say unto you demons of the damned nobility, that none of you shall enter the Kingdom of Heavens; and along with you, neither shall your children up to the third generation enter; because in the Living Universe of Father Jehovah, every inheritance is transmitted; nobody should have been vain not even a microscopic second of time; because one second or less of violation is enough for you not to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; damned kings of the world; the innocence of your offspring shall curse you; for because of you, they shall not enter the Kingdom; and along with them, every man or woman who served you in your damned philosophy; not a single demon called noble will enter the Kingdom; because in the Kingdom only the merit of Work is known; the Universal Philosophy; the one that every humble and every honest being requested; those who were and are kings on the Earth, were and are deluded spirits in vanity; they have in their spirits, the galactic influence of other existences; existences where everything was material brightness and nothing of intellectuality; a salt of life proper of darkness; and there is no demon that has not been a king in some world; this philosophy is headed by the own satan; from the right instant in which he rebelled; and all the legion which rebelled along with him; all the human spirits who requested to have a flock, a nation, with a king as a head, belong to the legion of satan; for all of you came out of Heaven; and even the demon came out of there; being in Heaven, the spirits acquire customs of other creatures; just as it happens among you; for what is up above is the same as down below; satan’s imitators are distributed among the religious, rich, kings and the damned ones who create philosophies of force; but, no demon shall remain; the living Word of the divine Father, purifies everything; transforms everything; just as He transformed the old world with the Mosaic Law; and afterwards with the Christian Doctrine; now He does it with the Doctrine of the Lamb of God; and nothing easier for the Creator of the Universe, than transforming the worlds of flesh, with his living Word; the same Word that just some heavenly instants ago said: Let there be Light and there was Light; the same Word that created every Holy Scripture; the same Word that gave you the Commandments; and the same Word that judges you by intellectuality first, and then by physical laws; because every spirit requested it that way; they requested to be trialed in the own Final Judgment; as they requested to be trialed in every instant of life; beginning with the difficulties in interpreting my Scriptures; everything absolutely everything was requested by you; even the most minimal details of the Science of the Lamb of God; this gives you an idea that even what is invisible to you is controlled from the Kingdom of Heavens; your unknown sensations; justice is for your thinking; your ideas; your intentions; thus you yourselves requested it in the Kingdom; and you also requested the oblivion you have of your origin; the way and the details of how you were created; but, you shall know everything; because you asked to know on Earth, the Light of the Lamb of God; you requested to be consoled in the knowledge; you requested a New Doctrine; and you asked the surprise in the arrival of this Doctrine; the Doctrine of the Lamb of God, it should have already been known a long time ago; the incredulity and the materialism of the religious rock, hid the truth from you; they have Scrolls of the Lamb; the first Scrolls were put in their hands; because they were trialed; every spirit is trialed; these demons who teach a faith which not even them believe, requested to be the first ones to have the knowledge of the truth; and it was granted to them; why they hid the truth is due to having cultivated a selfish rock in their hearts; they are the least believers; they are influenced by the laws of material adoration; a pharaonic inheritance; which leads to exalt the person; verily I say unto you demons of adoration, that not a single false being of my Word, shall enter the Kingdom of Heavens; not a single selfish rock shall enter; you shall be damned by this generation and the ones to come; because of you demons, this humanity shall not enter the Kingdom; because all the seconds of life gone by were living time in violation; just one second or less of any type of violation is enough for not entering the Kingdom of Heavens; and when you hid the truth from the world, you drifted this humanity more apart from the Kingdom; because you perpetuated the error more; the number of seconds lived in error is much bigger; each second of violation is a heaven which is closed to the creature; all of you must add up the seconds which a minute has, an hour, a day, a week, a year, and the number of seconds of the years you have lived; and every calculation must be done from the age of twelve years; before that age, every spirit is innocent before God; and all those who has mistreated by act or word for one second or less, one of my innocents, they shall not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; because they in other existences complained in the Kingdom when they, being innocent, were mistreated; it is because of it that it was written: Do not do to others, what you would not like them to do to you; for that reason neither a bad father nor a mother or stepfather or stepmother or a person in charge who took care of children, shall not enter my Kingdom; their destinies are subjected to the justice of my innocent; because every little one is big in the Kingdom of Heavens; Were you not taught that every humble is first before the Father? This means that everything microscopic is first in Father Jehovah’s Justice; therefore, your spirit is not first in the Kingdom; first are all those who your spirit despised on Earth; your spirits cannot ask to be first; because you were mandated to be humble above all things; the last one is always humble; he disregards any importance to himself; I verily say unto you that all those who regarded themselves as being important in life, shall not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; even if that improper importance had lasted one second or less than one second; and every nasty-minded who had done it in the same amount of time, does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the fall of this humanity is due to the false and mundane concept, which was instilled in you by the false morality of the religious rock; this prostitute who for centuries and centuries has traded with the faith, has done things according to her temporary interests; she did not take the humble into account; the humble does not surround himself with luxury; he does not falsify himself; because every humble has passed through what the seekers of splendor are passing; every materialist is a backward spirit; who builds up his hopes towards a microscopic present; even more, they are ignorant of the laws of the spirit; such is the characteristic of the so-called Popes; heads of the prostitute; these creatures are unknown in the Kingdom; because no one has entered; only the humble beings and the modest beings enter; and every religion is also unknown; and even your planet-dust is so; this is due to infinite laws; one of them is that the Universe is infinite; so infinite that every fantasy becomes a reality; the other law is that each one makes his own Heaven; and it is that way how the so called Popes and their followers, who cherished a philosophy of materialistic adoration, created their own worlds with such philosophy; because every world is surrounded by a heaven; and each one makes his own heaven; the materialistic adoration is not a tree planted by the divine Father; and it is not known in the Kingdom; as it is not known any doctrine or science or sect, that has not taken my humble into account; because I verily say unto you, that this planet should have been governed by the humble, because they are the first in the Kingdom; they are first up above, and must be so down below; and all the contrary has been done; this world is governed by those who did not ask for it in the Kingdom; the spirits of darkness govern you; because in their positions, they do not do it in the name of the Light; they do not mention Me in their speeches; their aim is not the Creator; it is the ephemeral; that which only lasts a sigh before eternity; I read their minds; I see their calculations; because I am everywhere; I see that they themselves build up their worlds of darkness; I verily say unto you proud and vain leaders, that none of you shall remain; and nobody who did not take my mandates into account shall remain; if the humble had governed the world from the beginning, I assure you that this world would not have any need of judgment; it is the violators who create the judgments; not a single violator shall enter the Father’s Kingdom; the law is in you yourselves; it has always been like that; you just need to think and you are creating your judgment; matter and spirit think in their respective laws; because nobody is disinherited; everybody has the same rights; nobody is less before the Father; these rights are manifested in all imaginable forms; every form you see in the world that you asked for, you witnessed the request of them; because before coming to the planetary dwellings, covenants with the elements of the future nature are previously done; and everything that your eyes have seen, during your existence, was requested by you in divine Covenants; that is why in the living Universe of Father Jehovah, matter and spirit have the right to ask for justice; matter and spirit have free will; being independent one from another; if it was not like that, there would not be perfection in justice; there would not be any equilibrium in each one’s rights; the Father’s Justice being only one, is manifested in infinite forms; because nothing in Him has a limitation; every justice is born from the same acts done by the creature; it  is the salt of life, which gives form to its justice; the salt of life is the same knowledge learnt in one existence; and in virtue of their free will the spirits do not advance with the same pace in the achievement of knowledge; some are first and then others; this law explains the physical inequality among you; each knowledge or acquired salt of life is perpetuated in you; but, everything is relative in an infinite degree; you create the attribute and the quality of your living relativities yourselves; the attribute is given to you the philosophy of your thinking; and the quality by your spiritual hierarchy in the Kingdom of Heavens; the greatest quality is attained with humility; followed by joy and work; behold the complement of Heavenly Communism in the Kingdom of God; a Heavenly Communism, with the philosophy of a child; he who did not cultivate joy during his life, does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; not a single idiotic in character shall enter; even if the idiocy or anger might have lasted one second or less; all of you promised in the Kingdom of Heavens to be joyful in life; imitating Heaven itself; you promised to be joyful under any circumstances; you did not ask to be idiotic of character; because you knew that it is unknown in the Kingdom; and you knew that by being idiotic, you would not enter in there; if in your existences you got angry repeatedly, it is because of the unfair life system that men chose; and the creators of such system shall pay for them in this judgment; because thus they requested it; and thus shall it be conceded to them; regarding the demons who created the exploitative capitalism, the full weight of the divine Justice shall fall on them; these demons of ambition and predominance promised the Eternal Father to exalt His divine Law in this world; not to become their own executors; because this life system, whose product is the science of good and comfort, is the yoke of this world; a yoke which is arriving to its end; for the beginning of the new times has arrived; New World with New Time; New Morality with New Destiny; Were you not taught that the Creator renews everything? The Final Judgment is initiated with the Doctrine of the Lamb of God; a painful ending; because every violation of the Father’s Law only causes pain; just as you have experienced injustice in your lives; injustice which was born from a life system which was not created by the divine Father; and which is unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens.-