Yes son; we shall talk about a subject that constitutes one of the mysteries in the human knowledge; in all the human epochs, man has tried to penetrate magnetism; without which no spirit would exist, nor any world of any category of life; magnetism comes from the own suns; and it has a hierarchy according to the power of unifying molecules; the worlds coming out of the same cause are not the same among them; like the creatures; they are of the same world but do not think alike; it is the case of the Earth; its cause is in the magnetism; every magnetism is an inheritance of another; Magnetism means the Older in the Spirit; in the Kingdom of Heavens; the Father has the oldest magnetism; and after Him infinite magnetic hierarchies follow; whose number shall never be calculated by any mind; only the Father knows; as He knows the name of all the worlds and suns; of those that are, have been, and shall be; magnetism is the Alpha and Omega of the thinking Expansive Universe; nothing exists without it; even more, if the material universe did not exist, magnetism would create other universes; as it presently occurs; the variety of universes that the living magnetism creates is infinite; one only has to think that from each idea emanated by the creatures, a new magnetism is born with it; magnetism is born from a microscopic and invisible idea; it goes through divine processes which the silver ships carry out; the ones that you terrestrials know as flying saucers; for they are also magnetic hierarchies; their own elevated power of magnetism makes them materialize into eternal ships; there are infinite kinds of silver ships; according to their magnetic hierarchies; or also, what is more common, according to their solar hierarchies; the origin of magnetism cannot be explained without mentioning these marvelous ships; because of them, you are living; they were the ones that guided the Earth through many heavens; when it was just coming out of the suns Alpha and Omega; it was a baby in a form of a microscopic orange sparklet; which brought in itself all the germs of all the living creatures; it was a present in an expansive embryo; it was a future planet; the same as any mother of the Earth; that once her ovule was fertilized, brought in it, all the inheritance and the form of its future son; magnetism is expressed in infinite forms; its divine cause is the same; relative up above as well as down below; it exists up above and down below, as long as the Earth exists; when the Earth disappears, the concept up above and down below disappears.- 

Yes little son; so it is; magnetism is of a solar origin; the Earth came out of the sun Alpha of the galaxy Trino; and all the suns and worlds that surround the Earth, are also from the galaxy Trino; the human creature shall never get to the birth of his own galaxy; nor to the infinite limit that it has; there is no fixed limit in any galaxy; for all of them belong to the Thinking Expansive Universe; which does not stop at any instant in the eternity; even if the human creature was born again, he would never get to the point of birth of her own galaxy; he should only be content of evolving; and pass from world to world; for the way of perfection consists in creating new worlds; the own invisible ideas are the seeds of future and colossal worlds; a divine term of limits of a world; which disappears before the infinite size of other planets; and all the Thinking Expansive Universe disappears before the grandeur of the divine Father; for every idea has come out of Him; and all of them return to Him; magnetism being universal, is not the same in its constitution; magnetism is according to the evolution; having come out of the same cause, which are the suns, it has matured parallel to the worlds and suns; the human creature should not forget, that all the Universe is living; nothing is inert to the divine Eternal Father; what one believes to be dead, lifeless, has a much older life than the own human race; magnetism has a living electricity; what is of Heavens is the same as what is of the Earth; as far as its origin is concerned; the difference is in the own magnetism’s creative power; the so-called force on Earth, is not the same in the Kingdom of Heavens; in the Kingdom of Heavens, force is a creative power, it is a power that is demonstrated by creating worlds, at the velocity of a lightning; one who has the highest spiritual hierarchy, that one has the greatest magnetic power to create matter; but nobody is greater than the divine Father Jehovah; for everyone has come out of Him; the divine spiritual hierarchies are infinite; and the highest of all after the divine Father, is that of the divine First-born Sons; this divine Revelation shall shudder the world of knowledge; for the world has only known one sole Christ; the world does right; for the Most Holy Trinity, is also expansive as the Universe itself; when an invisible microbe is born, its Most Holy Trinity is there; as a colossal world is born likewise; its Most Holy Trinity is there too; nothing that exists stops from having it; the divine inheritance is in everybody; magnetism is the Alpha and Omega of the Thinking Expansive Universe; by means of magnetism, the Most Holy Trinity is everywhere; the divine spiritual hierarchies are intelligences of the Universe, which identify themselves among them; every living creature, whoever it is, has his divine spiritual hierarchy; even the wrongly named animals; they are in general, spiritual hierarchies, more elevated than the own human being; this is possible because of the humility and innocence that these creatures have; it was written so many centuries ago that the humble are first in the Kingdom of Heavens; the so-called animals that millions and millions of human creatures despise, and even ridicule, are also my children; they are of the same flesh as the little human monkeys; and one who has despised or made fun of one of my humble children, he has made fun of the divine Father; for the divine Father is everywhere; I am also in the mind of the animals; the so-called animals, because of the human pride and arrogance, are all saved; the Kingdom of Heavens is theirs; they occupy the number 2; after the number 1; which is the Father; this knowledge applies from the so-called Christianity; for from that instant the terrestrial humanity knew that all the living beings are equal before the divine Father; the generations of the old world, have already got their award; they were trialed in their own philosophies; their divine justice was in the Old Testament; the Old Testament was written for them; for the customs in their trials were very different to the so-called contemporary world; the so-called modern world has the New Testament; which was initiated with the divine arrival of the Solar First-born Son to Earth; a creature can forget all the testaments; all the parables; all the moralistic examples; but never shall he forget the divine Commandments; one who has violated just one of them, that one does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the Ten Commandments represent the greatest moral potency in the worlds of flesh; this divine law has been being fulfilled since eternities before; when the galaxy Trino had not been born yet; which contains infinite worlds of flesh; the divine truth is expressed in mandates; these divine mandates are way before the respective planet was born; Yes, each world or planet has a destiny, just as a creature does; the Destiny of the destinies is in the Kingdom of Heavens; for destiny is a living and magnetic intelligence; nobody lives without a destiny; the divine law is also a divine destiny; in the celestial magnetism lies the explanation of everything that exists; only the divine magnetism constitutes the only living eternity; the divine magnetism penetrates the material world; this is carried out by the own ideas; which are emanated by each creature on their way through the material planets; each one makes his own Heaven; according to their deeds; according to their ideas; magnetism is invisible, as the own idea is; and there is no idea without a magnetism; nor magnetism without an idea; this means that everything turns to be everything; that the spiritual experience is only one; with different and infinite free wills; when a spirit comes to a world, he is shown different destinies, which infinite spirits went through already; these scenes have been seen by all the human beings; on the marvelous solar television; which is the divine universal television; everybody comes to the world with a knowledge of cause; this cause remains registered in infinite solar televisions; this means that every spirit can be judged in any point of the space; the divine Father is everywhere; in spite of that, all the spirits go back to the same point where they momentarily came from; this place, regardless how infinite it is, disappears before the infinity itself; it gets lost like a microscopic dust; that is why it was written: From dust you are and to dust you shall return; the spirit comes back; the living being, who for some instants got into a covenant with a microscopic body of flesh; who coexisted with a flesh cover; to trial, experiment and learn a new form of life; which neither is the only one nor shall it ever be; for one has to be born again, in new bodies; and new worlds; to get closer to the Kingdom of God; magnetism is what gets every living creature closer to the divine Father; to attain a greater magnetism, each creature has to gain it; he must advance in knowledge; wealth does not give creative magnetism; on the contrary; it was written that it was more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a rich to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; this is because being the virtues of each spirit living creatures, magnetic and thinking creatures, the rich did not make them advance, according to the divine Commandments; a rich’s virtues only know the philosophy of wealth; which is unknown in the Kingdom of Heavens; for wealth is not knowledge for eternity; it is of the world; and every mundane thing does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; even the most ignorant can be rich; wealth is a philosophy that every spirit curses; after he has known it on Earth; among this multitude of spirits are the so-called kings of the Earth; those who were tycoons; and all sorts of exploitative demons; who with a spiritual dread, see that they shall never be able to enter the eternal Glory; they see that their own spiritual magnetism is charged with darkness; of microscopic creatures that ask for justice; these creatures are the divine virtues; which according to what was written, are great in the Kingdom of Heavens; and as such, they judge the demoniac spirit; for every humble shall judge every rich and powerful; in Heaven as well as on Earth; and this means that the materialism on Earth, shall be run over by the divine Lamb of God’s spirituality; this means: The humble are first; and they are first in such a degree that they will transform a world rotten in its own laws; for every temporary law, as the laws of materialism are, shall pass; but my divine Word shall not pass; the so-called exploitative materialism or capitalism; is one of the philosophical trees that the divine Father Jehovah did not plant; and it shall be pulled out from its roots; every accumulation of wealth is an excessive ambition; above all, in a world that only lasts a sigh in space; it is a world of trials, and every trial has its end; my divine Commandments mandate nobody to become rich; on the contrary, they teach moderation and humility; this should have conducted the world, many centuries ago, to the Patriarchal Government; to the Government of the Spiritual knowledge; to the Government of no predominance of one over the other; to one sole family; to one sole philosophy, the Holy Scriptures’; no any other one, for all the others shall pass; it was written: The Earth shall pass but my Words shall not pass; which means that the laws created by men, who have forgotten the first law, which is the divine law, the Holy Scriptures, none of them shall remain; the generations of the future shall remember the epochs of the exploitative materialism, as the worst yoke that the human progress has known; for it has made it fall behind for twenty centuries; in its moral and spiritual level; the human knowledge should know that a lot of geniuses have not wanted to come to the Earth; because of the reign of exploitation to which they are put under by some demons of ambition; it is in virtue of the free will that many luminaries from other worlds have not wanted to incarnate on Earth; every backwardness to every world is judged in the Kingdom of Heavens; therefore, powers of the Earth, do not try to dominate anybody; neither by deceit nor by force; it is written: He who kills by sword shall die by sword; which means that they are judged by the Angels of Light of the divine Father; they have swords of a blinding magnetism; compared to the magnetic rays of the silver ships; nobody that has debts can resist them; Sodom and Gomorrah were judged that way; microscopic cities of the old world; likewise shall be the damned demons who made of the damned wealth a damned reign; to the extreme of dividing the flock in rich and poor; only the demon divides; for that is how he causes trouble; the divine Word of the divine Father Jehovah, unifies the worlds; Yes little son; I know you are a little disturbed; I have gone off from the divine subject of magnetism; the reason for that is that every spiritual behavior, also becomes a magnetism; each act done in life becomes a magnetism; a magnetism that surrounds the physical body; man, a creature of flesh, cannot see it yet; which indicates that he is coming out from darkness; every ignorance in knowledge, is a degree of darkness; it is a part of each spirit’s experience; a spirit that has lived the experience knows more; even what comes off from darkness; a spirit that has not known the darkness of ignorance, is a more backward spirit; for he does not know; every darkness is momentary; and only what one learned from it remains; that is how one fulfills the divine parable that says: one has to be very little and humble, to become great in the Kingdom of Heavens; that is how the great living virtues started; from the Kingdom of Heavens; every human spirit is starting that way; and that is how all the infinite intelligences of the future shall start; the divine law does not know exception; except in the divine scales of every justice; that is why the divine Commandments mandate to be humble, above everything; without humility not even the greatest wise man enters the Kingdom of Heavens; not a single one has ever entered in the eternity of times; therefore, wise men of the world: Be humble; be honest in your own knowledge; for every knowledge is weighed in my divine dwelling; as every human experience; with no exception; from the very moment a human creature was born, the divine justice starts working; second after second; throughout the whole life; up to the last sigh; and the own sighs are also judged; each molecule; each fiber of flesh, likewise; each hair; each pore; each drop of blood; for to the divine Creator, everything is living; and everything claims for justice; so it is that every scandalous being is accused by his own flesh; which he exposed to the contemplation and malice of the world; each pore is a living creature; which in the Kingdom of Heavens becomes gigantic; so gigantic that it feels the own spirit with dread; and accuses the spirit; and asks for justice because of the backwardness that it was submitted to by the violating spirit; Yes terrestrial children; behold the main cause of your crying and gnashing of teeth; which was announced many centuries ago; for the divine Creator of Life, anticipates to every living future; before creatures and worlds are born, the divine Father Jehovah already knows what each one’s destiny shall be; nobody stops from having a destiny; whichever his life form is; whichever the world he belongs to is; the divine magnetism invades everything; whichever the world one belongs to, the divine magnetism invades everything; in the material world as well as in the spiritual world; the Celestial Science is the only one that can explain the laws of eternity; for the divine Word of Father Jehovah has no limit at all; in His creation the number does not exist; He is infinite in everything; therefore, this divine Science shall cover all the human knowledge; and it shall overpass it; which means that the divine justice is in it; no human science can achieve it; less can it give the desired eternity; for every terrestrial science shall pass; according to what was written many centuries ago: The Earth shall pass, but my Words shall not pass; he who has a mouth speak and he who has ears listen; it means that every creature that knows a divine Revelation, as the Celestial Science is, must make it known to everybody; for my laws are for everybody; all was created by means of them; to be silent about a divine Revelation is to run a great spiritual risk; every selfish one is accused in my divine dwelling; he is accused by the divine covenants that are formed by the divine intellectuality of every spirit; a spirit like that, falls into the sin of intellectual selfishness; therefore, every teaching that has been learnt one has to make it known; it should not be taken to the tomb; it benefits nobody; it is just a heavy load that costs a weeping and gnashing of teeth, in the divine Father’s dwelling; for each second of selfish silence is weighed in the divine solar scales; taking off infinite celestial points from one’s own addition.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-