Yes little son; I shall explain to you how the first molecule of the planet Earth was born; but before anything, I must tell you that the Earth is not unique; it has never been; before her there were one trillion of trillions of trillions of planets earths; this quantity is divinely calculated; when the Earth was just a divine solar sparklet; and it was still under the care of the divine Solar Mother Omega; just as you see it with your divine mind; what you see for the first time, is seen by the human eyes; we shall draw it for the world’s amazement; the number of worlds is not the same now; for each second gone by since the sparklet that was the Earth abandoned her Solar Mother Omega, she has increased herself in such a degree that it shall never be calculated by any child; only the divine Father Jehovah knows it; I have talked to you about a world from the flesh series; and about the human evolution; I have not mentioned to you the other categories of worlds; which being paradises do not belong to the Kingdom of Heavens; and without taking into consideration the worlds that have been and are not anymore; neither have I mentioned to you the gigantic worlds of the Macrocosm; they are of such colossal sizes that they would fill the human creatures with dread; if a ship from the Earth arrived in one of those worlds, it would be less than an ant in size; none of these gigantic beings would notice its arrival; They would not even notice having stepped on a microscopic ship that came from a microscopic galaxy; the divine Father has not allowed it; for if any terrestrial being saw one of these worlds, he would feel a terrible complex of inferiority; and the human creature would go crazy in dread; the heart would not resist the terrible impression of being a microbe for these creatures; and these gigantic creatures are microscopic in comparison to others; and these to others; and so on up to what the mind can imagine; the Earth is one of those worlds that are known by the name of dust; for the Earth being looked at from the Kingdom of Heavens, is like a little dust; for one has to augment her with the divine power in order to be seen; it was written: From dust you are and to dust you shall return; it means that either matter or spirit are judged just the same; both return to the same place where they came from; they return to the Kingdom of Heavens; where everything is gigantic; where nothing has any limits; where the divine sparklets succeed each other one after another; in such a quantity as the mind can imagine; the suns Alpha and Omega are still creating worlds and suns; and they shall do it forever and ever; I have only mentioned a couple of creative suns; I have not mentioned to you the infinite more, which also produce sparklets of other future planetary natures; there are suns of all the imaginable colors; and new and unknown creations are born at every instant; for the infinite variety reigns in the Thinking Expansive Universe; a variety that gives place to another variety.-

Yes little son; this celestial drawing shows how the first molecule was born; everything was initiated in the sun Alpha; and ended up in the sun Omega; the straight angle of 90º of the sun Alpha indicates infinite facts; the solar sparklet is expansive; and even on Earth, this development continues; the angle itself was an opening provoked in the own sun; infinite sparklets passed and still pass through it; which shall become infinite planets earths; the solar sparklet carried the first molecule of the Earth in itself; it was an infant molecule; it floated in a milky gas; it had the form of a microscopic triangle; it had its own time and space; so it is, that each molecule in particular has time and space of its own; besides the material time and space; the first molecule had expansive and magnetic properties; what changed the sparklet’s fire into a solid cortex were the changes of temperature; it was and still is a fall in temperature; the sparklet’s fire was divided in two directions; one fell into the most infinite degree; going through all the calorific scales; and from this fall of temperature the first molecule of water was born; therefore, the Earth and water were born from fire; both are a product of the temperature’s maturity; and the temperature is the product of a solar fire in infinite fall; here all the epochs that the Earth has had are explained; man with Adam and Eve as leaders, are recent; the human genre starts with them; but they are not unique; there is everything in the Lord’s flock; before Adam and Eve there were other creatures; which corresponded to other flocks; to other trials of life; to other spiritual hierarchies; to other divine plans of evolution; they were other dimensions; no creature is exclusive on the planets, all of them were very little and microscopic; to become big in the Kingdom of Heavens; no human being has seen the past of the Earth; the terrestrial science that studies it, does it in a microscopic degree; it does it in its dimension; and the human dimension is a sigh before the Earth’s geological past; the terrestrial science shall never calculate the kinds of life that there were on the Earth; there were races that were much superior to the present human race; superior in science; in knowledge; races that did not know money; they were of more evolutionary philosophies; the majority of the past races did not request in virtue of the free will to come to the Earth again; except those who had pending spiritual debts; and many of them saw that in a future of the Earth some demons would appear, who would create a terrible yoke; this yoke is money; the ambition of putting what is temporary; and they did not see the Earth again so to not to get corrupted with this demon; they did the right thing; for they still are in the Kingdom of Heavens; the history of the Earth is unknown, even to the wisest ones; this ignorance of their own planet is part of each human spirit’s trials of life; only the divine Revelation can give light; and the Celestial Science gives it as no human science shall ever do it; the divine Lamb of God is the infinite Knowledge; which goes back way before the present suns; before the worlds of flesh emerged to life; telling the story of a microscopic planet as the Earth is, is nothing less than remembering what the divine Lamb of God has already lived; a galactic antiquity, which gives it the Primogeniture before the divine Father; to be able to understand such an infinite wisdom, one has to be born again; and as a spirit of the Universe, to read and see on the solar televisions, which are scattered in the infinite suns; it would indeed be a marvelous experience, which would never end; the divine telepathy of this humble little worker of the Lord, shall be the marvel of the world; for there is no greater marvel than transforming a world with the Knowledge; behold the Greater in the Kingdom of Heavens; after the divine Father Jehovah; every great one in the Kingdom of Heavens is a living knowledge; he is the most capable after the divine Father, to create worlds and galaxies; the knowledge in the merit of each one, approaches him to this divine goal; the so-called wealth shall never become anything in the Kingdom of heavens; it is a philosophy that builds the creatures’ hopes up in the imperfect worlds; it is a pride proper of the backward spirits; when a world gets to get rid of this yoke, an unprecedented progress comes to this world; it is what is going to happen to the Earth; with the divine Revelation that the honorable Dalai-Lamas shall announce the world, the yoke of the exploitative capitalism shall fall; this yoke that for centuries and centuries keeps on whipping the spirits of the Lord, shall be pulled out from its roots; it shall be the last tussle of the demon on Earth; then the Millennium of Peace shall come; whose generations shall listen from the older ones a remote and sinister galactic story; about a demon called money; which devastated the planet for many centuries; this shall be after the resurrection of every innocent flesh; in the year 2001; in the remote Orient; Yes little son; so it is and so shall it be forever and ever; continuing with the celestial drawing, we see a silver ship; these ships come and go in all the suns; they participate in the eternal creation, in an infinite degree; they are the divine Gardeners of the Thinking Expansive Universe; their magnetic ships transport infinite solar sparklets; which are the galactic seed; they are the future seeds of future worlds; these silver ships, which the children of the Earth call flying saucers, have an unprecedented divine power; they fulfill solar laws; the construction of these ships shall be announced by the little Lamb of God; the silver ships always travel through dimensions; which means that they penetrate the heavens; the heavens are one inside the other; there is no unique heaven; the heavens are born from the invisible to the visible; and their number is infinite; the heavens have an infinite hierarchy; they are living and expansive universes; they do not have nor shall they ever have a limit; the heavens are of colors; of infinite colors; and within each color, there are hues and colors of twin heavens; there are great heavens and micro heavens; infant heavens, and adult heavens; there are dimensional and tridimensional heavens; and of all the geometrical forms that the mind can imagine; and there are new heavens being born at the same time; just as the spirit makes progress in proportion to time and space, which he uses in the worlds; thus the Thinking Expansive Universe also makes progress; the spirit is a living model; but before him there were models resembling God already; and those very remote models were not the first either; the first ones were those who now are immense creative suns; and they are of such size that the terrestrial sun is a little less than a microscopic yellow sparklet; and these are no more than other sparklets of multiple colors before other suns; and so on up to what the mind can imagine; this demonstrates that every limit in a geometric form of suns and worlds, does not exist; it only exists in its relative time; the living molecules, after belonging to a material world, are free to choose again; for they are magnetic forces in a free will; they pass from one world to another; acquiring experience in what is called material universe; and which they have heard talking so much about in the Kingdom of Heavens; it is like a child’s mind; in which the impossible becomes an infinite reality; there each virtue is great and glorious within its own laws; laws proper of the living virtue; there everyone rivals lovingly to please the divine Father Jehovah; one can see unprecedented carnivals of eternal fire; colossal suns move about in divine joy of celestial children; sadness is not known there; but they have lived it in remote worlds; many of which are not in space anymore; the Earth of the little monkeys of flesh, is unknown; for the number of worlds, being them of flesh or any other category of life, is infinite; and escapes from the own mental power of the great ones in the Kingdom of Heavens; only the divine Father knows it; and He knows it in all the instants of the times; in the precise instant, the divine Father knows about the worlds that are being born, of those that are in development, and of those that are in agony; even more, He knows of those that are to come, even when they have not been born yet; the divine magnetism of the Eternal Father; covers everything; His divine inheritance is in every idea; from which colossal worlds have come out; the universal magnetism, is the vehicle that unifies the worlds in their respective dimensions; the molecules multiply themselves, by the own magnetism; from the first molecule came out a first couple too; for molecules also have sex; within their own laws of molecules; they also have their Holy Scriptures; they also have their prophets; they also have their Revelations; they also have their Most Holy Trinity; they also have a Final Judgment; that is why they are great in the Kingdom of Heavens; each molecule has a predecessor; it has a molecular father and mother; and every element follows the same law separately; this means: No-one is disinherited; that no-one covers matter and spirit; after a world disappears from space, a spiritual fluid of the planet remains; this fluid is a strength that came out of the events that took place during the planet’s life; it is known as a register; and it is a real planetary television; in the Universe there are infinite records of infinite planets that existed, and which are no more; this record is apart from the one that each creature has in nature; the human spirit also has a living television; all the acts done during life remain recorded there through all eternity; besides, the spiritual record has other scenes that the spirit has had in other worlds of flesh; he has experience attained in other planets; in the year 2001, a year of resurrection of every flesh, the children shall see their own spiritual records; for the trials of the human life would have come to its end, for the spirits of the Earth; the children shall be the first; for they have not violated the divine law; as the so-called adults have; a child inspires more trustworthiness to the divine Father; for his spirit is freer; he does not have inclinations; he lives life as it should have been lived by millions and millions of adults; who have not known how to keep a child’s joy; despite the trials that the spirit underwent; one who gets to do it, enters the Kingdom of Heavens; despite being a sinner; joy is a divine innocence; before which all the other virtues bow; one who undergoes suffering with an eternal smile on the lips, undergoes suffering for the divine Father; for the divine Father is also in every joy; an infinite joy; for the Eternal Father is an Eternal Child; from His eternal joy the universes came out; which when arriving in the Kingdom of Heavens, praise the divine Creator all the same; in the middle of a joy that shall never be imitated in any world; there the virtues are in all their innocence; and what is seen there, can only be narrated by a Celestial Emissary; by the Lord’s Messenger; just as the divine First-born Son came to the Earth reincarnated in a humble son of a carpenter, thus once more, the Most Holy Trinity expresses itself in a humble little worker of the Lord; the coming of a new living Doctrine was already announced to the world, many centuries ago; the Solar First-born Son announced it: I shall send you a divine Comforter; which shall announce you the arrival of the divine truth; its appearance shall surprise the world; which shows that the world is in a state of forgetfulness of its own eternity; this surprise was also announced to you; it shall arrive like a burglar at night; surprising the world that has lived on a philosophy of illusion: to be rich; it is the major aspiration of almost all the human beings; even if by being so, one can be a violator of the divine Commandments; Poor creatures! They do not know what they are doing; and if they know it, even worse; it was written that it was more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than for a rich to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; therefore, may the left be careful of the temptations of the right; for the demons that form the right, tempt with their damned money; and all those who buy their brother’s conscience, they are buying the divine Father; for it is written that the Lord is everywhere; I am, therefore, in every mind of the Universe; woe betide those who let themselves be tempted by the demon of money; but those who deserve more pity, are the ones by whose causes there were tempters; I mean, little son, the inheritance received on the terrestrial parents’ part; the parents’ parents; every creature that came to the world should have found a united world; a world of common love; a world whose government would have been ruled by my divine Holy Scriptures; and not a world of poor and rich; the damned philosophy that provoked this, shall be judged; it shall be despised; none of its members shall carry the divine Lamb of Silver; for to be able to carry it, one has to be humble; and have the mind and conscience clean of every sin; and what bigger sin than scandalizing with my own law; which ordered that the humble are the first; here on Earth and there in the Kingdom of Heavens.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-