Yes little son; I know you are thinking about the Celestial Rolls, which are at the university; I have wanted it that way, for everything you promised to fulfill in the remote suns Alpha and Omega, be fulfilled; and I also want to trial your study brothers; I know that for the moment, they do not give any importance to the Telepathic Writing; it was written: Nobody is a prophet in his own land; but nothing is impossible to your divine Father Jehovah; things shall take place just as I have told you, many years ago; it will be the honorable Dalai-Lamas the ones who shall announce the world, the divine News; it was written that the divine Revelation would surprise the world; just as the surprise that a night burglar causes; in the divine truth nobody is exclusive; all of you are my children; but one who being first in seeing and hearing about the divine Revelation, and he does not give it any importance, that child is not first before the divine Father; he is not because of his own indifference; though he had an opportunity of being so; this is translated into a crying and gnashing of teeth; for the divine loving attraction between spirit and what is divine, is the most fascinating experience for the human feeling; everybody wants to be saved; but almost nobody conquers his own salvation; only when they see, they believe; if they do not see, it is worthless to find out; they add up to millions in your world; the destiny of these spirits are the worlds of indifference; a sad philosophy; which does not allow one to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; there, only the humble enter; who in the silence of their own sufferings, always smiled; who having lived a whole life of exploitation, were joyful; there was never a complaint; they were just as the children are; I shall now explain to you the divine origin of the Solar Number: Every number is before every world; which means that every number is first, a feeling; and before being a feeling, it is a divine mandate, in a solar suspension; which means that it waits in its free will; this wait could be eternal; for it deals in itself, in celestial time; every number has a divine record; which goes back to remote galaxies; every number is a living philosophy; every number is before the creature that thinks it; every numeral calculation is a divine instantaneous covenant of numeral cherubs; every number is first in life; for without the number there would not be life; for life is a divine calculation of other lives, and other numbers; and both are a product of the divine Ball of Living Fire; all the causes are there; the known ones and the unknown ones; trying to penetrate yonder the respective galactic number, is like trying to penetrate, in the divine free will of the divine Father Jehovah; every planetary knowledge, has got its limit; it is subject to its own hierarchy; it cannot go any yonder, for every number with which their divine covenants were born, bring in themselves, their own limitation; they are destinies that formed a covenant in the same instant of the celestial time; and having travelled unprecedented distances, they become a reality in one sole solar line; this is, they mature in a transfer to the material life; this transfer includes a temporary forgetfulness, in every spirit of the worlds of flesh; if it was not that way, the human life would not be a trial; it would not be a spiritual progress; for everything would be given to the spirit; it would not cost him any effort; there would not be any merit; merit is a cause that came out of a difficulty; the spirit’s triumph is to overcome it; the divine parable explains it: Thou shalt earn thy bread on the sweat of thy face; it is a pity that men have falsified this; they brought out money and exploitation of their brothers; no demon who fed this philosophy in life, shall enter the Kingdom of Heavens; they shall go into oblivion in the human happiness.-

Yes little son; this drawing shows that every number is infinite and has an own and infinite individuality; the sun Alpha irradiates the creative light; this divine light is transported in the silver ships; the ships are of a solar construction; which means that they have a materialized vibratory number; this number of the constructions, is the same in its origin; it is the same with which the Earth was created; which means that every number encounters in space its first-born creator; or father creator; the drawing shows the divine covenants; the red rectangle symbolizes the human virtues and passions; the solar beam of light of an orange color, shows that the future of the Earth shall be of a spiritual happiness; for during centuries and centuries, the present sun of the Earth, has maintained divine covenants; it has become dominant in the trial of every life; its living psychology has been passion; from yellow the terrestrial sun shall turn into pale orange; going through all the hues; in eternities ahead it shall turn into red; this means that every creation has transformations; which being born from the invisible, reverberates in the visible matter; which means that every destiny is initiated in the Celestial World and ends in the material world; the colors of the drawing show that the solar sparklet, from which the Earth was born, went through many heavens; heavens of infinite colors; of other evolutions; with colossal worlds and suns; the sparklet which is the present planet Earth, still continues travelling through the space; and it shall travel until its time is concluded; the Earth shall pass, but my creative law shall not pass; it continues and shall continue creating worlds and suns; just as the Earth shall pass, so have infinite planets earths of all the evolutions passed; of all the sizes; and colossal suns of infinite colors have passed; and worlds that are not of flesh have passed; they are colossal solar worlds; but they were also of flesh; they were little and humble; to become big in the Kingdom of Heavens; all their knowledge learnt in infinite worlds, became brilliant in their own physical bodies; nullifying the own flesh; and having authority over it; weak is the flesh; for it is nullified by the own living knowledge; every spirit starts from the worlds of flesh which are the worlds closer to darkness; closer to the falls of imperfection; the worlds of flesh are the worlds for the beginner spirits; who are starting to know infinite kinds of life; one has to be born again to learn and know from each life; one who is not born again does not get closer to the Kingdom of God; he gets stagnant in his own spiritual hierarchy; the fall of the first terrestrial parents, is a consequence of every beginner spirit; exposed to disappointment, which offers an unknown determination; they were angels; lacking of every planetary philosophy; what happened to them had to happen; and it had been happening; and it shall happen in all eternity; my divine creation does not get reduced to one sole couple of humanities; my creation is eternal and has no limits; nor shall it ever have them; for in all the instants of all the evolutions, new worlds and suns are being born; the divine law that said: Let there be light and light was done, was taking place since eternities ago; way before the terrestrial humanity was born; it was written that the divine Father Jehovah’s creation has neither a beginning nor shall it have an end; and despite these divine teachings, there are millions of children who when the discussion about the origin of the universal life arises, they only speak about themselves; they think that the origin of everything is in them; Such a profound error! It was taught that one has to be very little and humble first, to become big in the Kingdom of Heavens; they who reduce everything to themselves are backward spirits; so backward that they deny their own eternity; one who denies my divine and infinite creation on Earth, shall be denied the entrance to the Kingdom of Heavens; the divine Father Jehovah begs nobody; but He demands the divine recognition, just as a parent demands it from his children; these spirits who deny me on Earth, are like saint Thomas; they need to see first, in order to believe; an advanced spirit, demands nothing; he simply believes; he has faith; and knows that just as the divine Father made him, He also made what he would not be able to do: The creation of the infinite universes; if every creature enjoys life, and does not recognize its Author, he simply is an ungrateful spirit; even more, he is a proud child; who not knowing anything, for he has never cared for the truth, dares to negate it; Woe betide them! How they will curse having been born! By denying the divine Father, they deny themselves; every thought reverberates on matter; every thought of the present, builds or destroys its own future; it was written: Every spirit is judged, according to its deeds; behold all the divine justice; this means to explain the Universe and each creature’s thoughts; it means that matter and spirit either attract or repudiate themselves; according to the created thoughts; for every thought becomes materialized into a colossal world; every thought matures in the eternity of time; and every spirit carries in itself, its own Heaven; or its own hells; everything depends on its own thoughts; in the temporary trial, called human life; in the celestial drawing, one can see a world; surrounding this world one can see a pink zone; it symbolizes the materialism of that world; it corresponds to the divine pink scale; its meaning is infinite; and among others, it means the mental struggle of every human creature; between what is of Caesar and what is of God; what is of Caesar is the human intelligence; it is the mundane; the temporary; one can say: What is of Caesar shall pass; or else, the Earth shall pass, but my divine creative Law shall not pass; it means that every human philosophy, that came out of intelligence shall pass to oblivion; above all, those that not having taken into consideration my divine Commandments, constitute themselves trees that the divine Father did not plant; and that it was written: They shall be pulled out from its roots; which means, they shall pass to oblivion; only the experience in the spirit remains; and this experience is judged in the Kingdom of Heavens; it is judged according to the intention; according to the degree of purity or impurity of it; the divine justice starts from the divine reason that all His children are innocent; for the divine Father Jehovah creates innocences and not demons; the demon is a product of rebellious ideas; which come out of the own children; sooner or later, every demon admits his own error; he recognizes that he is nothing before the divine grandeur of the divine Father; every demon tries to spread his damned philosophy; he takes attributions that only correspond to the divine Father; he shall render account on that; and it was written: Thou shalt drag thyself to thy Lord’s feet, through all eternity; every creature that nurtures bad ideas, constitutes himself into a microscopic demon; for every inheritance catches on from the most simple idea; the Holy Scriptures, especially the divine Commandments, had and still have as an objective to keep the creature away from bad thoughts; they try them not to become demons; the divine Word, tries to intervene in the divine free will of each creature; and it does it with moderation; letting every spirit choose by its own free will; the divine Word represents the divine free will of the divine Father Jehovah; it represents the desires of the Creator of Life; by letting the divine Father every spirit to choose, He does it with the purpose that the deeds be properly such, of the spirit; the divine determination is born in the Heavens; and incarnates on the planets; what is up above is the same as down below; which means that there is the divine moral communism; with an eternal and universal principle; behold the divine morality that shall be born on Earth; the spiritual number equalizes the material number; and a new philosophy is born in the human coexistence; which translates itself in the Patriarchal Government; the same one that existed before man invented money; that damned tree; creator of the wellbeing and the science of good; the same philosophical tree that shall be cursed by millions of millions of creatures of all the epochs; in a crying and gnashing of teeth, as humanity has never witnessed; every philosophy created by any intelligence, becomes living; for it has come out of an also living cause; the First-born Son’s Doctrine referred to this invisible world; but not less living, as life itself; his own Doctrine talks about a living eternity; for, contrariwise, He as a Son of God, would not be eternal; the Most Holy Trinity, is everywhere; it is also in eternity; eternity is not of the Earth; but it is taught on her; for the Earth came out of eternity; she came out of the Kingdom of Heavens; she came out of the suns Alpha and Omega; belonging to the most remote galaxy Trino; her place was announced by the divine First-born Son: Where I am from, you cannot go; for you have to be born again; you have to attain more spiritual power; for in each dwelling; or planet, one lives with a different magnetism; one starts with the minimum, and arrives onto the big one; one has to be very little and humble first, to become big in the Kingdom of Heavens.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-