Yes little son; the doctrines are messages requested by the spirits in the Kingdom of Heavens; they are requests that influence on the minds of the beings; among all the philosophies, the most sublime is the philosophy of Work; not of the exploitation; the capitalist doctrine by exploiting others, violates the Father’s law of love; it constitutes itself in one of the trees that the divine Father did not plant; and it shall be pulled out from its roots from the human evolution; the Doctrine of the Lamb of God shall crush it; it was written: And he shall crush his enemies; one who violates the law of love of the Father, constitutes himself in His enemy; for one cannot serve two masters; or one serves truthfulness or falseness; capitalism says it serves everybody; with the condition of exploiting them; I say to the creators of exploitation spirits: it is just enough one second or less of time of exploitation, and you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; your god is gold; may it resurrect you; you know very well that when you leave the world you are in, you shall not take with you a single molecule of your gold or your temporary belongings; even though you know it, you still attach yourselves to them; you are the greatest deluded beings; who unfortunately infect the others; for you was it written: May the left be aware of what the right does; the left are the children of work; of the spiritual merit; they are the exploited ones; the greatest in the Kingdom of Heavens; for the more long-suffering a life was, the greater is the glory they receive in the Kingdom; you requested it so and so was it conceded to you; no pleasure lover on the planets requested Glories in Heaven; they requested to enjoy them on Earth; and it was conceded to them; and for you rich and deluded beings of the world was it written: It is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a rich to the Kingdom of Heavens; it is a parable warning for you, blinds of the laws of the spirit; a warning that has many centuries and which is coming closer to its end; for everything that exists has its time; and the time has come to its end for you; that is how you requested it, spirits of only one present; for as long as your eyes see gold you shall believe in life; this philosophical concept is unknown in the Universe; for it is a living imperfection; a weakness characteristic of the imperfect spirits; who requested to know work and exploitation; for they did not know them; and it was conceded to them; what they did not request was to forget the Father’s laws; expressed in the Commandments.-

Alfa y Omega, Rollo La Divina Revelación de Dios

Yes little son; this celestial drawing teaches infinite things; among others that the Solar Trinity is in every philosophy; one is born thinking in three things; past, present, and future; behold the time given to every human philosophy; Communism as a living philosophy is the only one that shall remain; the past, present, and future are reduced with Communism to a new Era; the New World starts with it; the generations of the future shall not be like the present ones; the present ones have a material struggle; for that is how its creatures requested it in the Kingdom of Heavens; and the struggle of philosophies was given to them; according to the Commandments, the humblest philosophy remains reigning on Earth; it was written that the humble are first; this is in every order of things; which includes matter and spirit; to be the first ones before the divine Father, is to be so up above as well as down below; the mandates of the Creator not only include one world, but infinite worlds; whose numbers are like the grains of sand contained in a desert; among all the philosophies that men requested to trial, the creators chooses the most long-suffering; the most despised by the human selfishness; the one that has cost more sweat, blood, and tears; the one that has got more spiritual merit; verily the science of exploitation does not have such virtues; it is an easy-attitude philosophy to the degree of being immoral; if your Creator did not send you the Doctrine of the Lamb of God, be sure that your world would have ended up being a slave; just as it has happened and still happens on infinite planets earths; your Creator sends you this new Doctrine, because you requested it yourselves in the Kingdom of Heavens; this Doctrine includes the Final Judgment; for after the trial comes a judgment; a verdict comes; the world shall be shuddered in its nature and in its spirit; for centuries and centuries my free will expressed in Scriptures, has been announcing you the Final Judgment; the divine Father reserved for Himself the right of how the Final Judgment would be; for He has a divine free will; just as you do; what is up above is the same as down below; what is of the Father is infinite and what is yours is microscopic; but, you have come out of the same creative law; all of you human creatures, talked to Father Jehovah before coming to the human life; you were given preference, for every very little, microscopic and humble is great in the Kingdom of Heavens; which means that every humble, poor and exploited is the one that should have and should be governing the Earth’s destinies; if it was not so, be sure that every guilty demon shall be judged; up above as well as down below; those who departed from life as well as those who are in it; the human attitude through the centuries has been in general an attitude of indifference before my Scriptures; and they promised in the Kingdom not to fall into indifferences concerning my laws; that is why as soon as you arrived into the human life the supreme mandate: Thou shalt adore thy Lord and Creator above everything, was awaiting you; by saying above everything also means above every indifference; for it is enough one second or less of indifference towards your Creator of your lives, and you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; you yourselves requested it so in your alliances with the 318 living virtues, which your thinking is composed of; every philosophy is a living thinking; and every living philosophy; every thinking with its philosophy, is an eternal knowledge; it is the salt of your future life; your future physical body comes out of it; according to your feelings and your deeds, so shall your physical cover be; once a life is left, a new thinking is born in the spirit; the experience that he got to know on the chosen planet, determines new covenants with new virtues; no spirit escapes from this influence; for every trip to the infinite brings along new experiences; every spirit is a traveler; for he requests to be born again in infinite worlds; the worlds are like the spirit’s own perfection; its number is like the number of sands that a desert contains; the philosophies you had to live on your Earth, are also like the sands of a desert; and the more one is born and think, the more the worlds and the philosophies are increased; to such a degree that nobody in the Universe can calculate them; only the Father knows; for everything comes out and returns to the Father; one returns without having fulfilled what was promised in the Kingdom of Heavens; every mandate reverberates in every conscience; it is so because you requested it in the Kingdom; and it was conceded to you; and every philosophy has got a living hierarchy; and so it is that the capitalist philosophy is, due to its hierarchy, very far from the living morality of the Commandments; that is why this philosophy proper of darkness, disappears from the world; it was trialed along with others; and every trial has an ending; the greatest error of the authors of capitalism is to have enclosed themselves in only one present; to have struggled blindly without coming out of their present; the true spirituality covers infinite presents; and does not enclose itself in anyone; nor will it ever do it; gold was the ruin of the creators of capitalism; for no rich enters the Kingdom of Heavens; it was for these backward spirits that was written: It is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than for a rich to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; a divine warning to every greedy, exploiter, deceiver, speculator, trader being; the Scriptures have many examples of warning for the gold traffickers; if they did not know how to take advantage of them, it is their own fault; nobody taught them to be usurers and ambitious; that is an imperfection of their own spirits; these slavers of worlds life systems were warned; where you sin, you pay; they were told so in the Kingdom of Heavens; these creatures shall be cursed by the own world; for they built the world’s hopes up more with their merchandises; to such a degree that this world does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; for it is just enough one second or less of violation, and one does not enter the Kingdom; capitalism and its gold are the creators of the science of good; every comfort given by them shall bring tears to the world; for it is a comfort that came out of the violation of the Commandments; the divine Commandments do not mandate anyone to become rich; they mandate to be humble above everything else; every enjoyment of every violation gets transmitted; just as the first terrestrial parents Adam and Eve transmitted the complex of guilt to the world; this Revelation clears the great mystery of the beginning of the fall of the world; a beginning whose cause became an oblivion in the human philosophy; for the human spirits requested it; they requested it as a trial; for every spirit is trialed in life; there are lives that are not trials from the philosophical point of view; other laws are fulfilled there; for there is everything in the Father’s flock; the Earth shall enter the Millennium of Peace very soon; a peace that is born from the humble; from the exploited ones; capitalism never thought to give the world an eternal and sincere peace; it was not able to, nor shall it ever be; for it served two masters; it served two philosophies; by which it is impossible to attain eternity; for it got divided by itself; the exploited beings know by experience that they will eternally be in a level of inferiority; this sensation cannot be eliminated by capitalism; and from there comes its fall; it shall fall as a false Christ falls; its name shall be a synonym of shame and aberration for the future generations; all the children of the future shall talk about capitalism, as one talks about the demon; for there is no bigger demon than the own exploitation of its own brothers of life; satan shall be replaced by capitalism, the demon that subjugated the world Alpha; or the beginning of the world; the Millennium of Peace initiates the Omega period; or the end of a philosophy of trials; the communist philosophy that was never studied by the backward spirits of capitalism, shall be the queen of the world; for she shall be the one that will bring justice among the sexes; the women’s reign is initiated in this philosophy; the world shall be governed by them; the opposite should have never occurred; for men and women are equal before God; man was born with a complex of superiority, which has had a great influence in his false history; the history of humanity is false from the same instant in which its creatures violated the Commandments; what you call history shall pass to the dust of oblivion; for a new philosophy and a new morality comes to the world; it was written: The Earth shall pass, but my Words shall not pass; this parable that has centuries and centuries, is about to come true; it is the Earth and the materialistic exploitative laws, which shall pass; the truth is eternal; it never gets modified; the Earth’s false history is a product of spirits who requested relative philosophies; it is a product of a trial of life; all the imperfections of humanity are reflected in their history; it is more likely for a creature who has got no history to enter the Kingdom of Heavens, than a creature who lived in a false history; to live a false history has nothing of humility; it is like living in false customs; each form of living that you have had on Earth is weighed and judged in Heaven; the most perfect form of living is the one that takes into account above all things the morality of the Commandments; there is no other better one; for without it you shall never enter the Kingdom of Heavens; you should have followed it in the course of your lives, second by second; for it is just enough one second or less of forgetting it, and you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the crying and gnashing of teeth starts for this world; a judgment that will shudder your feelings; there will be nobody who shall not feel regret; for even your forms of life scandalize the Father’s morality; your fashions that you give so much importance to shall be the ones that will stop you from entering the Kingdom; each second of scandalous fashion, corresponds to one world less that you shall visit in the future; calculate the seconds of immoral fashion, nakedness, vice, years of vulgar words; and you shall be terrified of the number of heavens that shall close on you; for each world has its own heaven; just as the Earth does; where you fell more sadly into what was in the living illusion; a product of materialism; of the science of good; of the wellbeing that money gives; you promised in the Kingdom of Heavens not to let yourselves be influenced by any illusion; for illusion is contrary to sacrifice; to the spiritual effort; to the sweat of one’s face; it deviates the human mind from the morality of my Commandments; the human creature also produces illusion; but, it is one’s own illusion; the illusion of money as a philosophy of the daily living, is another thing; for it came out of ambitious demons; who imposed it on the world as a unique form of living; for these imperfect beings do not know another one; or they do not want to know it; not being satisfied with work, they take pleasure on exploiting their fellow beings; the way of using money as an instrument of this exploitation, nullifies every spiritual action in them; that is why no rich enters the Kingdom of Heavens; nor shall they be resurrected to children of twelve years old in the year 2001; for the laws of nature shall not make any covenant with their virtues; for the laws of the Universe are also living; they read the human mind without it noticing it; they read it just as the mind tries to understand the laws of the elements; for everything is living; everything thinks; all the everything above everything is a complement; not a single molecule would exist if it did not have as a companion the one that it had to be with; the same thing happens among the spirits; all of you met each other in the Kingdom of Heavens; you made alliances of families, nations and races; and everything that happens to you in life, you saw it in the Kingdom; everything absolutely everything; that everything includes the momentary oblivion of your galactic past; you requested oblivion so that your life on Earth would constitute itself into a trial; there lies the greater merit of a human life; the struggle to learn everything; the sweat of one’s face to attain bread; this effort did not include exploitation; for the Commandments do not teach to exploit each other; if it was so, your world would become a world of slaves; nobody is born a slave; slavery is created by man; it is a product of the human immorality; the Doctrine of communism had to bear with the exploitative philosophies, for it promised they would be overcome; its spirits that practice it are spirits who are very advanced regarding what is spiritual; the spirits of capitalism shall defend the Communist Philosophy in future worlds; for sooner or later love shall prevail in the existences that the spirit will have; love always triumphs; sooner or later; if it is not in one existence, it is in another; if it is not in one world, it is in another; the Father’s law is preexistent to any imaginable philosophy; the worlds after trying and trialing themselves in many philosophies, end up in being paradises; they end up in such a joyous philosophy that it can only be compared to a child’s thought; that is why it was said: Let the children come to me for theirs is the Kingdom of Heavens; it means, among many teachings, that one who is not joyful like a child does not enter the Kingdom; this joy should have been during all the existence; if one stopped being joyful one second or less, he does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; bitterness, indolence, and ill-will were not requested by you; for such virtues are not from Heavens; they came out of the own world; and the culprits are the guiding beings that the world had; for they did not eradicate them; they let themselves be overcome by them; which constitutes an immoral example to the world; if there are idiots and selfish beings in the world, they shall be punished; but those from whose causes idiocy and selfishness were born, shall be more punished; indifference in the daily living is a product of the philosophy of exploitation; nobody is indifferent in the Kingdom; no indifferent being shall enter the Kingdom; for they would feel indifference towards him; in the Macrocosm everybody reads each other’s minds; and everybody is telepathic; and they know how to distinguish the violator of the law; whichever world they may be from; this reality feels the spirits of flesh with shame; and they feel forced to leave the Kingdom; there are infinite spirits of our planet who swarm around the spaces; away from the eternal happiness; and everybody coincides that the happiness that reigns in the Kingdom has no comparison to any universe of the Universe; many live cursing their own world; others resign themselves; for there is everything in the universal flock of the Father; the resigned and repentant spirits are called first in the Kingdom; in order to form new covenants of a future life; the hardened ones have to wait; for everything is done with love in the Kingdom; the hardened spirits are known as rock-spirits; because of their spiritual selfishness; the spirits of religions belong to this category; for them was it written: Upon this rock shall I build my Church; it was a warning to the attitudes of the religious spirits; who due to an excessive zeal in their missions fell into an intellectual selfishness; one second or less of intellectual selfishness is just enough, and one does not enter the Kingdom of Heavens; the intellectual selfishness of the rock has twenty centuries already; they must calculate the seconds of time contained in the twenty centuries; each second represents one existence that takes them apart from the Kingdom of Heavens; they divide themselves; for them was it written: Only satan divides himself.-

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-