Yes little son; I see that we have rested a certain time from the Scripture; I have wanted it that way because it was written that way in the Solar Books; each creature with no exception, has a divine galactic record; nobody is disinherited; everybody has the same opportunity; even those creatures brilliant in wisdom in the Kingdom of Heavens; which the human genre knows as animals; it was written that the humble are the first in the Kingdom of Heavens; behold the divine law of supreme love; what is not possible on Earth, everything is possible in the Kingdom of Heavens; the divine love taken to its most microscopic dimension, is colossal in the divine Kingdom; therefore, woe betide those who have violated the divine law of my humble creatures!! Theirs is the weeping and gnashing of teeth; the divine Commandments have been teaching the terrestrial world for centuries and centuries, not to be bad; in any sense of the law; each second of malevolence, weighs a Calvary in eternity; each tyrant is judged by his own victims; nobody escapes from what he/she must receive for what he/she sowed; between the infinite justice, the animals’ is the most sublime; they are the greatest virtues of the Heavens; among whom the human little monkey is; along with infinite little monkeys of infinite planets earths; for the divine creation of the divine Father has no limit; from the divine instant in which His words materialized the ideas of infinite solar luminaries; this universe still keeps expanding itself; and it shall be doing it forever and ever; the worlds are born and perish like the creatures that inhabit them; every world passes into oblivion by the own expansion of the infinite; fantasy becomes a temporary reality; only the Father is a perpetual remembrance; in the worlds and out of them; the universe shall pass, but my words shall not pass; it means that among so many forms of creating that the divine Father has, the words is one of them; the divine cause of the divine Father, is eternity itself; having in His divine free will, other infinite eternities; which shall never be understood even by the most brilliant wisdoms; it means that before the infinite: Let there be Light and there was Light, there were infinite creations already; and there were creations which having already lived in the space, were judged according to their deeds; the Earth is a microscopic world; so microscopic that it is almost unknown in the colossal galaxies; it is known that there are worlds that shall never be able to be counted; only their divine Creator knows it; and He knows the future world that is going to be born; in every living instant; and He even knows the behavior that the most microscopic living molecule is going to have in its development; it means that every scripture of every world, explains future facts; many times the divine parables are created to trial every knowledge; to trial the researching patience of His creatures; to trial if the son believes in a Father who created him; to trial his own spirit; the own Scripture tells him: Every spirit is trialed; and he/she is not only trialed in the divine reading of every Holy Scripture; but he/she is trialed during the whole life; second after second; breathing after breathing; from the first breath to the last one; being the divine Father everywhere, He is also in every difficulty that every spirit undergoes in life; and the greater that difficulty is, the greater is the merit; and the greater is the glory in the Kingdom of Heavens; every difficulty is measured; the seconds that the difficulty lasted are calculated; the most sublime trial, is the one in which humility stands out; for it is the first among all the virtues; and the own living virtues cannot advance if they do not have humility; all the virtues are siblings in a common covenant.-

Yes little Son; it is so; just as I read it in your divine mind; from dust you are and to dust you shall return; or from mud did the divine Father Jehovah take the human creature; and not only the human little monkey; but all that exists; it means that the origin lies in the development or maturity of the own Earth; and the Earth is at the same time a product of a solar calorie in an infinite fall; before the earth, everything was fire; a fire of a dreadful temperature; this material fire was born from another fire; a fire that came out of a solar mind; a fire creator of fire; a feeling with a materialized determination; when the divine Father Jehovah said: Let there be Light and there was Light; His own divine Words shuddered the solar luminaries; for everything is living in the Kingdom of Heavens; everything reverberates in the everything; and all of them shine when the divine Father expresses Himself; this takes place in the Macrocosm called Kingdom of Heavens; on the microscopic planets like the Earth, when a terrestrial father treats his children, they feel the influence emanated from the voice that comes out of their terrestrial parents; they feel moved; which moves them to infinite reactions; the same happens in the Kingdom of Heavens; what is up above is the same as down below; it is the same in its beginnings; what is up above also lived what is down below; it was little and humble; microscopic; as the human creature presently is; and now it is great in the Kingdom of Heavens; the human power is a limited power; the divine power is infinite; the human power remains in the limits of one sole dimension; it makes creations in it; the divine power goes through infinite dimensions; and it lives and creates by preference, in the invisibility; it has a free will; as the human creature has; what is up above is the same as down below; invisibility is also matter; and it also has relativity; as the spirit has it and the matter that the spirit knows; here the inequality between the human thinking is born; it is born in the same instant that it is created in the colossal suns; every spirit is a product of a living knowledge; just as on the Earth the holy mandate of marriage is fulfilled, so it is in the Kingdom of Heavens, the solar luminaries create by divine mandate; not being subject to any influence that obliges them; they have as the human creatures, a free will to choose a solar couple; what is up above create in their own eternal laws; what is down below create in their own laws, which are born from the laws up above; what is down below is a detachment of what is up above; and it carries its inheritance in itself; its influence; its eternity; an eternity that starts a new living cycle again; an eternity in an expansive way; an eternity that goes on maturing in existences; from world to world; from dwelling to dwelling; for many dwellings for the spiritual trials the divine Father has; and every spirit must be born or reincarnate again, to see the Kingdom of God; to be born or reincarnate is the same; one thing can be expressed in many ways; and it keeps being the same thing; when a spirit is born it has the form of a shining white line; white is the Kingdom of purity and innocence; being the future of every spirit to become a shining sun of wisdom: Every spirit is born in an Alpha solar line, and it ends up in an Omega circle; the Solar First-born Son said so: I am the Alpha and the Omega; the beginning and the end; He meant: spirit and matter have come out of Me; life has come out of Me; and the one who overcomes death comes out of Me; for life and death are one same thing; with different free wills in expressing themselves; if death did not exist in the human evolution, be sure, that never in eternity, you would be able to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; death is worthless; in the backward spirits; in those who build their hopes up in one philosophy; just as the so-called rich live it on Earth; every rich believes that aside from the possession of gold, nothing exists; this sole mean thinking closes the door of the Kingdom of Heavens on them; they are not honest with themselves; they are not honest with the own eternity; which by their own right, they carry it within themselves; the creature carries condemnation or award in him/herself; he/she carries it in his/her own intentions; in his/her own ideas which their free will created along life; eternity is not in the mundane science; it is not in the temporary doctrines of the planets; for these also disappear from the material world; eternity is carried within oneself; being this a wise man or an ignorant; a crazy one or skeptical; good or bad; stranger or known; despiteful or not despiteful; rich or poor; everybody carries the galactic inheritance within oneself; the Earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass; for they are living universes, creators of living lives; everything that exists and shall exist came out of the divine word; the divine Father has infinite forms of creating; that of the word is one of them; the law of reproduction, is also a divine product of the living word; all that think came out of the word; and the divine word, comes out of the Eternal Father’s divine free will; Where did the Father came out of? Millions of beings have asked themselves and still ask themselves; the divine Father is from all eternity; first was the Father and then the universal eternity; and that universal eternity would not have ever existed, if there were no other eternities; plus the Father’s eternity; this means that every eternity has a divine free will; and every free will of every eternity is subordinate to the Father’s divine free will; they go towards the Father; after coming out of Him; it is an Omega return; one returns transformed and with a new spiritual hierarchy; the true and only origin of the divine Father, is not where everybody thinks and wishes He were; for as much as not only a planet but all the universe imagines, that imagination is not more than a microscopic little point that disappears before the divine Father; never shall the universal creature be able to arrive to the divine Father’s point of origin; for what he/she has before him/her is the road that the Father has already covered; Who never stops from improving Himself; in other perfections that escape the comprehension of the creatures that inhabit the infinite universe; all the worlds follow their own paths; according to their deeds; it is in the midst of the knowledge’s infinite, that all the creatures long for knowing their own origin; at the first time of their evolution, they just adore the Creator by intuition; for the germ that came out of God’s word, start to sprout according to what the father’s desires were; every desire constitutes itself in a destiny; and every destiny is living; death does not exist in the spirit’s eternity; one only dies in a lived philosophy; and one also dies when that living philosophy which a spirit fed itself with, has violated my divine law of love; getting away from the light, takes the spirit to darkness’s death; darkness exists; just as light exists; everything exists in the creation of the divine Father; the divine creation is so infinite, that the so-called fantasy becomes a reality; and every reality becomes life; and every life is a perpetuated idea; and every eternity came out of the Father; the inequality in the creatures’ ideas is due to their own determinations made in the Kingdom of Heavens; before trying a determined life on the planets, the spirits promise to do this or that thing; and everything is conceded to them; but, all of them are illustrated in their own determinations; they are shown on enormous television screens all the future of their own acts; their consequences and their faults; their glories and their trials; everything absolutely everything has been seen by the Earth’s beings; including my first-born sons; who on Earth are known as animals; but, in my Kingdom they are the first; it was written that the humble are the first in the Kingdom of Heavens; Whoever more humble than a despised little animal; who is as much a son as the human little monkey is; in my divine dwelling they are known as children; the word animal is unknown; when the Father creates, He does it with love; not with disdain; one who disdains one of my humble children, disdains Me; for I am in every living mind; after every spirit has chosen its own life plan, a momentary oblivion is given to him/her; without that oblivion the creature would have no merit; for there would not be any effort in his/her actions; no virtue would advance; for everything would be given to the spirit; it would not be a life trial but a life gift; all of them would be easy-attitude creatures; ignoring work and sacrifice; the most dreadful boredom would overwhelm all the human spirits; it would be a boredom like the so-called rich of the Earth feel; whose boredom is a product of an illusion that exceeded the limit of possession; this illusion is called ambition; and it constitutes the greatest spiritual ignorance; for it is more likely for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than a rich to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; these backward spirits are the worst obstacles that have to be endured by the worlds in their progress; they are the real living demons; for as long as rich exist, there will be pain, tears and blood; the division of the flock between rich and poor shall be perpetuated; it is a duty of every son of the light to combat the demon of ambition; it was written: May the left be aware of what the right does; this divine warning was announced to the world many centuries ago; it referred to the modern times; Is the exploited people not called presently the left then? And right the ambitious ones? The immoral ones called rich? this divine Revelation shall amaze the spiritual world; the world of knowledge; the world that studies my divine word; the thankful world; the world that senses that things are not made by themselves; the world that believes in a divine Creator of their own lives; in equal conditions before the oblivion of the past, a spirit shows that it is advanced when he/she is thankful; the divine Creator cannot award a thinking being, who enjoying life, denies Him; weeping and gnashing of teeth shall the ungrateful have; for no matter how much they deny the Father, they shall not be able to get rid of the feeling that shall make them cry; for every living feeling came out of the supreme feeling; they came out of the divine and sentimental words of the Creator; when He lovingly said: Let there be Light and there was Light; and each one started to live a present; which came out of a galactic past; which awaits the return of every spirit; what is up above is the same as down below; it means that one thinks up above as well as down below; one thinks on Earth as well as one thinks in the Kingdom of Heavens; the creature thinks according to his/her evolution; according to their material interests; but, within the mundane thinking, there is another thinking; it is the sentimental thinking; it is the thinking with which one came out of the Kingdom of Heavens; and in that thinking is the origin of his/her future; a future child who has the infinite planets as a destiny; this feeling is an electricity; just as it is in the Kingdom of Heavens; where the great living virtues, are solar fire; and the divine Father Jehovah is the divine Purifying Fire; and all of them are microscopic thinking fires; the human mind has a shining phosphorus; it is a sun in miniature; in eternal expansion; in each existence the mind advances or goes backwards; everything is relative and subordinated to the living free will; everything depends on the use the spirit makes of the space and the thinking time; the spirits are not machines; even if the structure and the physical functioning look like one; this inequality that comes from eternities ago, makes the human creatures not to think alike; there is, so to speak, the distinguishing characteristic and the quality in every idea; the ideas have their own free will; different from the human free will; this means that between the virtues and the spirit, there is a living covenant; the divine covenants are initiated in the place in space, where the spirit has come out of; many dwellings does the divine Father have; and every dwelling is to be inhabited; the dwellings are the planets; and the planets are at the same time dwellings subordinated to the heavens; for even the most microscopic molecule is living; and acquires colossal proportions in the Kingdom of Heavens; future worlds are born from the ideas’ free will; in an eternal philosophical expansion; so each one is the material author of his/her own heaven; this divine beginning of eternity was already announced to the world; many centuries ago: One has to be very little and humble, to be great in the Kingdom of Heavens; or the humble are first in the Kingdom of the Father; and whatever more little than a microscopic idea? Which is only felt but not seen? The entire universe has only one beginning: The living idea; when the divine Father said: Let there be Light and there was Light; this divine will that came out of the divine free will of the Father, was a mental idea of a divine hierarchy; which is still creating worlds; it is the expansive force of the Father; the insuperable; which having come out of a divine burst of joy, proper of a child’s, filled the infinite with luminaries; and it was neither the only one nor the first time; for before this took place, the Father had already smiled; and he had already sowed His own living creation with infinite galaxies again; the worlds that the divine Father creates, have no limits; it was written that He is infinite within the infinite; getting to the gigantic and dreadful proportions proper of the Father, has been the eternal goal of every living virtue; it is the eternal struggle between the living matter and spirit; and the struggle shall be eternal; whose product is the improvement of the creatures; who is also eternal; therefore, all the living creatures have come out of the living knowledge; matter and spirit came out of the living knowledge; both are the negation of every nothingness; and nothingness is also matter; whose philosophy is the living nothingness; nothingness is an idea without a philosophy; it is a free will with no determination; nothingness is a product of the spirit’s imperfection; which speaks of nothingness; without penetrating it; nothingness is a living suspense; but it is so real, as it is the Earth with all its philosophies; there are more backward worlds than the Earth and whose philosophies are nothingness; there the laziest beings coexist; who by their own free will, delay their own spiritual progress; there have been lazy beings on Earth in all the epochs; with which no world progresses; the lazy beings requested in the Kingdom of Heavens, to try the human philosophy; and it was conceded to them; for every spirit is trialed in his/her own request; to request is to give in the Kingdom of Heavens; and every given request is translated into divine justice; and every divine justice is translated into a new destiny; the knowledge composed of infinite ideas, is constantly molding the future existence; so it is that one is his/her own builder of his/her own heaven; each one makes his own heaven; a divine parable that shall shudder the living world; for according to the use one made of his/her mind, so shall each one’s destiny be; a sane idea of the most sublime morality, conducts one to a future living paradise; for being the idea microscopic, it is great in the Kingdom of Heavens; it becomes a colossal planet; and if the idea emanated by the creature is bad, contrary to the morality of the Divine Commandments, that idea is a future hell; and every author must go back to the sowing of his/her own works; he/she must go back to the point where his/her ideas are sprouting; and on which the birth of a world is being gestating; which shall carry on the same philosophy emanated by the idea for all eternity; every inheritance is transmitted; up above as well as down below; in matter and spirit; this divine Revelation shall make every thinking being, meditate in himself; for his own destiny is the own ideas; which being innocent also took part of a philosophical trial; and the innocence made a divine covenant with the spirit; and both were born together in a planetary life; the spirit and matter and innocence form the Alpha and Omega of every point of departure of every thinking being; the divine Creator creates everybody innocent; which means lacking of every science; of every knowledge; of every illustration; but, every innocence is born along with its free will; which also has at the same time, its own innocence; when the creature lives in a state of innocence, it wanders freely among colossal suns; of infinite solar categories; this is, of infinite philosophies or living virtues; only the innocence can travel through the infinite universe; one who is not joyful like a child, is very difficult to enter the Kingdom of Heavens; innocence and joyfulness are inseparable partners; innocence is born smiling; and all the universe was born innocent; there is no exception at all; nor shall there be any; that is why it was written: Let the children come to me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heavens; it means that the world of the future shall be of the children with prodigious intelligence; a divine product of the resurrection of every flesh; every elderly of humble lives, shall be rejuvenated into children of twelve years of age; and it means that of all the philosophies that man has given himself, no one remains; for all of them were trialed; it was written that every spirit is trialed; and every trial is judged; what is up above is the same as down below; every philosophy that was not previously meditated according to my divine Commandments, shall be pulled out from its roots; the human evolution continues; without the presence of the violating demons; the weeping and gnashing of teeth shall bring along the fall of a world and its customs; just as in the past of the Earth, the Mosaic Law brought a change in the spirituality of that barbaric era and was followed by Christianity with its new transformations in the human thinking; the Third Doctrine, is the Celestial Science; Doctrine of the Lamb of God; the living humility shall crush every philosophy of the force; force should not be on Earth anymore; it had its epochs; from the same moment in which the human creature got to know my divine Commandments, he should not either have cultivated or tried philosophies of force; for force is not in the living morality of my divine word; the so-called force must transform itself into a creative force; and not into a destructive one; in the Kingdom of Heavens, force is not like that of the Earth; the celestial force is demonstrative and it is translated into the power of creating; a minimal gesture is sufficient to make a colossal planet be born; the living virtues recognize each other with creative demonstrations; only Father Jehovah is insuperable; there is no other major power of creating, known in the living universal history; the divine Father prefers to use His divine word to create; so it is that from the instant that He said: Let there be Light and theres was Light, His divine living word still continues creating worlds and suns; and it shall continue forever and ever; the colossal solar luminaries still continue creating microscopic sparklets; which shall give origin to future and big planets; being the Lord’s law universal, even the colossal suns fulfill His divine mandate: One has to be very little and humble to become big in the Kingdom of Heavens; one has to be a microscopic and humble sparklet, to become a great planet in the infinite; planets, suns, and spirits fulfill the same law; everyone with no exception at all was very little; everyone was a microbe; which in relation to the own infinite, are beings that are not seen; no planet or sun is an exception; nobody is the biggest, but the Father; everyone was created by Him; everyone returns to Him; and because of Him they are what they are; and the divine Father tell the divine virtues: I am who I am; I am what you are; and I shall be what you shall be; it means that all the future of the universe, matter as well as spirit, has already been lived by the Father; in such quantity of time as any mind can imagine; the perfect experience is that one that has been lived and felt, what the beings have not lived and felt yet; there is a first one in everything; and between the first one of the universal creation and the divine Father, there is the first among the first; only that there would not be any first one if the divine will of the Father did not want it so; the first one disappears in what is divine; for the divine Creator is unique; the first one exists for the infinite planetary evolutions of the flesh; a very primitive life system; but necessary to arrive to perfection; the first one is relative for all eternity; and it also is in each individuality; for if everyone has got a human form, the hierarchy of their spirits is different; for the experiences lived in other worlds have not been the same; each one is the point of departure of different living universes.- 

Written by ALPHA AND OMEGA.-